Alban Dairy’s Low Fat Labna

buy generic Ivermectin By | January 18, 2012

Remember my previous post about Alban Dairy’s Akawi cheese that I got from the farmers market corner in TSC for dinner (post)? Well that day I also got me some low fat Alban Dairy Labna.

Their labna when consumed with their fresh Egyptian Country bread and some of the extra virgin Palestinian olive oil that I especially buy from the food expo make one hell of a meall! So fresh and so good you can cry while you are eating it, bite by bite.

It was so good, I could finish the entire Labna box in one go and want some more. YUM!

I was told Alban dairy sold amazing gaimar too! Must try that someday!

3asa ma ye3taw?

14 Responses to “Alban Dairy’s Low Fat Labna”

  1. Marron Glace says:

    looks yummy

    I liked the previous post akawi cheese

    There I will be posting some pictures of my own experience :)

    • danderma says:

      Your pictures were amazing masha2 Allah 3leech eb alf 3afiya 😀

      • Marron Glace says:

        a7m , you meant to say 3leek !
        Don’t know why people are confused with my nick name
        it is because its a name of desert so it should belong to a female
        like females are only the sweet one’s out there hehehe !

        Thanks anyway

        • danderma says:

          Sorry bro… the thing is 80% of my readers are females fa I always assume they are females.

          For the next name… maybe its not the dessert… but the fact of the color maroon?

          • Marron Glace says:

            No problem sis, actually I like to brows both male / female blogs
            Both are writing general subjects as well also I like to
            know what’s new it might be interested so I can talk
            about it … Your right I wish I just kept it Marron
            anyway now almost all bloggers that I am following
            and commenting on there posts got the idea after
            correcting them in that same situation lol !

          • danderma says:

            lool correction noted bro :)

  2. r.alsharif says:

    The pictures look amazing! Started imagining myself dipping samboosa in it (old habit) :p

  3. Hanan al Failakawi says:

    The gaimar is amazing, my husband was like” if this is gaimar , then what’s that thing we use to eat with honey ” :)
    But for me I am falling in love with the Hallumi cheese they have made from goat milk :) u gotta try it
    Very clean , neat , healthy, and yummy products they have

    • danderma says:

      9ej @_@ its that good! Tharoory ajarbah tharoory!

      I totally agree. Clean, fresh, healthy, and on top of it all quality!

  4. Ye3naaa ye3naaa! :(

    Haven’t tried their Labna yet, bs I love their halloum with 7abat el baraka… Very yummy’ soft, and not ridiculously salty like other halloum cheese :)

    You must try their gaimar too, it’s pretty good. Gaimar o 3saal… Mmmmmm….. 😀 had that for breakfast yesterday :p a bit on the heavy side though, but totally worth it !

  5. Fhd says:

    Looks yummy … 3awaafi :)