Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso’s Orange Dolcetti Biscuits By | January 23, 2012

When I am in London I make sure to stock up on two types of biscuits for my Nespresso coffee: The mini Almond biscotti and the Dolcetti L’Oranger.

It was too late to photograph the packet of the almond biscotti but I however managed to keep the orange dolcetti unopened until I took photographs for this posts. The little sugar coated dolcetti’s are individually wrapped with the Nespresso logo printed on each bag.

One piece of dolcetti is more than enough to fill you up for a snack time alongside a freshly brewed cup of espresso from your Nespresso machine.

Taste wise? After being dipped into the coffee it is like sugar coated butter cookies with a hint of orange. So smooth and silky yet with a bite! Mmmmm <3

The almond biscotti are not bad either. After you dip them they are all smooth and rich with crunchy almond bits. My husband adores those.

If only they stocked them here in Kuwait *sigh*. Then again the Palete Amandes (post) are being sold in Kuwait so you never know, there is still hope.

2 Responses to “Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso’s Orange Dolcetti Biscuits”

  1. corsin says:

    nice to find your comment on nespresso’s l’oranger. :-)
    could you please tell me for how long they can be stored respectively what “best before” date they put on the bags? I assume they are pretty fresh and therfore can’t be stored for more than six months.
    not that they would survive in my possesion that long. :-) just being curious.
    regards, corsin