Picture of the Week: Roses

Pākāla By | March 5, 2012

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Roses, white ones in particular, are my favorite favorite flowers of all time. Classic, beautiful, romantic, and pure. There is nothing like a bouquet of creamy white roses grazing your favorite coffee table and emitting the most sensational scent ever <3

I adore white roses. What about you? What’s your favorite flower?

3 Responses to “Picture of the Week: Roses”

  1. Just says:

    Daisies! White in particular; they’re simply so peaceful, pure & innocent, & seem to be like cute little children smiling & dancing! I just looove ’em!
    I also love those which are similar to daisies, like Nuwwair, & sunflowers; they’re so pretty & will instantly warmify any garden ^_^