I'm Never Writing A Love Letter Again in my life… EVER!

By | May 8, 2009




OMG I’m sooo EMBARASSED … i don’t know where to hide my face!!!!

You see, during the end of 2008, my Butootee was going for a 3 day 3omra trip with a friend.

It was the first time he leaves me alone and travels from the day we got married.

I was extra emotional. I was crying. and i decided to write him a nice love letter for him to remember me by. It was very gushy, lovey dovey, and absolutely not meant for anyone’s eyes other than his…


I remember stuffing it in his Passport Bag. I remember him texting me laters regarding this lovely letter that made him very happy… He went, i cleaned out his private room and threw most of the stuff away without his consent (and his knowledge until this day)…

and today, i guess i got the punishment for throwing his stuff  -apparently-

You see, he stuffed the love letter into a book. O forgot about it.

He gave the book to his travel mate.

His travel mate. lets call him A, put the book in his own bag, and apparently he did not fully unpack it yet.

Last week, A’s mom needed a bag cause she is traveling, decides to empty his bag and check his books and papers and whether he needs them or not. When she falls upon MY LOVE LETTER!


and the woman is FURIOUS! She thinks its a letter to her son from his girlfriend, not a good situation and intensified by the fact that her son is an only boy over several girls…

and she calls him over, screams and yells at him for having a girlfriend who sends him letters, although my husbands nickname is there i don’t know why she overlooked his name for her son’s namee?

He, embarassed and baffled to where the letter came from, swears over and over that he has no girl friend, and he doesnt know where that letter came from…

Problem is the guy loves fool (beans)… and i was saying something like (don’t forget to eat tons of fool) becasue the hotel they are staying at provides good fool for breakfast (in my defence it was a long love letter and i was running out of things to say y3ni)… his mom reads that and BAM it confirms her theory of foul play -pun intended-…!

Thank god the letter was not signed by my name, it was only signed by “ur wife”… i hope the lady didnt think the boy was married behind her back b3d!!!!

and of course he read MY LOVE LETTER!

and so to prove to his mom -who still doesnt believe him- that the letter means nothing and he is not hiding it for safekeeping, he tore it infront of her eyes :`(

My love letter… read by other people, and torn into pieces…

and then the guy puts two and two together and thinks it’s from me to my husband…

and now Butootee, laughing, nonchalantly tells me!!!

and i feel like hiding!!! Like never getting out of the house again!!!

Wakhzyaaa  Wazkhzyaa Wakhzyaaaa

and since he is not so good at keeping our correspondence private, i am NEVER WRITING HIM ANY LOVE LETTERS EVER AGAIN!

I just pray i never run into the guys mom!!! Wakhzyaaaaa

30 Responses to “I'm Never Writing A Love Letter Again in my life… EVER!”

  1. waleed says:

    looooooooool i would like to see your husband friend “A” face when his mom screamed at him it must be priceless 😛

  2. nosa says:

    wa5ozyaah wa5ozyaah!
    wain awadi wayhi!!
    omg the mother read it :p n then the poor guy tore it !
    n its all mushy stuff ele no1 lazm ygraah!
    omg omg!

    hahaha i cnt stop laughing! meskeena! its soooo fashlaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    allah e3eench! bs u’ll laugh about it 1 day :p


    omg wat are the chances?!

    laa laa 9ij this is unbelievable! =D


  4. jadedoe says:

    Awww that sucks I hate when that happens hehehe something so personal gets shown to the whole world :( Allah e3eeenich bs you can live through it I guess

  5. zuz says:

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hahahhaha sorry bas its hilarious!!!!

  6. atoona says:


    i’m sorry but that cracked me up! ;p

    but if it were me, i’d kill A for ripping the letter.. its sentimental!

  7. aws says:

    u can always write him an email rather than a letter … email is password protected..

  8. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ironically i would also want to see his face… o the zaffa he got!!!


    That day will be faaaaaaar faaaaaaaaaaar in the future!


    Wakhzya wakhzyaaaaaaaa wakhzyaaah wain awadee wayhee madry :(


    It will be easier with time i suppose … but now i feel like moving out of q8 all together min il fashla!!!


    Wakhzyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :`(


    Yes exactly what i was thinking!!!
    How dare he tear it up?! Why not return it back y3ni?!?!?!?!?! Haa? It is something i wrote for my husband, isn’t it enough he was so lazy he didnt unpack?! He tore it up too?!?!?!? Ibkaifah ohooooo?


    laa laaa mo wayh min yedez lah shay email b3d… faj2a alageeh forward by mistake for all his contacts!!!!

  9. newbride says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fashlaa fashlaaaaaaa looooooooooooool

    bas ambeeh elryaaal alah y33en his wife etha his mom chtheee 😛

  10. Curly Curls says:

    LOOOL , i had a post bout love letters just a while back .. but it was the opposite way .. it was my hubby that swore he’ll never write me a love letter again 😛

  11. FourMe says:

    Hehehehhehehehe that’s damn fashlaaaaa BIG time :p I have a feeling ur face has gone red and will stay red for a while :p hehheeh fashlaa

  12. aaaaah shit mawqef khara !!

    Tekbereeeeen tensaiin, worse shit happens and ends up forgoten, buried under masses of other similar shit that no one even remembers hahahah =p

  13. Bashar says:

    Damn… This is BAD LUCK! :(

    But how didn’t the mother think of the wife, husband nickname? She was furious. How didn’t her son think it’s not his book!

    Guess it was just meant to happen… Sorry to hear that really.

