What is going on?

Tadotsu By | January 18, 2012

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buy antabuse I was trying to read something in Wikipedia when all of a sudden this black page comes on and won’t budge! What legislation? What happened? I thought the politic turmoil was concentrated in the Middle East? Has it reached the USA and effecting the internet?!

I am already imagining life with limited internet and I am panicking! What is going on? I don’t want to read on and on of political rubbish. If you can explain it simply to me please do. Should we do something? If it is a US legislation thing can our voices be heard? If not then it is totally unfair for our voices to be cast away when when a decision like that is going to effect every single human being using the internet on the planet!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Press escape before it loads then reload it will let you use the website then.

  2. N says:

    hehehehehhe… political turmoil is everywhere, OWS move is akbar daleel on that.

    there are two bills that the Congress is passing, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). The initial main objective of these laws is to protect media companies from copyright infringement. However, with the way these bills have been formulated, this objective is lost and what remains is limiting online freedom. i.e. they will harm the internet freedom of expression.

    refer to these for more details:



  3. 7amood says:

    what it is basically, a peaceful protest against 2 legistlations that congress are trying to pass to fight piracy.

    what wikipedia did was massive. we panicked when we saw that wikipedia (english version only) was out for a day. Imagine if it was out forever!

    anyway, the legistlation would basically censor internet in a similar way it is censored in china. But I dont believe that it will successfully defeat piracy, as even if the legistlations are passed, and IP addresses of piracy website were blocked, they will simply ‘relocate’ or change their IP.

    go to google and check out their logo/banner. They are protesting as well.

    I against pirates, those bloody scallywags, but there must be another way.

    between you and me, I wish our websites in kuwait were censored, to be precise, piracy websites. some people download over 50GB a month worth of games/movies/songs etc. and then complain about the providers.

    • danderma says:

      I panicked! I felt like being suffocated!

      Exactly! I don’t think there is anything to eliminate internet piracy forever and the simplest human solution of monitoring and banning everything won’t work either. You can reduce it, you can punish severely against it, but you cannot vanquish it once and for all!

  4. M. says:

    Hi Danderma, I am a faithful follower of yours and I tend to read and leave without comments but this is real. That’s why I decided to break my silence. I live in the States and just now filled a claim with my representative in Congress at the house of representatives. I greatly opposed this law. It is simply a law that is being proposed in the Congress regarding all companies that is based in the States( Facebook, Wikipedia etc) to limit the access to information in websites. As a website owner you have always to have valid links to the sites from which you obtained your information in. The party that proposed the law is concerned with intellectual rights of the original websites. BUT if granted, these website has the right to either provide you with the information or not. So as a blogger yourself, the information that you obtained will be regulated upon the website. If your IP from Kuwait and you are trying to get an information from a website in USA like Youtube, they may simply say no! Traffic from Kuwait are not allowed to view this content!!!! Can you imagine the extent of this?! The bias, restriction and isolation that it will create. I recommend everyone to take action and spread the words about it. Don’t ignore this or say it won’t matter. If we can stir some waves on the cyber words, legislators every where will follow the footsteps of the USA. DO you got it now? Thank you and keep doing what you are doing! You are loved and appreciated more than you can imagine. Love from M.

    • danderma says:

      Now that’s awful! Very restrictive! and totally against the nature of the internet! What am I supposed to do if its passed? Go to the library and check out books to have as a resource?!!!

      Thank you M! You putting it that way simplified the matter for me! Thank you for your kind words too!
      Can we join in the voting? Can our voices count? If the USA is doing this imagine what other countries might do!!!

      • N says:

        No we cannot join in voting since we are not US citizens.. Check the two links I shared above in my earlier comment (esp the video), it says what you can to help. this is a pledge that is very important to all of us.

  5. Just says:

    Well, my dear, Danderma, I cannot fully respond on this issue, but from what I gathered from a friend of mine (an American), apparently, there’s an internet boycott scheduled for Jan 18. 3ad, laish bithab6, I have no idea, as I’m not into political rubbish as you put it, (maly 5ilg a3awer rasy) but just like any other boycott or any other political stand, it has to effect all of us in some way, so we should all be concerned. If you’re really interested in knowing more, I’m pretty sure my friend would be more than welcome to fill you more in as she’s passionate about these issues.
    Would you like me to ask her?

