When a man takes a tinkle in the middle of the street!

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Lahnstein In my 31 years of living on the face of the earth, specifically in Kuwait, I’ve never ever seen something as outrageous as I’ve seen last weekend!

As a matter of fact I did once, last year standing in the Qa6ar St. and Salem Al-Mubarak St. traffic light in Salmiya I saw a young man, 15 maybe, giving the cars his back and doing the deed. At least he thought he was hidden by some construction site -but he wasn’t- and we didn’t see anything except a person’s back. I chalked it off to being young and foolish. Maybe he was in a bet? After all Marina Mall was less than a 100m away!

But this weekend? Going out from Ikea and wanting to check a furniture store next to Souq Almeera, in the middle of the meera parking, without any cars surrounding him and with a full view of the main road, stood an old man in a winter dishdasha. I saw him with his dishdasha half way through his legss and I told my husband “El 7ajji eshfeeh rafe3 deshtashtah?”

Usually when I see an old man I coo and say y7leelah so I was looking at him and he looked back at me with a puzzled expression. As in why is that woman looking at me? Then my husband started yelling “Don’t look don’t look” at the same moment I registered a long yellow stream flowing out of him and right on the parking floor. I started screaming in shock! A man is relieving himself right there in the middle of the road surrounded by nothing to hide his modesty! In full view of the entire world! O mo 3ajba ini ga3da a6al3ah b3d!

After screaming then a fit of retching -never approaching a puddle of “liquid” on the floor again g63- I was angry! So angry! How dare this man think he can take a tinkle in the middle of the street? Where are we living? He is five minutes away from a big supermarket surely stacked with bathrooms! Why wasn’t he at least trying to hide? Or do it with his back to people instead of standing there in full view of passersby?

Malat 3leeh g63! I should have called the police for him! Then again is there a law against taking a tinkle with partial frontal nudity in front of people? Would they even bother taking him to the station? Does this happen often or is it a new thing? G63 g63 g63 g63!

Have you ever seen a man doing it in full view of everyone g63!

-P.S. I just remembered that I’ve seen a worker doing it on the wall of the building where Pick You is located two months ago, at least his back is to people, this year! What is happening? Why is everyone suddenly doing it in the street?

20 Responses to “When a man takes a tinkle in the middle of the street!”

  1. D. says:

    LOOOOL maskeeeen maybe he has a bladder problem o ma gedar yamsek.ha!
    did u see the utube where the lady does it in the middle of the show? ten7e9er o tro7 wara el qanafa o she pulls her skirt down XD

    • danderma says:

      At least enkhashat wara elqanafa! Hatha abad eb no9 elshare3! Enzain inkhash wara elsyayeer 3aib 3leek! How does he clean up afterwards g63?!

  2. bader al mutawa says:

    just a quick note. some diabetic old people cant keep their urine and if they dont release immediately they would probable do it on themselves. i dont like it but i feel for them. in this day and age, never judge unless you know the whole story

    • danderma says:

      Yasalam? So just because he can’t handle him self yetkashaf jdam Allah o khalgah o ysaweha?
      Hatha ysamona 3ether aqba7 min thanb. The least he could have done is turn his back to the street and hid behind a car mo yfoshe7 jdam elshare3 o yetfa9akh o ysaweeha! Lo emsaweha 3la ro7ah a7san…

      • Hessa says:

        oooor….. he could be mentally unstable I agree with bader we shouldnt judge until we know the whole story… and im not saying that what you think is wrong, its just that we can not come up with a conclusion until we know the complete story… yimkin ilrayal 3aglyan mo9a7y

        • danderma says:

          3aqliyan mo 9a7ee? How did he get fully dressed in a dishdasha, emkasar, edlaq, winter vest, ghetra, o 3qal? How did he get out from his house to middle of Shuwaikh parking lot? I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt but mo 3la hal qatharat! This is inexcusable. How about we excuse everyone who relives himself jdam Allah o khalgah? Fawtha?

  3. Saudi Girl says:

    Haha I had my fair share of unfortunate encounters with men tinkling living in Dubai. I wouldve thought since I was living in a Muslim & Arab country I wouldn’t have to face such disturbing sights but I was wrong lol best thing is to push that memory at the back of your head.

  4. Ansam says:

    Seriously??? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! Mu min sijjah!!!

  5. Johara says:

    Maybe makan 9aa7i ow maynon ow senile ow shay??

    There’s this guy in Bahrain in a very popular restaurant area that used to do something even worse it got so bad they had to take him to the mental institute. So sad and it scarred so many women.

    The thing is with our society is that we dont take mental institutions seriously, people do have problems and instead of avoiding these scenarios we leave them at home with people who are not licensed to care for such people and these incidents happen.

    Ya rabi meta benefham ina society is not more important than an individual’s mental being.


    • danderma says:

      Mentally mo 9a7i ybayin. Hatha mafeeh shay. As a matter of fact oho kan happy tinckeling away o when he saw me watching him he got a little bit angry inah shako it6al3een. A senile man wouldn’t dress himself in full o get out to the middle of shuwaikh on his own. It just doesn’t add up!

  6. Nasser Al Mohammad says:

    Hahaha this happens all the time in egypt

  7. Jacqui says:


  8. A says:

    Lazm someone invents toilet mutanaqel 😛 !

    • danderma says:

      I once saw one believe it or not :p A small one that you can take wherever you want… but why the toilet when you can be happy eb no9 elshare3 o ebbalash?

  9. Chirp says:

    Yes yes yes! I have seen two men on Fahaheel Highway oo one 3ind Maghreb Highway, they stop their cars and just go, without caring that they are almost in the middle of the high way!!
    Oo right next to my work, it smells SO disgusting because half the 3amala relieve themselves in the open bara7a!!!!