This horrible horrible chair…

By | February 13, 2012

Ever since I could remember I have seen this horrible ugly chair in Kuwaiti homes. I’ve always hated it and thought it was the ugliest thing ever. Who cares if its comfortable? Who care that it can arch its back and extend its legs? Who cares if its called a lazy boy and is intended for the man of the house to sit on it like its a throne?

Its ugly. Its horrible. It goes with absolutely nothing. I used to banish it to Bu Tootee’s office room but now there is no space for it hence the only place it can be displayed is my very own precious living room!!! Its ruining everything! Every time I look over and see it I want to cry! I want it out of the house, plain and simple. But the man won’t let go. You would think I was asking him to give up a kid for adoption! He made it even uglier by putting a back massage device on it :'(

Do you suffer from the same horrible piece of furniture sitting in your living rooms? Do you have any ideas on how to mask its horribleness or turn it into something less of an eye sore? Would you be willing to break into the house and steal only it and I will give you a 150 KD for that?


17 Responses to “This horrible horrible chair…”

  1. sheikha says:

    You remind me of Fraiser and his daily woes over his dad’s ugly chair….

  2. anonymous says:

    Sorry can’t help… im all for comfort!
    i love this chair and i don’t think it looks that bad
    its like the kings chair in the room!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Why all the hate towards the Lazy-Boy? 😛 Hehehe I love it! I actually have the best naps and watch the best TV on it! simply awesome I would get rid of everything and keep only that chair 😛

    Seriously 😛

  4. Reeba says:

    You should reupholster the chair. Call a munajed and he will bring you samples or go to blockat and select a fabric. Your problem can be fixed within a couple of days…

  5. Umghanim says:

    I agree with you, my sister had a lazy boy which was sooooo ugly and bulky. But during my “arba3een” it was a life saver!!! so when i went bk home I stole it!! however…….i reupholstered it with really nice modern material and it transformed the chair completely!! the problem is they only make lazy boys in the ugliest materials and colors i dont get why. BTW frasier dropped his dads lazy boy off the 19th floor balcony and it broke into pieces. how high up is your new apartment??

    • danderma says:

      Ground floor :'( Hardly going to drop anywhere!

      Even if you change its fabric the shape is still ugly and so bulky! If they cannot do anything about the shape why can’t they do something about the material?! Choosing one is a horrible experience!

  6. Sarona116 says:

    Reading your post as I sit comfortably on my recliner.

  7. Sara says:

    Sadly i went through the same thing :s i couldn’t stand the plain bulkiness of it so i made my hubby put it in the bedroom instead of the living room, where he can play PS and wii.. we only have OSN in the living room thank god! compromise :s

    • danderma says:

      It was banished to the bedroom in the old apartment but now I have no where else to put it lel asaf :(