    • danderma says:

      Sure of course! Ask her and let us know!

      • N says:

        with all due respect to both of you, this is not “political rubbish”.. This is something that might possibly change the way we do business and social media as well :) I am taking it very seriously because information is a passion of mine.

        • danderma says:

          By political rubbish I meant all the extra unnecessary talk, like a frosting on a cheesecake. I don’t want to hear about all that. I want to core, the main issue, so I can make up my mind about it and join in :)

  6. toulda says:

    US is making laws against piracy and this could mean more internet censorship. A lot of ppl are against this censorship including wikipedia, they want information to be free and available regardless of copyrights infringments and piracy, they claim there are other ways around it. So this blackout was an act of protest against the new legislation which hasnt been voted for yet. Anyway, it was easily avoidable with a simple trick. Press esc d tada! 😉

    • danderma says:

      Lool I am glad I knew of the ESC but if it means anything it means how important the internet is to us and what an impact its loss would mean in our lives! One day without Wikipedia made me feel agitated, kinda like being robbed out of my own breath for not being able to research the information I want at a click like I used to!

  7. giggles says:

    yeah it’s so weird it happened to me as well

  8. I doubt it would happen..a lot of the media companies who initially did support the ramifications of the proposal are apparently rethinking their decision after wht Wiki did yest..

  9. Nouf says:

    SOPA is going on…

    Many online sites are doing what Wikipedia is doing to protest SOPA.
    Passing SOPA would be a disaster

    • danderma says:

      Why would passing SOPA be a disaster?

      • N says:

        because of all the reasons mentioned by the commentors above and in the link from wiki as well (plz plz plz check it)… I am making it a personal call to make ppl aware of the ramifications of this!

  10. antiqa says:

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  11. jamilah says:

    hello… i was referred to this site, to perhaps clear some issues up regarding SOPA. folks like ‘N’ made great points already, but here is my take.

    SOPA (H.R. 3261) stands for the ‘stop online piracy act’- some folks use a freudian slip and say ‘stop online PRIVACY act’… even though that is TECHNICALLY inaccurate, it is ultimately correct, since, if SOPA passes, privacy will be at a severe risk.

    one thing to look at is the senate version of the bill, PIPA, the ‘protect IP act’ (s.968). the one thing about SOPA is that it’s looking primarily at search engines and websites, and not IP addresses. as others have said, SOPA is not going to prevent hacking, as hackers are familiar with IP addresses.

    a lot of people outside the states make the mistake of thinking this bill will not affect them. the SOPA issue is urgent, since it’s being voted on quicker than PIPA… but PIPA has been laying low for a while; which is why i consider that more dangerous. in terms of these bills being important to study internationally, the case of richard o’dwyer should be of importance… he’s a student from the UK who the U.S. government called for EXTRADITION in THE U.S. because his website linked to material that was copyrighted. the U.K. as far as i know, does not share such laws, but the U.S. is trying to police the world.


    (for instance, this site could be shut down because i posted this on your page, if SOPA were to pass, because it’s got copyrighted images and information).

    mike mozart made a great video (on youtube) regarding the connections between the corporate supporters of SOPA and how they were the ones who violated copyrights and made millions of dollars off of it by distributing file sharing sites, then suing individuals who downloaded music.

    an example i can give is SONY complaining that someone stole the first posthumous michael jackson album and leaked it; and YET they had the FULL album on their site for a while, where people could TOTALLY find ways to copy it. major labels do things like this ALL THE TIME.

    and mozart mentions go.com, owned by DISNEY (a SOPA supporter), which had the ‘go network’ a FILE SHARING SERVICE… and kazaa was run through AOL (owned by warners)… and interestingly, AOL (and the huffington post, both owned by time warner) are anti-SOPA. the point is, the supporters of SOPA want to have a monopoly on who holds the keys to these services, and the ability to make people pay inflated prices for them.

