The Most Beautiful Shopping Bag I’ve Ever Gotten…

By | January 17, 2012

What I love about shopping abroad is the attention they give to packing and wrapping your newly bought items. One of the most beautiful shopping bags I’ve ever seen recently is one I got while shopping at Mulberry, London this past December.

After I’ve paid and my purchased items were neatly arranged inside the bag the sales lady took out three little golden bells and with a black satin ribbon she closed the bag and made a bow. It is a very simple yet an amazing idea! The bag looked gorgeous, the bells sounded magical and as I continued on shopping the bells kept jingling with the most beautiful sound. Shoppers were looking over at the jingling bag and smiling, I was hearing the sound of the bells and smiling, feeling like a little kid who just got a surprise gift. I simply loved it! I didn’t want to open the bag at all afterwards!

I just wish stores in Kuwait paid that much attention to their bags. A little quirky gesture changes the shopping experience all together and makes you double happy especially if your shopping that day was part of a retail therapy shopping spree :)

Don’t you agree? What’s the most beautiful shopping bag you’ve ever gotten?

10 Responses to “The Most Beautiful Shopping Bag I’ve Ever Gotten…”

  1. Roozat says:

    Ohhh I love it … Looks very pretty ….
    I like to collect them … But never use them …. …. :))))

    • danderma says:

      In my case I wouldn’t unpack the bag for weeks! Just so I could carry it and listen to the jingling beauty!

  2. I got the same treatment in Mulberry (mall of emirates) Dubai 😀

    feels so special..also when they hand it over to you they tell you mabrook 😀 almost magical..I remember when buying gift for my sister last year from Jimmy choo they did a similar thing

  3. Yep they did it in Kuwait too! Just for gifts though… Which is kinda like how Kuwait works: there’s always something missing! I got 2 of those on my birthday this December :p (yep my bday kan obviously eb ri3ayaat mulberry :p)

    I must say something about their customer service though, I wanted to exchange one of the gifts. They gave me the hardest time ever! E9ara7a lawa3aw chabdiii…. I had to go back and forth to the shop (like 5 or 6 times) !

    They wouldn’t let me exchange unless it’s for something with a higher price or exactly (bil fils) the same price. I explained it was a gift and I shouldn’t be paying anything more to exchange it. I wanted to exchange a cross bag for a passport cover and a purse, and get the rest of the amount in a voucher to use whenever. They said they don’t do gift vouchers, and I just had three days to exchange wella betroo7 3alay! And of course they wouldn’t give me back cash.

    Then they told me they DO give vouchers, just not at the end of the year, because they’re about to change their computers’ system!! Haaaw wana shakoo?! Ye3ni just because my birthday happens to be at the end of the year I get lousy customer service.

    Btw the amount of the voucher was about 10 KD only! And they made such a big fuss. Akher shay I decided u know what kaifhum ma teswa 3alaaay el 10 KD let them keep it! O Etha am rethaw I’ll just keep the bag (elli knt baghayerha cz already 3ndi 2 nfs lonha) I got in the first place.

    Anyways bottom line, after 6 visits, and a little bit of drama (from my end) at the shop, I got a voucher for the complete amount – not just the 10KD – which expires in six months :) I already used it for a purchase and paid a little extra, but At least now im happy with my new purchase!

    Zibdat el qe9a Ina Etha intaaw tegderoon t36oon vouchers and make your customers happy, why all the fuss?! Laish etkarhooona bl shopping experience in Kuwait!?

    Anyways regardless of what happened, I absolutely loved the packaging and the huge gold box inside 😀 wished everyone got that beautiful packaging not only for gifts.

    Lool Danderma sorry 3ala le6wala :/ just realized my comment is probably longer than your post! Bs anything to get that story off my chest… Cz sij it had pissed me off! :p

    • danderma says:

      Beetich o ma6ra7ich my dear…

      This is exactly why I don’t shop in Kuwait! 6ala3aw el gift min chabdich! Eshda3wa? 3yal lo you wanted cash back chan esh.sawaw? Gift voucher o chithee!

      I remember once in Zahraa complex when it was one of two only designer malls in Kuwait, we bought a gift then wanted to exchange it because of the color or whatever. We went to that store and the sales lady was very very VERY rude and refused to help us in anyway. I fought with her and never set foot in that store again. Come to think about it I never bought anything from that brand afterwards ever again.

      At least some customers who had gift wrapping got the bells! They are pretty aren’t they? Next time I will always ask for gift wrapping then :p

      • Thx sweets! :*

        Ooh I think I know what shop u mean, I never shop there either! It’s like you’re there to beg the sales ladies to buy, when it should be the other way around!

        And lool whenever I’m feeling down and can afford some shopping therapy, I ask for whatever I buy to be gift-wrapped! :p it’s fun and is sure to lift up your spirit at the spot!