Event: Solving the Jimmy Choo Puzzle

Kuningan By | February 23, 2012


Denkanikota I love jigsaw puzzles.

No no, I don’t just love them, I adore them! I used to put together a 1000 pieces ones and frame them once upon a time. Now a days I cannot find really interesting ones to put together but I have no problem spending my nights sprawled on the floor trying to put jigsaw puzzles together. Therefore you can understand my sheer joy when I was invited to “Solve the Jimmie Choo Puzzle” event yesterday!

As I arrived at 7:15 PM -the event was at 7, traffic was too horrible- I found that I was the third blogger to arrive and it wasn’t very crowded. Tables were set outside the store for something… hmmm.

and inside we were greeted by generous Fauchon catering while we waited for the rest of the bloggers to arrive.

Then we went around the store checking the new collection. I loved this shoe very much. It was my favorite piece in the store. It doesn’t show well in the picture but the color of the show is a soft glittery green silver. Gorgeous!

Other pieces I loved in store.

Ms. Ala’a Al-Zamel modeling for us a pair of snake skin heels from the new collection.

And this summery wedge is my second favorite item in the store.

As soon as I took a picture of the wedge above we were called in and told to form teams of two and select a shoe from several shoe options and take it outside. One of them was the wedge above so I grabbed it immediately!

Our team was the only one with three people: Me, Ansam, and Dusty Roses -nice to meet you girl-. As we waited around a jigsaw picture of our shoe was handed to us to break it apart.

After it was broken apart we had 15 minutes to put it back together and the team which puts the most pieces back together wins!

15 minutes later and this is what we got. We didn’t win first place but we were in 2nd place for sure :p

Pink Girl & The Side Talk had the hardest puzzle but a beautiful shoe!

In the end we each left with a Jimmy Choo goody bag.

Thank you Jimmy Choo and AlYasra fashion group for a fun evening! We had so much fun indeed! Next time we want a treasure hunt for a shoe or something 😉

16 Responses to “Event: Solving the Jimmy Choo Puzzle”

  1. Ansam says:

    I’m so stealing your pics 😛 hehehe oh and you got that same puzzle as a gift… I got a different one! Tara its a sign, you should get the shoes 😛

    • danderma says:

      7yach Allah 7lalich :)
      Et9adgeen I think it is! Unfortunately Jimmy Choo shoes do not fit my feet :'(

  2. Maria says:

    Wow..this sounds so much fun..wish i could also have joined coz like you even i am a huge puzzle fan..!!

  3. jeu puzzles says:

    we love puzzles too ! awesome photos about shoes and puzzles :-) Great idea solving a jigsaw puzzle in order to win the Jimmy choo shoes !

    Congratulations ! you win ! so cool

    Look at our fan page about jigsaw puzzles http://www.facebook.com/jeu.puzzles and our special newspaper about puzzles htt://www.scoop.it/t/jeu-puzzles : news, tips, videos, addresses for puzzle’s fans all over the world !

    Enjoy it

    cedric :-) member of jeu-puzles

    • danderma says:

      Lool I didn’t win we came in 2nd place :p
      Thank you! Your website is a treasure trove!!! Can I send you a picture and you turn it into a puzzle for me?!

      • jeu puzzles says:

        thank you so much ! there are many many puzzles fans around the world !
        sorry for URL mistake : our newspaper about puzzles : http://www.scoop.it/t/jeu-puzzles

        you can let english comment as you want

        our website will be really opened in few weeks
        Sure you will sent us a picture to turn it into a puzzle ! just to create your own personalized puzzles :-)

        Get in touch on our FB page to know the official date 😉


  4. Daily Jigsaw says:

    Nice idea. This is what I call good marketing – involving and giving the client something he/she enjoys (solving puzzles) while promoting your product. I’m kind of addicted to jigsaw puzzles and I would have loved to participate in such a contest.

    Great blog BTW. My first time here but I’m definitely coming back :).

  5. Just says:

    Wonderful! I wish I was part of such event as well!!

    Agree with Daily Jigsaw; it’s such a fun marketing tool! ;D

  6. Jacqui says:

    That looks like fun and an interesting challenge!

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