Esther’s Attic Charity Shop

By | March 15, 2012

Have you ever seen a poor broken Asian worker standing by the traffic light in this cold or the dust and thought to yourself that there must be a way you can help them out that extends beyond giving them the spare change in your purse?

A charity under the name of operation HOPE whose objective is to purely serve the domestics within the country -does NOT represent any political or religious agenda- has launched a second hand store project under the name of Esther’s Attic.

Esther’s Attic is the charity resale project of Operation HOPE. Esther’s which started operations this January, functions like a thrift store where all sale proceeds are used to fund the operation HOPE’s community initiatives and endeavors.

For example this week has Elizabeth Taylor visiting in the form of a beautiful charcoal sketch portrait at an unbelievable price. Sitting next to it is an original copy of “ The taming of the Shrew” selling at Kd 1 only!

Post our national day sales, the boutique has donned several treasures from clothing items, household material, baby wear and other knick knacks. With clothing ranges showcasing some vintage mix and match items to some dated silk and satin blouses, designer jeans and an array of geometric patterns.

 Esther’s Attic is located at the Operation HOPE premises ( Rumaithiya Block 9. street 92, house 23) and are open every Saturday from 10 am – 1pm. If you want to help out by visiting or donating you can always contact operation HOPE via their website -just wait a bit for the flash to load- (link) or by emailing them

5 Responses to “Esther’s Attic Charity Shop”

  1. Operation HOPE says:

    Hi Danderma,

    Thank you for featuring us in your blog. We are absolutely delighted to get an oppurtunity to be known to your readers and make them away of the resale boutique Operation HOPE is running since early this year.

    Given that we plan to close our doors for the summertime and reopen in the fall, we really hope you can make it to the bourtique sometime soon.

    Cheers :)

  2. Just says:

    Allah shino hatha? How are they serving the domestic help? Do they help by giving them profits from the sales or what? And how can we help? Can we donate stuff for them to resell? Or just buy?

    • danderma says:

      They use the money from the sales towards helping out these poor workers. Including those who are stuck for deportation for example and such. You can help by purchasing or by donating something you have! Thank you for that :)

    • Hi Just,
      Operation HOPE has been serving the domestics of this country since 2005 by tieing up with embassies and their shelters.

      Our service which is funded from the generosity of people within the community is usually in the form of doing winter clothing drives, perishable food drives, Toileteiries drive etc for domestics that are housed in the embassies.

      Since our sources of funding is limited, the resale boutique sales helps raise money to buy our supplies for the embassy drives.

      You can help by donating gently used clothing, household / baby items to us or even come visit our resale boutique and buy something. The ways to help us are endless:)