Does Your Married Friend Hide From You When Seen With Her Husband?

buy Pregabalin Lyrica online By | January 15, 2012

Overland How many times did this happen to you? You are in a mall or in a restaurant or even the Co-op. Alone, or with friends, or your family, or your husband. Then you see a married girl friend of yours walk in with her husband, sees you from the corner of her eyes, then either she walks away hurriedly or pretends she didn’t see you and walks right by!

You are sure, 100%, that she had seen you. You also know she avoided you just because she is with her husband. The next time you see her husband free she will be all over you kissing and greeting you like the friend you are supposed to be.

Eshda3wa! Ma7ad 3ndah rayel ‘3airich? Eb naklah? Your actions say one thing and one thing only: you are insecure! I have no problem encountering women with my husband. I have no problem introducing him to my girl friends and saying this is flana and this is flana. You know why? Because I have confidence in myself, my marriage, and most importantly: my husband!

Do you think your husband is blind? or that if he saw a friend of yours who is a woman that he will suddenly cheat on you? What kind of a relationship do you have with this man? You call this a marriage? Where you are afraid of every woman who walks the face of the earth? What about your house keeper? Isn’t she a woman too?  What about your sisters? What about his unmarried girl cousins? What about his female work colleagues?

You can’t stop your husband seeing other woman. If he is going to be unfaithful to you, he will be unfaithful even if he lives in the land where no females walk on the face of earth. If he meets your girl friends it tells him you have utter confidence in him. If he has to run after you while you flee every female who might say hello to you eventually he might rebel and want to show you that he can and he will cheat on you with another woman if he wants to, just because he could.

Your action just make us laugh incredously at you and pity you and your limited mentality. So grow up. 3aib 3leech. Have confidence in yourself woman! For the love of god believe in yourself and trust your life partner!

What do you think? Did this happen to you before?

38 Responses to “Does Your Married Friend Hide From You When Seen With Her Husband?”

  1. Rainy says:

    well, i know frineds that when they got married they disappear because they have rule that they will no logner to be a friend with a single friends.. while they know well that im not think of getting married any soon plus there are noting wrong with me so why do i target married man.
    and those kind of girls ALWAYS getting back to me in two cases:
    1st they are looking for advises because they know well how mature i am , and i always gave them that advise but never friend again
    2nd They get Divorce and sometimes i gave them another chance because i know how broken they are.
    this is kuwait Dani and this is how people think , most women have low self estimate i don’t know why? but i think because of the lack of the self confidence or they are envy you on the way you live with you husband

    • danderma says:

      Thats just sick! So if I am married suddenly all single girls are a threat? O first of all my single friends?
      They really have to get some therapy!

  2. RQ says:

    i dont think its about insecurities , its about the male and female segregation in our socity .. not all females are comfortable to be being introduced to their friends spouse .. i , for example if a met a collegue outside alone i’d say hi , but if he was with his wife i wont , it would be awkward if you know what i mean

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm maybe… but that would be true in the case of families where men and women are always segregated all the time. All the girls that have done this to me are not of that type of family and have no problem interacting with the other gender if you know what I mean.

  3. b says:

    I dont understand these women! they’re annoying ! and almost always moo min zeen rayelha ya3ne!

  4. noora says:

    ams wallah.. I was with my husband and she was with hers, who happens to b my czn! tana7t eb wayeha basalem bs she obviously avoided me! haw lesh 😮 madri

    • danderma says:

      Her husband is your cousin?!!!!!!!! O magal laha shay?
      Wow… then again I have cousins who thin in the same way. Allah ysa3edhom 3la ma abtalahom!

  5. TKG says:

    This is what life has become :( Unfortunately women think their husbands are for themselves and live a very unhealthy lifestyle where they get jealous even if the boy loves his mother more than her ;p

    I feel sorry for women like this but she may have a point as some men don’t mind taking on another wife as well the cheating rate in the society has sky rocketed by proportions unthinkable

    • danderma says:

      Exactly its very unhealthy. Having to live with that kind of insecurity. It must also leave its mark on their marriage.

      But even is the husband is a flirt, does that mean he can get any woman, married or not, he gets to meet?

  6. Jacqui says:

    Hasn’t happened to me yet but I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s not like your husband is going to jump the first girl he sees :s Bs yalla shetsaween that’s life and there are lots of shallow women out there hehe :s

  7. orange says:

    sad sad truth of many many kuwaiti marriages.

