Help: What Would You Do If…

Iglesias By | December 24, 2011

Karor Lets say that there is a movie that you’ve been waiting forever to see. Its finally released, you finally get tickets, You make it to the movie just in time for it to begin.  The theater is booked full. You are equipped with your favorite snack and drink. The show begins.

Suddenly… there is something tingling around your nostrils. An odor so bad it fills your eyes with tears as you suffocated trying to gulp for air. Its from the person sitting right next to you. They smell horrible, they must have just cooked their lunch and come. Something garlicy and spicy and very smelly indeed.

Then the odor intensifies. There is a newer odor. Something temporarily but lethal coming from the same person. You rue the day you came to sit in this chair watching this damn movie for one and a half hours. You want to leave but then you have to convince people to leave with you. You will lose your tickets. You might not have a chance to come back and watch this movie you really want to watch. Yet at the same time you are dying slowly and you no longer follow the plot of the movie because you are busy trying to breathe for your life.

So what did I do? Cursing, I wrapped my entire face except my eyes with my 7ejab which is scented with dehen oud. Even though I was fully wrapped my neighbour’s “temporarily” odors kept creeping back into my nostrils. Bloody hell!

What would you do if you were in the same situation and if leaving the movie was not an option? Tell her off? Ask the management to kick her out? Bring a mask just in case? Even nachos do suffocate people sometimes… good grief!

12 Responses to “Help: What Would You Do If…”

  1. Dear Romeo says:

    If I were you I would stay, fight till the end lol
    would probably report her to some one, bas I won’t leave,, nobody’s gonna ruin it for me especially if its a movie Ive been waiting to see for so long

  2. 7amood says:

    i am sorry.. but i couldnt stop laughing 😀

    let me guess.. you were watching twilight and she was a ‘chicken tikka masala’.. right?!

    anyway, I would walk out.. telling them off would cause the other person embarrassment and wouldnt help me get over the odor.

    and there is no way i can concentrate on the movie with the odor slapping me in the face..

    ma 3lay.. t3eeshy w takly ghairha 😉

  3. iMaGiNaTiOn says:

    mmmm , Quite popular situation . I’ve been through it like million times . Actually you won’t do a thing . At least you got 7ijab . imagine someone without it 😛
    That’s why I’ve changed my movies’ booking in Kuwait to VIP . and the avenues one because there is a huge space between you and your neighbor . the problem lies within what if the movie that you want is not released as VIP . so I will wait till “el cinema tf’6a”

  4. Karamilah says:

    i personally suffer from migraines, if this happens, i will just leave and exchange my tickets to watch another movie and watch that specific movie any other time. no torturing myself with bad odor and complicated situations where i can’t bear sitting comfortably and enjoying my time.

  5. girla says:

    صارت معااااي جم مرة ولاعت جبدي وكنت طوول الفيلم متنرفزه ومعصبة ومتلثمه بشيلتي مختنقة من الريحة
    مو قادرة اركز بالفيلم بسبة الريحة كنت انطر على اعصابي متى يخلص الفيلم لان مااقدر اطلع اللي وياي يزعلون فتلاقيني طول الوقت ارش بهالعطر واشم الكلينكس ولا شيلتي وياريت يحسوووووون