Things 2 Do in London: Gelupo’s Gelato

Waldkirch By | March 14, 2012

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Gelupo, a newly opened gelateria in London, is hailed as the place that hosts the best gelato in town. Gelato, best, and London meant that I must try it for myself and see. So after a few wrong turns in Soho on foot I finally found the alley where Gelupo is location.

Yeah not the liveliest location but its just behind the theater district in London which makes it the perfect location for a pre/post show snack.

Gelupo is a Venetian -or was it Sicilian?- style gelateria which not only offers the best gelato in London but also has a gourmet section in the back of the shop chock full of things that makes you go “I want!”.

For example this make your own ice cream paste! Now why didn’t I bring that home back with me? I want to kick myself!

Then you get to stand in a long queue waiting for your turn to choose the gelato you get to see what else they have to offer: fresh Italian biscuits, coffee, and the different way to order your gelato.

Gelupo serves gelatos, sorbets, and granitas! If it was summer time I would have gone for a granita –espresso granita! Clementine granita!- but since it was winter I went for a gelato! They had many flavors to choose from.

The gelatos, which by the way are not visible to you, they ares hidden inside the freezer with little steel covers that are really retro and cute, come in different flavors that range from classic to urban and new. For example they have a black pepper, chocolate sauce, and ricotta ice cream! Not for me but I chose the salted caramel and the Tonka flavors. Here is an explanation of what Tonka is. 

It was goooooood!

Butootee took this, stratecella and another flavor I cannot recall. Very very good!

Their staff were really friendly and very helpful. We left with big smiles on our faces and sat on the blue chairs outside watching passers by and scoffing down our lip smacking gelatos.

The good thing about Gelupo is that they deliver! So wherever you are in London -or outside London- you can get your fix of their delicious gelato!

Is it indeed the best gelato in London? Frankly its the second best gelato I’ve tasted in London. I still think Amorino’s is the best gelato EVER (post)! But Gelupo does have more daring flavors and comes closely behind as number two. A must try if you are in London. If only I could have a tonka now!

Gelupo is located in Archer Street, London and you can get more information and direction by visiting their website (link).

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