Noaf and the Steak a la Cockroach…

By | January 8, 2012

*Disclaimer* This post is not a “Fathee7a fe Ma63am” post. This post is about something that happened and what is the right way to act if it happened. Please read properly and actually comprehend what you are reading. If you want a “fathee7a” you can always go to montada el fathaye7. El Adab ra7ma. Thank you.

Last Monday around 5 PM in the evening a friend of mine, Noaf, went to a famous sea side restaurant in Kuwait to have lunch with a friend. Sadly this restaurant is one of my top ten favorite restaurants that I go to for comfort food. Anyways, let me tell you what happened in Noaf’s own word as she emailed me, I just shortened it down a bit:

“We ordered our salads, then they brought our steaks. One of the steaks we ordered was the balsamico. About a third of the way into our steaks and mushrooms, we spotted this cockroach! We called the manager and told him, he picked up the plate, looked closely at it, TOUCHED it, then said “I will show the chef” and walked away, leaving us there in shock! We took some pictures and by the time he came back we decided that we were leaving. As we were getting up he was coming towards us, and said a quiet ‘I’m sorry’, to which my friend loudly remarked “you SHOULD be sorry, this is absolutely unacceptable, I will not be paying for my food, we are leaving.” They let us walk out of there and didn’t do a thing. If I wasn’t so disgusted and nauseated and quite frankly, shocked and wanting to hotfoot it out of there, I would have made a bigger scene. In retrospect, perhaps we should have, as they didn’t do much in terms of calming us. He didn’t seem angry or disgusted himself…at all really. I eat there at least once a week, sometimes more. I’m even on a first-name basis with some of the older staff. But never again. This is absolutely disgusting!”

A dead cockroach in a plate of steak covered in balsamic sauce is one thing. Not trying to do ANY THING about it is totally another thing! What should Noaf had done is take the plate and get out of there directly to the Consumer Department “7mayat El Mostahlek” and they would have been there in an instant! By the way, this little fella doesn’t live alone. Whenever a “small cockroach” is around it means there is an infestation of small cockroaches that must be dealt with immediately. I know this because my mother is terrorized by them and would quarantine the entire house if she ever found one walking in the street outside our home.

Sadly, this means I will never ever be going back to dine in that place. The way this matter was taken care off is ever more sad. As if its a normal thing to find a cockroach lying in your plate. I once found a hair in my soup there and made a scene, I am so glad I didn’t find that cockroach or I would have screamed in fright for a few minutes first before I made my scene! Shame on you!


Do you agree with what Noaf did? leave quietly? or should she have taken the plate to 7mayat el mostahlek?

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  1. swera says:

    lo ana chan khatheeet e9a7an o dasheet dakhel elma6ba5 o re7t 7ag el chef eta3ban o wakalta lezhewi1 3aaamaaa shal qathara!

    & i think u should mention the name of the restaurant so the people know about it! & i think i have an idea which place is that!

    coz once they got us the burger un cooked, zafer & they didn’t do anything about it! bardeeen facheeeen, qathreeeen!

    she should hv made a huge scene & let all diners know about it!

    • danderma says:

      Ana lo shayfa el chef chan bel 9a7an 3la rasah! Bs chithee they wouldn’t change. Lazim 7emayat el mostahlik etyeehom o ta36eehom mokhalafa yallah they pay attention!

      I would but Noaf said I can publish the story if the name is not mentioned and I agree as I think its better that way…

      Weee3!!! Hatha wain -if not the same place that is-!!!

      • How is it better that way ? just a photo :) with the story … which makes the post useless

        g9aw 3leha bchm klma :) l2na mo5alafat el ma6a3em to9al bl 2alaf .. o 5ayf la yn6rd mn sh’3la

        • danderma says:

          The post is not useless. It not not a “Fathee7a” post. Its what to do in this situation post.

