Habba Alert: 7anafi’s Mustache

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Dingtao Remember my nameless friend? He has a name now, its 7anafi. He is definitely a 7anafi. Turns out 7anafi’s and his mustache are really trendy! Apparently mustache is now appearing everywhere from babygros to iphone covers and jewelry the way skulls did a few years back!

7anafi mo hayen 6ala3 y7leelah, after all he did come from Top Shop! Trendy 7anafi :)

9 Responses to “Habba Alert: 7anafi’s Mustache”

  1. Shouq says:

    My Bookmarks are little 7anafi’s! I got them in Australia place called TYPO there were Father’s Day special collection, didn’t know it’d be a habba. Mady asaweehom mshabee9?

  2. Just says:

    Excuse me, that’s my Poirot! (that’s what I call these mustaches! heehee) Wow, didn’t notice it was trending? I saw me some funky Poirot-like mustaches on some stuff, & I went like “I so want some!” but didn’t notice they were actually trending!

    That’s probably I haven’t shopped properly in a long time…

  3. cute mustache ;*
    thakrni fe pringles lol

  4. Ansam says:

    If I am not mistaken, it is used in November for “Movember” 😉



    Lots of goodies and styles for the month of November with this mustache – google Movember Nails, Tees, accessories, …etc and you will get lots of images about it! 7anafi mu bas hayyen, 7anafi 6ala3 for a cause hehehe

  5. […] since its so IN you can find it in many fashionable items – Danderma posted about it once (link) and I remember telling her about Movember back […]