  8. D says:

    haven’t you thought of the husband – not liking you – so the wife choose the easier route out to avoid awkwardness. Or perhaps they just had an arguement and not in the mood for greetings/intro formalities. The point is.. dont assume; sometimes avoidance is the best option.

    • danderma says:

      The husband doesn’t know me. We’ve never been introduced before. O when they are smiling and talking in a civil manner it doesn’t really say they were arguing and not in the mood. What would they do if they saw someone he knows? Ignore them b3d cause he is not in the mood?

  9. The Triple F says:

    First of all i truly admire the way you think thumbs up , I’m not married so i don’t know what goes inside married girls head but if i get married i wouldn’t hide from my friend and the same goes to my married friend they come and say hi if she hide from me then this is not a friend

    • danderma says:

      Allah ytamem 3leech your friends! Ana ma ashoof feha shay if I say hello and introduce my husband to my friends! Already my husband ye3arf all my friends and vise versa!

  10. UM ASEEL says:

    yimken matabeeeh y3rf ur his wife’s friend, because of who you are. ymkin 3ashan he knows ur a blogger and u r so free. I dont know ,, but I do not think it’s because of that fact that she doesn’t want to encounter her friends with her husband .. it doesn’t make sense walllah ! :/ thats my point of view!

    • danderma says:

      I am so free? Because I am a blogger then it means I am so free?!
      It has happened ever since I was in college and not married, with different friends. and before I became a blogger and so free 3la goltich.

  11. Abrar says:

    Klamech kla 9a7
    oo halshai ebain enha mo WathQa
    bnafes.ha b3ad mo bs zwajha..
    Bs mraat t9adfeen nas ma tabeen tsalmeen 3laihom
    m3a zojich aw bdona l2na elli shefteeh mnhom kafi
    Ft9deen la sh3ooreyan l2nech 5la9 ma tabeen ma3refat.hom
    Bs enna m3ah ma asalim oo bdona asalim NO WAY mo 7lwa a9lan

    • danderma says:

      Bel thab6… bs shetgoleen b3d. Marrat itgoleen laha sheftich tra itgool haa? la la ma sheftich weeee… ashkara!

  12. giggles says:

    i don’t recall it happening to me yet, but if i ever get married i would not do that to my friends. 3adi mafeha shaiy etha sheft one of my friends o raiyli ma3aiy, like you said in the post.

  13. Nunu-San says:

    Interesting topic!
    I know a married woman who does that because her husband looks at women.
    بالعربي الفصيح: عينه زايغة

    Ya3ni it’s not you, it’s not her, it’s her husband.

  14. Dear Romeo says:

    Eshda3wa eshda3waaa madri rylha tom cruise ?? Shfehom l7reem est5afaw!!
    Trra 7ta leg6awa tetzawaj
    7ada 3aib especially enha tsalem lo erayel mo m3aha, 9ara7a ma t3rf esana3 wl o9ol this friend of yours
    Ashwa my friends mo chethi chan kafa5t.hom :@

    • danderma says:

      looool eshdarani 3ad Allah wel rayel el7een!
      Ashwa you are blessed with sane friends! Allah ytamem 3leech insha2 Allah!

  15. farah says:

    seriously 99% of kuwaiti girls are like that

  16. A says:

    i think that many women have a high rate of jealousy ! and its normal. it’s sick but u know mother nature and also it differs from one woman to another.Hmmmmm !!

    • danderma says:

      If it was normal and within the nature of women then why doesn’t European women for example run away like an ostrich when she is confronted with a friend? It is not a woman thing, it is a culture or society thing and it is really pathetic.

  17. Chirp says:

    It is really weird and pathetic! I dont recall it ever happening to me.

  18. Asmaa says:

    Hmm.. I think not everyone does it on purpose, just to avoid their girlfriends after marriage… It may be she had some issues on her mind that she either discussed or wanted to sort out with her husband and it weighed her down so much she could care less about talking to anyone she know will make her happy or cheery..

    May be she rarely gets a personal time with her husband and that’s why she’s so over protective and guards her time with him jealously..? Could be anything, everyone has different reasons.. And if she meets you nicely after that, know that she didn’t mean it at all and there are higher chances of it being something else than related to you..

    • danderma says:

      Maybe, but how often is a couple who are laughing together have just had an argument and don’t feel like socializing?

      It just happens too many times for it to be a one off incident sadly.