Um Al-Namil Island’s Post Code!

By | March 11, 2012

I was searching online for the post code of my new apartment when I found this website with Kuwaiti post codes (link). What is interesting is even though I didn’t find the post code for Al-Zahraa I found the post code for… Jazeerat Um Al-Namil!!!!

Now who on earth would send a postal pacakage to um al-namil? El namil? La o block 1 b3d!!! eshm3na um al-namil mo um al-maradim mathalan? I’ve never ever received a single package to my home addresses when I lived in Bayan, Jabriya, or Zahraa, or in our mailboxes in Mishref and Dhahiya! Would anyone who is residing in Um Al-Namil expect to receive anything?

Anyways if you wish to send a post card -or a pif paf- to the ants in Um Al-Namil island you now know the post code. Its 73921, block 1. Sukkan el3a9ema b3d y7leelhom. I wonder which da2era intekhabiya ohom?

2 Responses to “Um Al-Namil Island’s Post Code!”

  1. Jacqui says:

    El website fee 3onsereya! Laish all the mo7afathat have their zip codes except Mubarak Al Kabeer :s o it’s been that way for ages (almost 2-3 years now) meta eb yer7emona o e7e6on’hom!