  14. nemo says:

    first reaction: LOOOL

    bs la2 7aram maskeena ;( sorry for what happened

  15. Q80 BOY says:

    oh shit, ur doomed

    the mother = female = chatterbox

    mother goes to ma8ar inti5aby, and says “smi3taw wlidi shimsawee, and tells them the contents of ur letter

    one of the women from the ma8ar will return home and sit with her husband and say “agool, sima3at sh9ar bwil um A, and she will tell him the contents of the letter.

    the next day, he will go to the diwaniya and tell it to a group of his friends, one of his friends will think its so funny, his brother who is studying abroad needs to know about it

    so he sends an sms to his brother in the UK, who is in a lecture, the phone beeps, he reads the message and laughs, the proffesor becomes angry and says “whats so funny” the brother says “oh its this letter … ”

    so now students from all over the world know about it, they will start calling their friends and family in the USA, Canada, Lebanon, Eygpt, India, Bahrain, UAE, Australia etc.

    the proffesor knows about it, he chats with another proffesor and tells him the story, the profesor tells the story to his students, students tell friends and family AGAIN

    one of the students goes to the cafe and starts chatting to the shop assistant and tells him the story …

    and so on

    ur doomed daddy’s girl, thankgod u didnt have ur name, or u would have been interviewd by Oprah and Dr. Phill next week !!

  16. dandoon says:

    LOOL omg fashla!!

  17. Change says:

    LOOL @Q80 BOY..!!!
    and LOOL 3ala ur story.. wallah kesarty 5a6ry.. i totally support u for not writing any letters again.. :p

  18. Zabo0o6a says:

    Thakarteeni eb salfa , I have an aunt who lives next door and my youngest brother used to go there usually to play 3ndhum so once my sister asked me to get him to come home.
    I picked up the phone and called my aunts house o seeda 3ad bdoun mogademat “Guwa , 5altee shlonej? wain 3abdalla? ”
    o elmoshkila i was only 15 bs souty kan kbeer the woman was like ” Ya jleelat el7aya ! shtabeen eb 3abdulla weldii ” o gamat tla3le3 bel telephone chan aseda eb wayeha ! b3dain ekteshaft iney i rgam bel’3ala6 !

    Ley youmej ago0l shakla hal 3abdulla kan 7sabah 3aseer 😛

  19. Daddy's Girl says:

    see walla allah ye3eenah 3la il da3ala, 6g il 30 o lel7een ma 3aras b3d!!!

    Curly Curls

    did i mention that i love ur blog? I did not read that post yet! I will go o read it now hehehe

    Four Me

    Red? Try purple min il fashlaaaaaa!!!


    Tra ako something wrong with ur blog, when i open it faj2a 60 alf window opens! Do u have something running on the background?!?!?!?!

    3la gooltich akbar o ansa :`(


    My guess is that she was so shocked an panicked o saw the word wife… zain ma sar fe il mara shay min il khar3a o il 7arra :p


    Baaaaaaaaaaaih min wain 6al3a nemo?I i miss u!!!!
    Mino il maskeena ana wella ihee … ana ana anaaa ana maskeena ana ana :`(

    Q80 Boy

    I will kill u… stop imagining Wisteria lane… though im like 100% sure the story has been going around a while. Great! Just some more reason for people to hate me even more even if they don’t know my name!!!!


    fashla min fashla


    Eee il ryayeel mo wayh love letters atharee… bedal la ya7res.ha o ye7e6ha with his passport, ga6aha in a book o misha!!!



    i told butootee ur story, 3ad his friends name is abdullah, i told him to ask him if b3d 3la 7ath ommah u called his mom by mistake 😉

    it’s a small world after all !!!

  20. Cooookiez says:

    LOOOL my advise – next time u have the urge to write a love letter .. read out to ur husband 😛 then U KEEP IT 😛

  21. Shwaish says:

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i am so sorry but that totally just made my day!! awal shay cute-ch for having the urge to write a love letter in the first place and LOL 3ala the rest hehehehehhehe

  22. Q80 BOY says:

    i wasnt imagining wisteria lane, i was imagining il sirra, 8i63a thalatha, lol

    btw i reveived an email yesterday with the same (or kinda the same) story from my cousin in bahrain – u think ur story travelled that quick ??

  23. Ansam says:

    LOL… sorry but this is jaw dropping funny! I pictured the whole situation, his mother finding and reading the letter… him confronted of a girl friend he doesnt know of… and then your hubby’s reaction grrrrr but also funny hahahaha

    yalla 3adi! what can you do about it? nothing? So just laugh about it hahaha

  24. Principessa says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl weee allah yal fashlaaaa:P bas tha7akteenii hahahha 😛

  25. eshda3wa says:


    walah 3ala 7athich ya danderma ur gna run into the guy and his mother one day


  26. Daddy's Girl says:


    La next time wala ba6eekh!!! Ma ashof ana a7ad daz li love letter or sang me a lullaby!!!


    I want to be angry but now im laughing… glad to have made ur day 😀

    Q80 Boy

    lalalalaa la itgooool!!!!


    My hubby thinks the mother thinks he is married behind her back!!!!!!!! but he was too ashamed to tell him so :p

    a3teqed 6agetah il omm o grounded him or something?!


    oho fashla fashlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    WAkhezyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !


    Sheftay ishloon?! In sheft.hom one day i will bolt o run away!!!!

  27. M says:

    umbaaaih!! a7is fashlaaaa!!!

  28. zunoq8 says:

    Ahahaha classic!! ;p

  29. Stand-Alone~ says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! omg.. that is omg.. loool.. i so dont envy you lool,, i hope so too you dont run into A’s mom loool

  30. stephannie says:

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