Once Upon a Time is AMAZING!

By | March 5, 2012

Forget PAN AM and Revenge, Once Upon a Time is a show to watch! I’ve been meaning to watch it but since it fluctuates between reality and fantasy I thought I would wait for a while until I am a bit free and can concentrate to follow the story properly. Guess what? I just did and I am so sorry I waited this long! It is so good, so original yet so interesting. So familiar yet intriguing. We are holed up, me and Bu Tootee, on our couch watching one episode after another and devouring the story up!

Highly HIGHLY recommended! Don’t miss it! If you are looking for an awesome show  to watch then this is it.

16 Responses to “Once Upon a Time is AMAZING!”

  1. 18Seven Blog says:

    I have this show on my OSN recording but still haven’t watch it.. but after reading your post i will tonight.

  2. The Triple F says:

    I love this show , i usually don’t watch those kind of shows but there is something different about it !

  3. Cupcake Slapper says:

    Cant Wait For The Ep About Ruby *-*

  4. D. says:

    Glad u like it!!

    Make time for Ringer too, its a really good drama oo keeps you on edge!

  5. Sana says:

    Its amazing!! always has been one of my favorites!

  6. My friend has been telling me to watch it since forever saying it suits my taste but i didn’t see it yet. I will once i get the chance to.

  7. sheikha says:

    I am soooo glad you liked it, you are right it is very different….you might also like Parenthood

  8. Jacqui says:

    My sister told me it reminds her of a different version of Charmed, unfortunately I still haven’t started watching it but I do have all episodes might even download the HD ones to enjoy it fully!

    Grimm is also another show you might enjoy but it is uber scary!

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm I am a big charmed fan myself but I didn’t find anything that made me thing of charmed. Lost however I did remember and then I learned that the writer of Once Upon a Time are in fact the same writers of Lost! But it is so so SO GOOD! I cannot wait for episode 14 to be out! I’ve seen all available 13 episodes in one go! That’s how good it was…