    AGAIN: THE VERY COMPANIES WHO SUPPORT SOPA ARE THE ONES WHO INITIALLY, OPENLY DISTRIBUTED THE MAJOR DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE COMPANIES… these companies do this, they monopolize the market and get the public into it; and when members of the public are smart enough to innovate these same systems themselves, then it’s time to start the lawsuits.

    check this out:
    ‘viacom loves limewire':

    this is from 2007…

    “Last.fm, the music recommendation site owned by US media conglomerate CBS, has today given Pirate Bay the thumbs up to use its servers to add radio streams to BitTorrent searches.”


    last.fm is owned by CBS. columbia broadcasting system… the CBS record division in the states is now called… you guessed it… SONY. the japanese purchased CBS in the late 1980s. greenlighted by a mr. MJ. it all goes back to michael, i tell ya.

    another supporter of SOPA? SONY/ATV. i find THIS interesting because as you may know, the estate of michael jackson co-owns ATV. what did michael say about a similar bill back in 2003? ““I am speechless about the idea of putting music fans in jail for downloading music. It is wrong to download but the answer cannot be jail; it is the fans that drive the success of the music business; I wish that would not be forgotten… Here in America we create new opportunities out of adversity, not punitive laws. We should look to new technologies, like Apple’s new Itunes Music Store, for solutions. This way, innovation continues to be the hallmark of America.” i have a feeling the estate (despite me not being a fan) had not much say in this support.

    several folks on youtube have had their videos taken down by youtube due to copyright infringement issues, even though the uploader stated that they contacted the copyright holder. there are actually laws which deal with copyright infringement in this country. however, the corporations don’t feel like they have enough say…

    okay, i’m getting off the subject… i think EVERYONE should just read the bill, straight up, and not necessarily get an opinion of it from an article or individual. if you wanna know about a bill, law, a candidate/politician/etc. RESEARCH as much as you can, so you can have an informed view, and are able to discuss the issues.


    • danderma says:

      WOW thank you for the explanation! I do believe this bill if passed will wreck havoc and cause chaos! Let me read those links of yours!

      • jamilah says:

        not a problem… i am quite big into reading bills and such. the copyright bills perpetuate themselves in many forms. there are always bills recycled to make consumers pay for ‘violating copyrights’… VHS, mp3, blank cassette companies have been taken to task by these corporations as well.

        as you may also know, megaupload.com; one of the world’s largest file sharing services, has been taken down by the U.S. government yesterday, because SOME files- SOME files… were said to violate copyright laws. A WHOLE SITE has been pulled by the u.s. government. and SOPA has not yet been passed. in my view this action was payback by the u.s. government in response to the mass protests of SOPA and PIPA. you can only imagine if SOPA passes… the internet as we know it today will be gone.

        when megaupload was taken down, anonymous responded in about 15 minutes by shutting down the universal music group, RIAA, MPAA and the department of justice websites.

        because of the amount of global protest on this issue, i will not be surprised if they quietly pass it without news of it, similar to the us patriot act, and the recently passed NDAA. the NDAA is dangerous, because american citizens, in or out of the u.s. can be indefinitely detained without a trial. an obama administration already advocated assassinations for u.s. citizens under suspicion of terrorism. SOPA, to me, works in the same ways; a site could be shut down because the government may not like certain pieces of information put onto a site. and they use it under the guise of ‘fighting copyright violations’. the purpose of all of these bills is a severe violation of the constitution of the u.s., (and ultimately intrernational law, if this government decides to extradite non u.s.- citizens) if one is to follow that.

        the key to defeating these horrible corporations is to figure out ways to support the artists/writers/ etc. and NOT the corporations. if the money doesn’t go directly to the artist, then don’t purchase the item. when the industry dries up, then the power is again in the hands of the consumer. people should support the industry when the industry actually represents the people. people should support the industry when the industry stops lobbying the government.

        i hope you find some value in the links. peace…

        • danderma says:

          Wow!!! Now that’s a thinker! Thank you again for your time and your comment! May this SOPA never see the light!