The Boy Who Cried at the Movies By | February 28, 2012

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During the National & Liberation day holiday we decided to go to the cinema and watch the highly acclaimed “Woman in Black”. The woman in black is a horror movie, period. As we settled in our seats we heard “Gaa gaa aghoo” as always. Some mindless parent had decided to bring their infant into a horror movie. We just hoped he would shut up and not gurgle while we were watching.

Then in the middle of a very very very scary part of the movie we suddenly hear “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH EYKHAWEEEEEEEF”. Apparently a kid below the age of ten was scared out of his mind with what he saw. He began crying -very loudly, drowning out the sound of the movie- and the audience started laughing at his bawling. You would think his mother would leave her seat and take her frightened child outside? Noooo. She didn’t even bother to shush him. The most important thing was for her to watch the movie whether or not the child was traumatized for life and to hell with the goats sitting around her trying to watch. They will manage.

Isn’t there a rule against letting babies inside the cinema? How was this child allowed inside a horrific scary movie that I, a 31 year old woman, kept my eyes closed with my palms most of the time? What kind of mother are you, taking your child to an hour and a half of horror? Lets say you were stupid enough not to check what the movie is about before it started, when you saw it was a horror movie and it scared your child, why didn’t you leave? Why would you stay put?

Its about time movie viewer ratings were enforced in this country. Not every movie is suitable for all genres! If the people are too stupid to choose the appropriate movie then a law should be made to force them to keep the children away from such movies until eventually they learn and start respecting the law! Its not rocket science y3ni!

12 Responses to “The Boy Who Cried at the Movies”

  1. faisal says:

    3yzna o i7na ngoool 7g il cinema 6bqaw hal qanoooon , shno 3 or 4 9byan ma y3doon 12 years ydshoon aflam are not suitable for their age !!
    o a5r shay they try to cut the scenes of any movie to make the movie suitable for ALL !!
    i remember ina dshait film horror , and 6ala3 scene so freaky le drja ina ana 23 years old 5ft !! , asm3 waray wa7da yahel 3mrha 15 years tqreeban ga3da tbchy ! la o dasha broo7ha !! mn ms2ooleeta hathy ??!

    lma nazelaw il film galaw ina il film for example for 15 yrs and above CUZ THEY KNOW !!

    lazm lazm y6bqooon hal shay soooooon !!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly! e7na shino thanbna yg63oon elfilim to pieces 3shan wallah elyahaheel ydshoon?
      Then again 3/4 elfilim kanaw yahal bs el thaher min elkhar3a wala kelma… lo tshoof el walad elmagrood yom the lights came on gam yabchi o yzef ommah o ehe teth7ak!!!!

  2. Rummy says:

    Madri 3ala shu I should be shocked, at the mother, or el cinema security or what exactly. Wallah if it was me , I would have yelled at the mom to take her kid out.

    I hope the kid isnt traumatized for life tho =(

  3. samar says:

    very true,it’s common sense that the mother should at least calm him down or leave the movies at once…bas allah ye3in el atfal fil zaman da

  4. Just says:

    B9ra7a, hathy MAHZALAH! children MUST not watch any movie that’s NOT age-appropraite! If there are some careless parents out there, the authorities should take charge & enforce that law at once! It’s not only harmful to the child’s mental health, but also harmful to the whole community since children will eventually grow up not abiding the law since they know they will not be truly enforced!

    Which is what’s going on right now already!

    Danderma, you’ve touched a nerve in me; I SERIOUSLY hate stuff like this!! Ufff! Lai mita ennas matit3allam!!

    That woman (& everyone who does the same thing she did) deserves a parental penalty for what she did to that child! That’s considered child abuse! In other countries where laws are enforced the caregiver will be in tatters! Seriously!! Was she for real??? OMG!

    • danderma says:

      I wish we had child abuse laws in Kuwait. Not to take the kids away from their parents wain yebtalshoon fehom but to fine them heavily for any misconduct. Like slapping your child in public mathalan a fine of 100 KD at least!

  5. That’s so sad! It got me so angry too… I actually screen the CARTOONS my one year old watches because in my opinion a lot of what’s meant to be shown for kids is violent and inappropriate! And this mother actually has the heart to take her kid to a horror movie?!

    Hatha 6b3n ghair ina it shows u what kinda person she is… She’s disrespecting everyone else at the movies… Aham shay ehya o ananiyat’ha!

    I was at the movies today… Watched The Vow… Lived it bs waaayed waaayed emga63 hefff kil a agoool mani ray7a movies in Q8 arid olah 3la el cinema :/ anyways a girl’s phone (sitting next to me) starts ringing. She picks it up as if ga3da bil bait o etsolef eb 9ot 3ali. Then she hangs up. 2 minutes later her phone rings again, and she picks up and talks!?!!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly. Aham shay she watches the movie. If she doesn’t care about her own child do you think she would care about the audience?
      A girl who sat next to me while I was watching the awakening was going “Wayhhh yummah ahh ohh ehh” then she would pick up the phone and talk to her friends, then she would shout at her sister who came in with a cup of coffee when she had already bought one for her. Then the two girls in front of us got a call from their mother screaming where are you and they said “In the cinema!!” and then they were all irritated and wanted to go out loma one said to the other wait ma yafreg. I know hal hawayel cause all are heard in an very loud voice! El awadem bel Q8 ohom sabab el bala!

  6. Jacqui says:

    Sometimes even in countries abroad kids enter inappropriate movies, I remember this past summer I went to see “Horrible Bosses” with my sister and this lady brought her 3-4 year old with her and well let’s just say the previews alone before the movie had some scary scenes and I kept looking at the child to see her wince or get freaked out but she didn’t.

    And that my friends was in the good ol’ country of the US of A! 😛

    • danderma says:

      I don’t know about the USA but in the UK if you bring a child into a movie when he wasn’t supposed to you can complain and if they are caught they pay a hefty fine! El deniya mo fawtha. Maybe that woman in the USA is a one off case of those negligent mothers.