It's just a simple sandwich :`(

By | May 27, 2009


I don’t know what else i can do. I think she is doing it on PURPOSE!

Here is the story… It is  between me, the waiter at the sandwich store @ work and i will call her L, and the poor mutated sandwich…

Take 1: Monday Morning at 7:40 AM

*Daddy’s Girl is calling the restuarant below*

Ring Ring… Ring Ring

Me: Hello, i would like to order a sandwich plz

L: What kind of sandwich ma’am?

Me: I want cheddar cheese sandwich plz, two pieces of white toast, a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I do not want any sauce or mayo or mustard, and i do not want the sandwich to be heated at all plz.

L: ok ma’am, let me repeat ur order… blah blah blah

Me: Yes. Plz plz do NOT heat my sandwich plz. I want u to take the toast as it is from the bag and make a sandwich and send it to me.

L: Ok ma’am.

40 minutes later, im waiting… my coffee is now ice cold, and i must eat before 8:30 or i will be grumpier than the cookie monster…

Me: Hello? Excuse me i ordered a sandwich 40 minutes ago?

L: yes ma’am it’s on it’s way up!

Me: Ok

i get my sandwich after one hour. i am hungry, it has a huge hand written sign on the package that says “DO NOT HEAT SANDWICH”… i open it and…

VOILA! Not only is the sandwich heated… it is BURNED! The cucumbers and lettuce have been nicely cooked by the heat and the melted cheese which has lost it’s taste is now hugging them warmly, making my stomach hurl at the though of eating cooked cucumbers… UGH!

ME: Helloooooooooooo

L: Yes ma’am?

Me: I asked for a non heated sandwich, it says on the package do not heat, i get my sandwich an hour late.. and IT IS HEATED… what kind of service is that?!?!?!?!?

L: im sorry maam i will change it

I did not change it, simply because it will mean that i will wait another hour, and what will become of the cooked sandwich? Will it be thrown into the bin? 7ram ne3mat allah!!!

So i suck it up and eat the hot sizzling melted cheese and wilted veggies sandwich…



Take 2: Wednesday Morning, 7:25 AM.

Today morning, i need to have a sandwich for breakfast to be able to function properly. I had no time to make myself one before i went out of the house.

I go down there my self to ensure the sandwich is made as i want, and i meet L in the flesh…

L: Good morning ma’am.

Me: Goor morning. PLease i want a cheddar cheese sandwich with salad and no spread. PLEASE DO NOT HEAT THE BREAD or the SANDWICH… please plase please DO NOT HEAT IT!!!

L: Ok maam. It will be 1 KD 250 fils…

Me: Ok… there you go *hands L money* but PLEASE do not heat the sandwich PLEASE… i want you to take the toast from the bag AS IT IS, put the cheese and salad inside, and thats it please!

L: OK ma’am ok ok

L goes to make my order, i keep a hawks eye on the kitchen… ahhh there is a platter of freshly made panins surrounding my lovely sandwich, the only sandwich made with toast, unheated, making it’s way out of the kitchen and to L’s hands for wrapping…

I take my eyes off L for a few minutes, while i say hello to a colleague, then L  hands me the sandwich her self…

L: Your Sandwich ma’am. Thank you, come again ma’am.

Me: Thnk you, have a nice Day…

 i go back to my cubicle, i order my skim milk and tea, i add the Sweet n low, open up my mail and news paper… i am so excited to dig in, i barely ate a thing since yesterday morning…

i open my sandwich…




Tell me what to do with this L now?! Go and bang her over the head?!

Seriously Shasawee feeha?!?!?!? IS my order SOOO HARD?!?!?!?!?

What more can i do y3ni?! Haaa? E laish 3aad laishhhhh?!

I think she is doing it on purpose! There is no other explanation, even sheer stupidity is not applicable here…


18 Responses to “It's just a simple sandwich :`(”

  1. dandoon says:

    complain to the manager!

  2. ansam518 says:

    THATS ANNOYING!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Next time wait in the shop and open it RIGHT there in front of her! qathatni lol

  3. Elegant Chic says:

    That sucks!!! Is she plain stupid not to understand the order? Go complain the restaurant manager or owner.

  4. Cooookiez says:

    go show it to her , happens again ilthaltha thabta complain to her boss n explAIN THAT THIS IS THE 3RD TIME!!!

