I, Cinderella…

By | June 3, 2009

I’m changing my nickname to Cinderella…!

Heck i might even apply for a change in my real name! What’s wrong with calling ur self cinderella if ur being treated like one?

In short… a girl, married to a relative… is a blushing new bride!

and that blushing new bride has a very big reception, then a smaller more intimate reception at her place for the family members who could not make it…

and guess who, amongst all family members, was not invited? The fat n ugly Cinderella!

So i was not invited… BIG DEAL!

I really see it as a blessing in disguise, with all the preparations i would have to go through only to turn out like a hideous outdated oversized beast and bring shame on my family!


Well, i was called in at the last minute… you see a blushing bride needs her gifts, and her gifts need to be wrapped… and who is the gift wrapped in our household?

Yes, yours truly… Cinderella!

Talk about rubbing salt on wounds!

I trudge up the stairs with the heavy gifts, my heart is sad, i feel inadequate… like a maid whose asked to iron ur clothes and then u dress up in them and go out to have fun while she looks at you with miserable eyes… i look at the gifts and remember that i, Cinderella, never had a reception of my own, never had recieved lovely wrapped congratulationary wedding gifts, never had anyone make a fuss over me for being a new bride & get out of their way to give me something heavy and thoughfully beautifully wrapped…

Oh well…

I wrap them… none matching of course… KAIFEE!


I spent my whole Saturday morning wrapping them. I skipped my breakfast, i skipped lunch, i have the glue gun burn my poor delicate fingers… but in the end i wrapped them!


and watched with a heavy heart as every one was dressing up, choosing outfits, picking up the gifts I WRAPPED, and headed out the door…

To be fair y3ni… did get a last minute invitation though, the kind of invitation they call ‘3azemat marakbiya’ as is… politely being asked to tag along even though im not originally invited… and to that i say “min ra7 blaya 3azeema nam balaya 3asha”…


Wa shokran jazelan… cinderella is now done ranting…


20 Responses to “I, Cinderella…”

  1. 3anooda says:

    allah ya36eech il3afya – i always say god works in mysterious ways – 3asa an takrahu shay2an wahowa 5airun lakum.

  2. eleventhst says:

    You did a good deed, oo inshalla you will be repaid in the way you deserve to be!
    Matga9reen 3ala ilee sawaatee!

  3. Elegant Chic says:

    Oh Cinderella darling!

    U hv done a splendid job! Ur gift wrapping is awesome than the gifts inside!!!

    U will be the chief guest at my wedding… will let u knw the dates wen my time comes ;p

    Need glass slippers? 😀

    Lots of love,

    Your Fairy Godmother 😉

  4. Q80 BOY says:

    love the wrapping, u should work in a gift shop or something :p

    and about the reception, i would have went there and made a scene, like pretending to faint, be rude to someone etc. RUIN her reception *evil laugh* lol 😀

  5. Ansam says:

    So did you end up going? I did not get that part if you actually accepted that tag along invitation?

  6. aws says:

    i remember when i was very little i insisted that all call me snow white… if they use my original name, i would not answer…
    Dear, next time they ask you to wrap something, take it to jam3eya and sit down reading a fine book at starbucks while it gets wrapped for you… though you did such a beautiful job, why waste a whole day doing it ??
    whether or not you were invited to the occassion is irrelevant.. send it to someone to do the job regardless of whether you were going or not… laish i waste my time over something that will eventually be torn ??
    as for not being invited, usually invitations happen for a group , 3ani would they call your mother and say : you and your daughters are invited , or would they say x and y only are invited ??
    a friend of mine invited a mother once to her wedding but did not invite the daughter… faa the mother didn’t show up… saying: laish may3azmoon binti !
    faa whomever was invited to the event shouldn’t have gone in the first place… let alone bring a gift … for such rude distrespectful people.

  7. i like the striped gift wrap.. 9ij ta3abrtay 3alaihum wa3alayah =/

  8. zuz says:

    ya36eech el3afia, they look great!