          • Sarah says:

            I think the name of the place should be mentioned, but it’s your friends choice. If you mention the name then people will boycott it and teach them a lesson that cleanliness is a very important aspect in a restaurant’s business. they cannot go around feeding people insects and get away with it. They don’t deserve the payments they are getting now. Maybe someone should work on a Facebook page documenting these incidents with pictures and names and expose those who take our health so lightly.

  2. A7madany says:

    OOOOMMMMGGGGG….I’m never going to eat in a sea side restaurant ever again weeeeeee3 esta’3faralla

    • danderma says:

      There are like 50 Sea Side restaurants in Kuwait. You won’t eat in any of them?
      I know a restaurant in Hawalli, very famous, with a backroom filled with roaches.
      Another famous restaurant in Hawalli, I personally with my own eyes saw a similar cockroach walking on the food. None of them have shut down lel asaf o people still eat minhom wala bel baal.

  3. drab2fab says:

    i would not just call 7emayat el mostahlek .. i would take photo & distribute .. madri laish kelshay mo zain bel Kuwait ye’6el secret !!! .. el food el faased ma a3lenaw meno el tejaar o now u just mentioned enna its a restaurant on the sea side ! o yaa ketherhom …

    dear Danderma u either tell full story or laish u publish such a news mn el asas ?
    do u remember few days back when u post about the “deeraw baalkom” broadcast ? :((( sadly u had done the exactly same thing now ..

    so what to do now ? ma enroo7 ma6aa3em el american elli 3ala el ba7ar ?
    o sheno faydat el 5abar bedon theker eSem el restaurant wel branch manager ba3ad elli could not be more careless ?!

    sej sej ‘6aiyagtaw 5elgi

    • danderma says:

      What deeraw balkom broadcast? O mino gal its an American restaurant a9lan?!

      B3dain it is not my story. Its Noaf’s and she felt that publishing it without the restaurant’s name is better. The post is NOT only to make people disgusted. The post is to ask the reader’s opinion on whether or not she should have acted differently.

      Besides people already figured out the place. If you are a fan and you’ve been eating out there forever you will recognize it by now. El labebo bel esharatee yafhamo.

  4. Umtalal says:

    That is really disgusting. If I was her I would still complain to the Consumer rights, at least make a complaint by phone. She has the pictures which are really clear. The problem here in Kuwait is that hardly anyone complains. Nobody could be bothered and so resturants standards drop. We have all heard of the horrible things that are in the kitchens, why is nothing being done about it? Why do the resturants get away with breaking the rules? Where is the baladiya and why don’t they close the shops with large fines? Do we not deserve to eat good clean meals?

    • danderma says:

      But what is that proof that those pictures belong to this restaurant? They could easily say no this is not taken in our restaurant o sue her b3d. I heard somewhere that you should actually take the plate to them but y3ni hardly anyone is going to get a plate of food outside the restaurant into a car jdam Allah o khalgah?

      Eshdarany 3anhom! I believe the manager didn’t do a thing because he knew nothing will happen to him. Period! Man aman el 3oqoba asa2 el adab!

  5. Billy says:

    Please, may we know the name, so @ least we do nto go there anymore..

    Even if you may send us this in private…

  6. Huda says:

    Hi Thanks for the post
    Can you please tell me which restaurant this was as I never want to go th ere again…

  7. Jacqui says:

    We all want proteins in our food but not that way!


  8. No one would think Noaf was right , what did she do right ?/

    1- left the restaurant without making a big deal , it’s a cockroach not a HAIR

    2- and after leaving quietly which was a big mistake , she just took a picture and still don’t want to tell us the restaurant name !

