Is there a meningitis epidemic in Kuwait?

Key West By | January 4, 2012


OK for some reason this post keeps erasing its contents. Let me rewrite it again.

I read somewhere that a worked from a supermarket had collapsed and died from meningitis. Meningitis is basically a disease that effects the thing that covers the brain and the spinal cord and is very dangerous. Now I am not one to fall for rumors nor do I care for the consipiy theory so I didn’t care much for the news that more sick people were brought to Farwaniya hospital and that MOH had refused the rumors saying only one died and one is infected.

Then my husband comes home telling me that his friend came to warn him against the epidemic. Apparently his friend’s sibling works as a doctor in the said hospital and is saying that there is in fact an epidemic and that very contagious cases are brought into the public wards of the hospital! My suspicion grew when I read this morning that the workers in Farwaniya hospital are striking because they want to be vaccinated against meningitis and in another piece of news the president of the MOH workers union is asking for vaccinations for the hospital’s workers as well!

Heading to wikipedia in a panic, I read about meningitis (link). I didn’t understand much about prevention and how its transferred but I did understand the main symptoms 1- Severe Headache and 2- Stiffness in the neck and 3- Vomiting.

So now, epidemic or not, what are we supposed to do? When they are warning us, warning us against what exactly? Getting out of the house? Not wearing a mask? Getting a vaccination? True we have been vaccinated from the meningitis as children but that vaccination works only in our childhood years and is currently ineffective!

Should we be scared? Well frankly I am! On top of all the crap we read and hear every day we have a potential epidemic cover up that may or may not be true. From what I heard the dead man worked in a very big place that is visited by Kuwaitis almost daily! Y3ni according to the movie Contagion it may already spread everywhere! When you scare people and say “deraw balkom”… what does that entitle really?

Are you scared? Well now I am! Shensawee?

6 Responses to “Is there a meningitis epidemic in Kuwait?”

  1. Chirp says:

    The whole time i was studying in portsmouth they would send out emails to get vaccinated for meningitis. All over the bathroom stalls kaan fy stickers informing people about meningitis and the symptoms and what to do.

  2. Bo3wais says:

    Well, I heard their giving out vaccinations now, so that’s probably the best thing to do. And I really doubt that all the people coming into the hospitals have actual meningitis, as it’s very rare. There are two types of meningitis, viral, and bacterial. Bacterial is dangerously fatal, but thankfully, very rare, (3 out of 100,000). The viral, is fairly common, but is not even checked, as it’s hardly fatal, and could easily be mistook for a common flu/cold. My entire family will probably get vaccinated tomorrow. There are 4 types of vaccinations, and one which combines them all, which is the best. I’m still unaware which vaccination the MOH has in store, so I’ll just have to take what I get.

    • danderma says:

      So why are people dying if its not the viral type that is spreading?
      What about the vaccination they give for Hajj going people? What kind is it?
      I am so going to the nearest polyclinic on Sunday!!! I am a person who scares easy and is a magnet for diseases.

  3. Turki says:

    Only people with close contact can be vaccinated