Things 2 Do in London: Dishoom Cafe

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How many times did I pass by Dishoom’s café without going inside? I don’t know  frankly, I’ve always passed that part of London between Leicester square and Covent Garden in a quick sprint. I’ve never looked by Dishoom except for once in my life before but this year I had the luxury of going inside and regret the years that have passed without me trying it out.

It was an icy cold day when we finally decided to walk inside Dishoom. The air outside was so cold even though it was early evening time at nearly 3 PM. The first thing you notice about the place -from the outside- is the colorful painted bicycles strapped to the poles outside the restaurant and the funny sign.

With the swoosh of the door you are transported from the freezing bustling streets of London to what looks like a Parisian cafe in France, yet not quite. Dark wood, brass railings, brisk lights hanging and a warm buzz of the place makes you smile and you know you are in to having a good time.

The waiting area is small albeit very welcoming. Luckily since it was mid afternoon the place wasn’t overly crowded and we didn’t wait much for a table.

The thing that sticks out the most in the decor is the lights scattered around everywhere, hanging from cords on the tables. Reminds me of something that I cannot place right now. They are lovely!

We were seated at a nice table in the middle of the restaurant. The open kitchen was behind us were we could watch the fresh bread being cooked on their Tawa and the food being prepared -no pictures though- as we sat down we began to defrost.

Now to the food. My nose was red from the frigid air and my stomach was rumbling. The first thing I wanted was their much praised Chai. Like Chai Karak in the gulf. So I ordered it and enjoyed every single sip.

Bu Tootee had their Rose & Cardamom Lasse which he loved alot. I tried it and wasn’t much to my taste because it was salty with rose and cardamom and I prefer those flavors with sweet beverages. El nass athwaq I suppose.

As I was looking for a light lunch that goes with my Chai I wanted something brunch like so I was torn between their Chilli Cheese Toast which I’ve heard so much about and their Paneer Wrap. In the end I went with the Paneer wrap because I was afraid my stomach would act up with the chilli on the toast. It was really good and very different!

On the table were three sauces: The green one I like, a Tamarind one, and a spicy thing :p

We also ordered vegetarian samboosa to share. The whole idea behind the cafe is to serve small portioned dishes that can be shared between the diner in a relaxed non formal atmosphere. The samboosas were good.

My husband ordered Dhal soup which he enjoyed a lot. I don’t like dhal nor do I drink dhal soup but I know its very popular in the winter so if you are a fan you might want to give it a try.

He also ordered vegetarian byriani with raita. We were afraid that the portion will be too big but to our delight it was barely more than enough for one person to have lunch with. It was really good!

Our waiter was very helpful and very patient with us changing our minds at every two minutes. Service was quick and prompt. Atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed. We really had a very good time and a very tasty light lunch. Had we had more time on our hands we would have desserts (Kulfi on a stick). Next time insha2 Allah.

With our check came two money bills like £10 off coupons to use for our next meal in  Dishoom. We liked the idea a lot. Sadly we won’t be there in time to use them before their expiry date.

Our afternoon felt refreshed indeed. I’ve also heard that Dishoom serves amazing breakfast which I intend to try one day in the future insha2 Allah. I like this place a lot.

Form more information about Dishoom you can visit their website (link) or facebook page (link) or follow them on twitter @DishoomLondon.

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  1. noon says:

    believe it or not, ive never been to london :$

  2. giggles says:

    bil 3afia, thanks for the post will try this place next time we are there inshala :)