  5. Q80 BOY says:


    8a3da tit7arash feech, tabeech it68eenha wala shay, 3ala shan troo7 tishtiky 3alech ;p


    8a3da t3anid, chaftich kalatay il heated sandwhich on monday, fa 3adey 3indich


    she has problems with her brain cells, they might disfunction when u come to order


    she was looking forward to DHW on monday, and on tuesday she was still thrilled and couldnt concentrate 😉

    im not eating any sandwhichs, im waiting for ur cafe to open

  6. KTDP says:

    you need to learn how to assert yourself. Next time he does it just ask him if he’d eat a burned sandwich then go ape shit. Do it once.

    Not only will he learn to respect you but your boss will think you’re crazy and leave you alone as well!

  7. Delly says:


  8. Reema says:

    LOL sorry i know it’s a pain but that’s funny. I’d give her one more chance and if she repeats that then off to the manager.

  9. MH says:

    ana agoolich zifeeha oo lama ityeeblich ilsandwich ily tabeenha oo nxt time u order it 5ale jidamich isawoonha
    oo itha galat its ok ma’am golelaha apparently its not cuz i ordered twice and u *pointing at her* made the same mistake and ur not gna make it three times, yalla i want it done in front of me, oo lama it5ali9 golelaha do understand what u did now this is to be done every single day and if not ill have a talk with your manager

    i know ra7 i9eer feech ola ishda3wa bs thats the way it works

  10. zuz says:

    looooooooooool ambee hathy bgara:O, 3ama eb3ainha!! ana agool dont give her a chance ro7ay zefeha!

  11. The Spanian says:

    no need to panic!!

    easily .. next time u went there just cut the cable of the microwave or what ever device they are using .. be devilish and don’t let anyone in the building eat something heated :p

  12. intlxpatr says:

    My bet is that someone is just not paying attention.

    Daddy’s Girl, when I want something MY WAY, I make it myself, and I know you can do that too, especially something as simple as a cheddar cheese sandwich with trimmings. 30 seconds in your kitchen and it’s done!

  13. Daddy's Girl says:


    There is no manager… she is supposed to be like a managarial figure thing!!!


    3yal ana shagool… bo’3ayt abchi yom sheft il sandwich :(

    Elegant Chic

    She is supposed to be in charge… a managarial figure since there is not real manager!!!! I don’t know why my instructions where tooo hard!?


    Moshkila there is no boss… she is almost the boss there! Y3ni she is not some lousy inexperienced waiter!!! That’s centralization for you!

    Q80 Boy

    ana a3teqed b3d inha ga3da it3aned o tenteqem mini laish i yelled at her on the phone on Monday… she can’t be that stupid y3ni!


    Had i known while i was down there that the sandwich was heated, i would have lost it and behaved semi-ape-like! It was just too late :(

    But now that i think about it, i think she was doing it on purpose, as a punishment for monday plus my repetetion of the request… testing my limits or somethign…


    6rag bs? Golay terefes o dos ib merdaaan!


    mo there is no one to complain to… she is the semi manager :`(


    Laaa mo ollah eshda3wa… this is the only way to have it done… i ask for it to be done infornt of me and point to it as in THERE this is the way i want it… this is what UNHEATED means

    It’s either that or my sanity!

    Elegant Chic

    Thanx hon 😀 i will try to do it as soon as i can…


    Mo yom zafet.ha on Monday rej3at 3anedat o sawat.ha on wednesdsy
    o ishwaya i was afraid that if i do yell at her again she would spit on my sandwich or something :(

    The Spanian

    Oooh believe me i would love to smash that stupid super heater thingy… but lel asaf it is behind their counter :(


    I know what you mean… it’s just that my fridge is empty and my morning schedule has been crazy lately… so i had to had their sandwich… hence the saga :(

  14. um-mit3ib says:

    LOL hathy skhala;p

  15. Amy says:

    Try dumbing it down for her, like she might think when u say toaste ur implying toasted bread. try saying bread maybe that’ll go into her tiny brain ( if she has one )

  16. Daddy's Girl says:


    7eta il skhala lo gaylat.laha ma abi heated 50,000 marra chan ifhamat… ana mo imsadga inha ‘3abiya le hal daraja… she must be doin it on purpose!

    I didnt use the word toast much except when she aksed what kind of bread ma’am… white toast plz. do not heat it do not heat it take it out of the bag as it is … i cannot dumb it down any more or else i would be asking for the ingredients and assemble it myself infront of her eyes for a demonstration… :(

    She is mean… she is doing it on purpose im sure…

  17. eshda3wa says:

    ebthinitich ma r7tay 7athaftay sandwich eb her face!!