When Baby Girls Carry Celine Bags

By | January 31, 2012

Poor Pheobe Philo. Had she known that her Celine Boston Tote would end up as a toddlers bag for Kuwaiti babies she wouldn’t have bothered creating it. What goes through your head when you see a little baby barely past the age of two holding the micro size of one of the latest it bags in one hand while holding her stuffed toy in the other hand?

The first though is intended to be wow this girl’s parents have money. The actual thought that goes through my mind is how vulgar this is. For a little child to be stripped off her innocence and to carry a bag when she has absolutely no idea that its a designers bag sold for $1800. If its meant to be cute then all it induces is how sad. If she is wearing that bag at age 2 what is she supposed to wear at age 10? A Berkin? At 18? At 21? At 30? At 40?

Would you buy your baby girl a designers bag? If I had a girl the only bag she would be carrying is a Barbie bag at age two. What do you think when you see a baby girl with an expensive designers bag that is taller than her?

14 Responses to “When Baby Girls Carry Celine Bags”

  1. Saudi Girl says:

    Truth is, sometimes we Arabs could be so shallow and materialistic to an extent where we forget our limits. It’s healthy to spoil your kids but it’s not when you do it for society. My future kids will definitely not get a designer bag unless they earned it!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly. I didn’t get my first designer bag till I was 19 maybe and I had to beg for it. I have pictures of me holding a hello kitty bag when I was five years old and. I wish I can still pull those off :(

  2. my 2 cents..love cannot be bought..agreed..but it can and is definetly sold by vendors, marketers and these days by shallow parents..who sell their love to their kids..


    • danderma says:

      But how is getting them a designers bag when they don’t realize its worth considered buying their love? They would still love them even if they bought them a barbie or a hello kitty purse! I think its for society’s sake so that we would say wow if the kid wears a celine the mother must have a lot of money and is very stylish and wears even more expensive bags.

  3. Jacqui says:

    I like nice things just as much as any other girl would bs I cannot and will not justify spending more than a months salary on a bag, belt, or even a pair of shoes! Regardless if I’m insanely rich or not! It’s just wasting money you could spend living your life.

    • danderma says:

      I do crave certain bags but I have a spending quota on bags and shoes. You see shoes do NOT live well with me I tend to ruin them after one day’s outing so its just a waste buying expensive shoes.

  4. anonymous says:

    I agree with you.. it is vulgur…

    I hope Kuwaiti superficial moms read this.. I judge you when I see your kids dressed like that. I think you are shallow, and you spend more time dressing up your kid that teaching them morals and values. Also makes me think you have new money and are so desperate to show it off in any way possible. Old money doesn’t parade itself like that.

    It’s getting digusting and ugly here tbh with this whole designer thing. Last year I saw a few 15 year olds carrying Birkin’s….

    Ya nas.. doesn’t show you have money.. shows how disgustingly shallow, showy you are.

  5. Chirp says:

    No way!
    Shloon yet3alimoon qeemat el shay etha min wuhma 9ghar esheeloon ashya2 ghalya?!?!
    oo Ba3dain shes two! 7adha jan6a min claires or hello kitty
    7itan lo shes 10, ashtereelha shay 7iloo bas mu ela eb 500 dinar

    • danderma says:

      600 wentay el9ajja… min y3arf qemat el money hal ayam wain el bara2a? Ana wedi asheel jan6at hello kitty they are so cute!

  6. noon says:

    what! i still havent seen a 2 year old holding such bag! thats just insane! how can parents do that! they should let them enjoy their childhood by playing with toys, bikes and other stuff kids should do! its gettingr ridiculous!
    wala last week i went to see the bag which i fell in love with it and then the guy told me its on waiting list and 100 girls are waiting for it! i hated the bag instantly!

    i remember i used to see teenage girls carrying an hermes birkin bag which i think its only suitable for 30 year olds and above!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly… when will she be allowed to carry and appreciate a Barbie handbag w3liya?
      I wonder how dressed up those babies would be when they are 30 years old! By then maybe they would only step out the door in haute couture…

  7. I do agree that some moms in Kuwait live way above their means, but to those who can afford it, its up to them. Some girls like to dress up like their mommies, and if its Eid or a special occasion, why not? Angelina Jolie bought her baby girl Zahara a tiny Valentino bag that was around 800 KD, honestly some Kuwaitis can live like celebrities, so if they can afford it 3alaihum bel3afya…if they r buying it to impress the society, than thats just sad.

    • danderma says:

      Most likely it is there to show off… el kharab yay min Angelina 3yal eh :p Then again the woman donates millions to charity, I wish that trait was the most copied about her…