  9. FourMe says:

    You will always be the most beautiful most precious most talented Cinderella of us all!

    I swear at times I want to give u a good kick in the tush for so underestimating your worth!! For what it is worth you’re my Cinderella :) (you had the guts to create your own fairytale and for that you rock!! You’re my idol)

  10. nooloo says:

    LOVE ur wrapping…mashallah amazing.
    oo il cinderella part, sawway kheir oo gi6ay ba7ar..it’s hard i know but when u look at it,they’re enjoying their yam3a while u at home thinking and thinking and more thinking lein ti6la3 lich sheiba..

  11. Cr8ivia says:

    your mothers/sisters all were invited but you ?!
    why? you are the only mo ma3zoma?

    so u didn’t go right?

  12. anonymous says:

    that’s one of the biggest difficulties of getting married,, I never feel like I’m one of them,, no matter how hard I try.. and whenever I come home from being at one of their social events,, I become mysteriously depressed,,, see so it’s all for the best, atleast you won’t get hit with the “in-laws depression syndrome” 😉
    and btw, beautiful wrapping,, Allah ya36eech il3afyah

  13. kuwaitmirage says:

    my mum used to sing to me:
    ”cinder-ella dressed in yella
    went upstairs to kiss her fella….”
    very forward thinking woman my mum

  14. KTDP says:

    good stuff …. but you should have worn the officially sanctioned cinderellesque footware. Make sure you do next time.

  15. Daddy's Girl says:


    Allah ye3afeech hon :*


    Thanx hon 😀

    Elegant Chic

    I don’t think the glass slipper will fit into my feet!
    But u better have me on ur wedding guest list!!!

    Q80 Boy

    Ok ur EVIL! u know that…
    Yet i like the idea of crashing their reception… go and scream “a mouuuuuuseeeeeee” o have every one run out and have them evacuate the house until they find the so-called-rat



    Laaaa wee ma re7t! Etha il 3azema ma ityenee min ras marfoo3 ma awa6we6!


    I would have taken it to Co-Op for wrapping but then it7asaft 3la fleesatee…

    B3dain it was too hot :`(

    Journal Entries

    Ee wayed t3bt sra7a :`( my finger tips burned b3d min il hot glue gun …

    The Zuz

    Allah ye3afeech hon thanx 😀


    Awwwww hon u put too much faith in me o u always always leave comments that lift my spirits up and make me lobster red 😳 😳 😳

    Thanx sweetheart :*


    6l3 le shebaat mo bs sheba ! 7safa 3la sha3ratee :`(


    Ee every one… aunts too…
    Laaa ma aroo7… ma an3zm ma aroo7!


    Oh honey my inlaws do not deserve to be called my inlaws sra7a… saqa6oo sahwan min my calculations lel abad… read back my blog and see what they did -o still do- to me…

    This time its my own family!!!! So technically speaking im part of the Brides inlaws…!


    LooooooooL y7leelha ommich 😀
    Very open minded sra7a lool


    Nah it doesnt fit… i have inherited my feet from shrek 😀

  16. Elegant Chic says:

    You sure will be invited honey! :)

  17. Ansam says:

    ashwa 😀 zain etsaweeen

  18. nosa says:

    y36ech el3fya..

    hehe i know how it feels when ur not m3zoma but only ten3zmeen for the sake ena ( gelnalech tara mo etgolen ma3jmnach!! ) way!

    u were better off a9ln.. n Cinderella! take the gifts to a shop next timeto wrap the things up.. unless u enjoy doing it.. then okay..

    lat3been nfsech.. u some how gotta be selfish a lil..

  19. intlxpatr says:

    You did a lovely thing, sacrificing your own time to wrap – beautifully – the packages. I think you get extra credit for doing it and not being invited, like a super good deed.

    Do you really like receptions? Honestly, Cinderella, me and my friends shudder in horror, we hate those formal but exceedingly banal kinds of things. Is it that you love those parties? Is it the sting of the non-invite? Did you really really want to go, or . . .

    Is there some secret part of you that was glad not to have to go?

  20. hi says: