Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso Descaling Kit

By | January 21, 2012

As a person who owns more than one Nespresso machine I know that sometimes the machines gets tired and you would have to take her to the Nespresso office for “cleaning”. Only when I was in London this year was I told that there is a “descaling” kit for Nespresso machines to tune it up after a period of usage.

According to the salesman, after 6 months of usage if you notice the machine churning or not producing hot drinks as it used to it means its time to remove the limescale inside it and thus you use a descaling kit. The kit sells for around £7 only and contains two sachets of desclaing solution plus an instruction manual in different languages -including Arabic-.

I wonder if the Descaling kit is available in Kuwait though I highly doubt it? In any case you can always check. Descaling the machine at home sure beats taking it out to the nearest Nespresso shop and leaving it there until its done and paying extra for doing just that.

13 Responses to “Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso Descaling Kit”

  1. Yours Truly says:

    It is available in Kuwait. I got it like 2 years ago. The downside is I think I got it for KD 15!!! What a rip off!!!

    By the way it’s very tricky to use. I remember using it then having a latte afterwards. It literally tasted like posion! Then Nespresso told me that I need to make 2-3 espresso shots and discard them for it to be ready for use again.

    • danderma says:

      WHAT! 15 KD?!!!
      They said something about emptying an entire tank of water in coffee cups… when I use it insha2 Allah I will empty one just to make sure…

  2. Nawnaw says:

    I just bought one thr other day& its 10kd
    U have to empty the water tank with just water 2 times, after doing the cleaning

    • danderma says:

      10 KD? Ham wayed ‘3ali eshda3wa!
      When you emptied the water twice did you taste something in your coffee afterwards?

  3. gd says:

    White vinegar.

    .500 fls


  4. gd says:

    Preferring to use chemical cleansers because you are under the assumption that white vinegar might damage your machine which you will be drinking from says a lot.

  5. Yousef says:

    Must get this inshaAllah!