Makintosh Chocolate just got a Make Over…!

By | May 13, 2009



it3arfoon makintosh mo? Quality Street Choco? The tin box u open it o get lovely smell o a triangular choco with a Mercedes Car sign o a purple one people fight about?

I was at the ma67ana today, o i found this…


At first, i thought it was a regular box of makintosh but a little bit glammed up…

6l3 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

It has 3 new kinds i have not heard of before…


Please meet new flavour number 1: The Toffee Apple “Toffee with a jammy apple center in Milk Chocolate”… it is good for apple lovers like me 😀


new flavour number 2: Treacle Toffee “Deliciously dark Treacle Toffee” Ble5 ble5 the taste of treacle is too strong for my licking!!! Etha bet3aqboon a7ad 36ooh ayaha…


new flavour number 3: Creme Caramel “Velvety Caramel Creme Swirled in Milk Chocolate”… this is my favourite!!! I hope it will stay forever!


The whole box cost me 5 kd… because according to the ma67ana guy it came from london… but i think this time its fairly priced sra7a i would have bought it for 7 kd or 10 even to try the new ones…


so ilee ye7eb macintosh yarketh o ayeeb lah tin like i did 😀

and now… time to eat… bye bye!!!

P.S. I have a picture of me as a baby in some party or gathering, just walking, holding handfuls of makintosh o my mouth has choco smears b3d… i have always ALWAYS loved makintosh… my number one chocolate love 😀

28 Responses to “Makintosh Chocolate just got a Make Over…!”

  1. a7ib macintosh ! ! !

    abi :(

  2. Q80 BOY says:

    i hate it !! it has a weird flavour, the chocolate isnt cohocolatty enough, bil 3afya (5osh diet, :p)

  3. Ansam says:

    Do you know they sell the BIG GREEN and BIG PURPLE sold separately (they are larger versions of the original ones)?

  4. Stand-Alone~ says:

    wow.. brigns back childhood memories.. this was the “it” chocolate back then!!

  5. FourMe says:

    Me likey green triangle! Never liked the purple one though, dunno what’s all the fuss about.. Yumm do share girl don’t hog it all :s

  6. tareqalawadhi says:

    I pity the fool who hasn’t tried Cadbury Roses

  7. Curly Curls says:

    hey how come the new ones ma 3alaihom this coloured opaque covers .. i love those .. i collect them … w i used to hold them infront of my eyes w see the world in diff colours 😛

  8. nosa says:

    alllaaah 😀
    i use to love em!
    now i dont eat them alot! hehe
    i guess galaxy took over :p

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    7yach allah 😀 go6ee ishkobrah 3ad…

    Q80 Boy

    Shino?! Ako a7ad hates makintosh?
    Yabeelik brain wash for ur taste buds… mayseeeer 😀


    Eee i recall in london ayeeb il big purple for my bro o il big green for my mom… bs for somereason i dont like them both!!! i like the pink fudge, the strawberry and the orange ones 😀


    Eeee o bel nesba le it is always number one 😀


    7yaaach allah… 3ad ana la a7eb il green wla il purple… chanzain ako big strawberry one or orange one :`(


    Yo mr. t … i love roses too but mo kither makintosh 😀

    though i hate galaxy moments…

    Curly Curls

    eeeee ana b3d awal akhethhom o asaweehom natharaat 😀 y7leelna every thing is a toy awal…


    no no galaxy can never take over
    ana ma agdar akil galaxy!!!! ma at7amalah.. i only stand minstrels…

  10. Curly Curls says:

    emballa fee a place used to buy these alone .. umm i think woolworths ib london kan ybee3 the coloures seperate .. so if u like the red u can buy a whole bunch of it .. just red dont have to ruin it with all the other colours 😛

  11. Daddy's Girl says:

    Curly Curls

    Sakar woolworhts :`(

    O ana abi mo only strawberry … abi the big strawberry ones u know… they dont make them

  12. Lama says:

    Now I knew why u needed the cable :)

    Thank you for giving me some, or did I took it without asking 😉

  13. Daddy's Girl says:


    U did take, i brought u the tin remember?

    o i asked u to take… o even if u didnt ask its ok kakawek o ma6ra7ik 😀

  14. zuz says:

    3eshtaw machintosh:P, 3ad a7ebaa weya green tea:$

  15. Cooookiez says:

    why WHHHY ! i liked the older version ! t3aqadt its like the galaxy makeover.. i cant seem to like the new one :/

  16. Principessa says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl 7ta ana kent at-hawash 3al purple 😛

  17. eleventhst says:

    It’s been a while since I had Makintosh Chocolate, is the taste still the same?

  18. That’s my favorite as well!
    I’m still in love with the yellow circular one.. 😛

    Where’d you get it from?

  19. Mix says:

    I’ve always preferred Cadbury’s Roses..more chocolates, less toffees.

  20. Yara says:

    Sweety shift twitter ma 3araftla :s can i post pics? ya3ni in 1 persons page wayd nas ta7at ga3d esolfon loya dekht

  21. Daddy's Girl says:


    I am with u in the macintosh love… but i hate green tea :S


    El older version mawjood… hatha just a new special edition or a new line or something…


    ana 3ad ma a7eb il purple wayed… okhoy though lazim yakil purple o yenachef ommy 3leha 😉


    Still tastes the same… o still smells like a tin of qara6ees and chocolate when u open it 😀

    Ahmad Al-Musallam

    Ay round one il yabsa wella il cup one filled with caramel!??!?

    Check il ma67ana il dewaleiya or ma67anat heathrow


    I love roses all right… but the cadbury chocolate ishwaya theqeel 3la mini kakawat… b3dain it is not as memorable as the makintoosh … kakaw il 6foola o il seba o il shabab 😀


    weenich la itro7eeen … let me add u to my account o a3almich… i miss u badly :`(

  22. eshda3wa says:


    when am i getting my flake?!

  23. Amy says:

    I like quality street, but i have a wierd habit that when i first open the box i have to first count them all, then place them in groups according to their colour, then type, THEN i eat them ALL!

  24. Daddy's Girl says:


    walla madry 3anich!!!! I sent u an email just now…


    thats weird? funny weird mind you but still weird 😀
    why on earth do u do that?!!!

  25. Maitha* says:

    MEMORIESSSS!!! they used to have this thin finger like blue rapper chocolate with a hard candy inside but they stopped doing it ages agoo! thats when I stopped eating Makintosh sowaitelhum muqa6a3a lol

  26. Yara says:

    I miss you moore i miss you moooore :( Ok i’ll do that o agolich

  27. Chirp says:

    adri u love everything london. tabeen adizlich chocolate min hny with my cousin?

  28. Daddy's Girl says:


    i think i faintly remember the one ur talking about, the inside was as hard as glass right?!


    see u in twitter!


    oh sweety ur so kind thanx for offering hon
    but i truly mabi akalif 3leech wala 3la ur cousin :*