I have a dream… a little tiny dream…

By | May 11, 2009


Today morning,  i was picking up a cup of mocha for my self… when it hit me…

I really really really REALLY dream of opening up my own little restuarant…

I want a little place, light, airy, and modern. I want to stand behind the counter, talking to my tiny efficient staff, the coffee machine with gleaming modern funky cups beside it waiting for me to make a freshly brewed coffee creations …

Hot bread loaves just leaving the oven, filling the place with that irresistable aroma, screaming that morning is HERE… Breakfast is NEAR… and every thing will be all right today…

little pots of jam and butter gleaming, icy, waiting for a loving knife to spread them over a piece of hot bubbling bread slice, slices of good european cheeses sitting next to clean crisp veggies and spreads, just waiting for the que to be assembled into a nice mouthwatering fulfilling sandwich…

and on the corner a little juice making machine, with a bowl of freshly picked fruits, ready to squeeze into a lovely healthy concotion to serve with the best breakfast and coffee ever!

People would drop in to get their fast coffee fix or to lounge on one of the comfy chairs with the paper du jour, or would go straight to the ready made breakfast in a jiffy section to take their breakfasts and bolt… maybe even a nice drive through if im lucky…

It would really give me a reason to wake up in the morning and get dressed, and do something i actually enjoy doing, every single day, day in and day out, having fun, surrounded by yummy breakfast food, doing something that i care about and i feel like doing… making people’s day…

oooh and the tink of the cash register…. i always wanted to play with the cash register for some reason… never did though…

I don’t do eggs well though, someone must help me there… although i do an ace job of opening and reheating a can of heinz baked beans 😀

Oh well, time to go to sleep, got work to do, cubicles to stuff my self in, coffee shops to envy while i pick up my coffee… El 7amd le allah 3la il se7a o il 3afiya o il ne3ma…  


16 Responses to “I have a dream… a little tiny dream…”

  1. dandoon says:

    bashtiqil wiyach!

  2. eleventhst says:

    hahah good luck with that!
    Have a good chocolate spread and coffee, and I’ll be there 😀

  3. MiYaFuSHi says:

    well why don’t you?

  4. Zabo0o6a says:

    Ana b3ad basht’3el weyaj , I love eggs ..
    does that helps?

  5. Mix says:

    I beginning to regret skipping breakfast today ! Your concept sounds great – would make a nice change from all the souless coffee chains we have everywhere.

  6. Daddy's Girl says:


    7yach allah…


    Walla it would be worth persuing if u come there every morning hon 😉


    Many many reasons… least of them is the lack of proper space!


    Yalla intay o dandoon now… ma 3ndi ay moshkila…
    But it7ebeen il eggs o bs takleenhom?! Wella u know how to make them?!??


    It would be great i know… but too hard to pull off lel asaf :(

  7. Q80 BOY says:

    i’ll be ur number one customer !! 😀

  8. Noora says:

    Alaah,, Thakarteni b the Early Bird 😉

  9. Ansam says:

    I too dream of opening my own restaurant! ONE DAY! inshalla I will

  10. Daddy's Girl says:

    Q80 Boy

    Won’t u go study abroad?!?!!? Eshloon itkoon my number one customer?! i don’t do international breakfast deliveries ;p


    Nooo mo like early bird style, abi more like pret-a-manager meets starbucks style but more modern o airy o definitely wont open up at 5 am!!!!


    Invite me to the opening won’t u :p

  11. eshda3wa says:

    whats stopping you..

    yallah open one wana kelyooom 3ndich

  12. Q80 BOY says:

    u wont have a branch in london ??!!!
    i guess ill have to do with m&s :(

  13. newbride says:

    waaay ana ma3aach o asweelich da3aaya o kil yoom i will b there o ra7 atfalsafo agool i know the owner 😛

  14. Zabo0o6a says:

    la afa 3alaij i know how to cook eggs o asaweelej 7arakat b3ad 😉

  15. nosa says:

    sounds great!!
    u should follow ur dream.. n a place with food never fails!! ppl love to stuff their bellies 😀

  16. Amy says:

    I wanna be your partner!! I’m experienced enough to know my mum always orders a semi skimmed caramel macchiato 180 degrees at starbucks!