My olliclip pictures on Instagram

buy generic priligy uk By | January 11, 2012


Today has proven to be a good day from the start! First I appeared in Bazaar Dining Guide. Second I woke up to find that my Instagram followers had reached -and passed- my milestone of 500 followers! Thank you everyone! 502 times thank you! It means a LOT to me :)

So how is instagram so far? Instagram ROCKS! It became especially interesting when I got the olliclip lens and many other instragrammers did. You see all sorts of views and images. Let me show you some of the pictures I’ve taken with my iPhone using the olliclip lens.

What do you think? The olliclip is certainly something! I am so glad I bought it and its worth every fils of its 22 KD price 😀

So to see more of my pictures, follow me on Instagram and help me make the 750 followers milestone 😀 If you don’t have instagram then what are you waiting for? If you have instagram and don’t follow me, well eshda3wa ya 7afoth?

8 Responses to “My olliclip pictures on Instagram”

  1. Dear Romeo says:

    Mashallah the pics are so good. mbayen from your pics that this olliclip lens is a real lens then, not a 5rboo6a one.
    I love it when you say ” eshda3wa ya 7afoth?” Lol, 9arat registered trade mark for you ;Pp~

    • danderma says:

      Laa its the real thing! Even though it looks like a toy but it isn’t!
      9ej? Never noticed that before… lool :p

  2. Zoza says:

    I’ve recently been addicted to instagram too, i love it! Although i haven’t posted any pictures yet. I saw a couple people using that lens, and the pics don’t even look like they came from an iphone, its pretty cool

  3. Jacqui says:

    3alaich bl 3afya babes hehe I know you’re insanely happy with Instagram especially since you can view other photos and get ideas of things to capture and such hehe 😛

  4. Randy says:

    You beat me to the punch re: the lens but its OK … i love the tiny macro wonder! Keep an eye out for my ‘up close & personal’ shots :)