    5ayfa 3la sm3at el m63am :) wla 5ayfa 3la el nas elly byakloon mna .. ytsamemoon .. ymotoon ..

    akeed ga9 3leha modeer el m63am bchm klma :)

  9. Marron Glace says:

    لول اول شي خطاج السوء يا نوف والحمدلله ع السلامه
    ثاني شي كلش مالي خلق اكتب انجليزي اليوم

    بالنسبه للموضوع و رده الفعل احسها جدا طبيعيه و الاخت مسالمه
    لو غيرها احتمال يجيبون لهم العيد و تصير فضيحتهم بجلاجل

    على العموم لو نفكر بالموضوع بتمعن صج
    الشغله ما ينسكت عنها بس ما يعني اننا ما ناكل من هالمعطم بالذات اللي
    صار فيه هالشي و الناس ماهي ملائكه يمكن تغلط يمكن تسهى يمكن
    ماشافت و ما اظن انه السالفه مقصوده يعني صحيح هناك قصور منهم

    بس اتوقع مع الاخطاء الناس تتعلم و تكون حريصه اكثر
    و بالاخير هذه مطاعم لو شنو تكون درجه النظافه ما اتوقع
    بتكون انظف من بيوتنا مع هذا حتى بالبيت نلاقي شغلات بالمطبخ

    و هذا بيتنا فما بالكم من مطعم فيه زباين على طول و الناس شغاله داخل
    ممكن على قولتهم سقط سهوا و غلطه الشاطر بألف انا اقول الواحد مدام
    حصل له هالشي والحمدلله انه انتبه له انه يبلغ عنه و بأسلوب شديد اللهجه
    لمدير او صاحب المكان مو عشان الفضيحه كثر ماهو عشان الطرف الاخر
    ييندم على تقصيره و يكون حريص بشكل اكبر

    الف شكر

  10. 7amood says:

    the fact that the manager was not surprised by it means that he is used to it.. he has seen it before.. bil 3araby mo awal mara yshoof hal zhaywa.. akeed shayfa min gabul w msabiblihom azma bil ma6bukh.

    sorry bas gal3a.. thats why people should stick to home food and not eat outside on a daily basis.

  11. N says:

    i think you owe it to people to tell them which restaurant that is.. i dont care because i dont live in kuwait, but this way, and with many readers of your blog, people are just going to panic without knowing..
    saying that the frequent customers will know it is not fair to the less-frequent customers 😀

  12. Klamtam says:

    Makes me think, what is a bigger damage, not mentioning the name of the place so you don’t cause them damage or cause even damage to all casual dining restaurants, if you say sea side then definitely all Lebanese restaurants are excluded as well as junk food restaurants as well as Italian as well as Japanese & sea food joints, that leaves us with casual dining such as ……………….. good list of names!

    • danderma says:

      You can think whatever you think which is not logical at all. I am not responsible for correcting people’s logic.

  13. tootaa says:

    هاي المفروض عل طول لحماية المستهلك وما تسكتون قطيعه بالاكل ويييييييع
    ممكن اطرشين لي اسم المطعم بليييييييييز ضروري

  14. Orange says:

    I dont get this.

    You post a story, post a picture but dont post the name of the place.
    So what purpose have you solved?

    Either be brave enough to take the issue by its horns and create a well needed change, ir simply dint bring it up an discuss it between ‘friends and fellow bloggers’ which serves no purpose of having blogged about it.

    Why expect ppl to already have ‘guessed’ the place or heard the name. Why depend on rumors? You danderma are a woman with a position, some achievments and a readable blog. If you chicken out with issues, who will take them up ?

    • danderma says:

      Im sorry are you like the blogging purpose police or something? Can’t you read disclaimers?

  15. Piscean says:

    DISGUSTING!! Totally Gross!! I don’t understand restaurant cleanliness at all these days! Everyday you hear of a story like that from all types of places! I heard about this story and where it happened exactly! Shock!

  16. Naheda Ismail says:

    I think Nouf was shocked by the whole situation & that’s why she just walked off like that without making a scene. Anyways, the moral of the story is “when you are unsatisfied as a customer for any reason make a complaint at 7emayat “. Other people eat at those filthy restaurants you know and they deserve to know that.

  17. noof says:

    o no :S i feel bad for Noaf :S