The Creepy Woman who Knocked on my Door By | March 16, 2012

I had planned on spending a nice quiet Thursday evening at my new apartment alone. My husband went out to meet a friend of his. I had put on a nice DVD “The Lake House”, Settled in on the couch browsing 6alabat trying to place an order for dinner from Salad Boutique, put the iPhone away and on silent when suddenly I heard a knock on my door.

Just so you can get a picture of how invasive the encounter I am about to till you is, I have to describe my new apartment. Its a ground floor apartment with a little yard and a metal gate that we keep closed -but not locked-. In order to open it you need to extend your hand inside the gate and open the latch. Then you have to walk about 3 meters until you reach the front door. The front door has two big windows that we keep covered with a curtain.

Anyways, I heard the knock and I was startled. Who would be visiting me unannounced? I wasn’t expecting anyone and my husband has just left -and he has a key!-.

I get dressed quickly, opened the door a crack, and peered out. A young woman in her mid 20’s wearing a 3baya who didn’t look like a Kuwaiti. She spoke perfect Kuwaiti though and asked me about “How are you living here?” and “How much is your rent?” and “whose the owner of the building because I want to move flats”! She even had the audicty to tell me that “You are showing through your curtains by the way, but I thought I am a woman and you are a woman so its ok!!!!”

Excuse me?

How on earth does someone have the nerve to extends his own hand through the metal gate of someone’s house, push open the gate, walk all the way to the front door, and peer in through “the curtains?” but think its OK because she saw a woman sitting innocently in her own living room and she is a woman fa its OK?

How dare you stand there after you trespassed through my yard and opened my gate and peered through my windows to interrogate me about my living arrangements?

Is this normal? Could she possibly be a woman who was simply too curious o overly malgoofa? Or did she have another agenda in mind? Like check the place out and come back for another visit?

And how could I have been so stupid? How could I open the door to this stranger who simply had no boundaries and no shame? What if she had others hiding with her and they grabbed me? Or pushed through me to the apartment?

After I curtly answered her quesions and asked her to go ask my next door neighbors I locked the door and adjuted the curtains. Heart pounding I almost hit myself for my stupidity! When I told my husband he was furious! He said I had no business opening the door to a strange woman who just opened our gate and trespassed through to interrogate us.

Should I be more careful? It didn’t occur to me before. I’ve heard -and seen- crazy women who would barge in houses pretending to be a neighbor and ask about money but even those women rang the bell properly! No one ever had the guts to just wander inside our yard like that!

So what am I going to do? 1- Get a “Beware of the Dog” sign and hang it on the metal gate. 2- Lock the gate for good and 3- Look for a self defense martial arts class 4- Visit the shooting range more often and look into getting permits to owning a gun for such occasions!

Needless to say my evening was tainted with fear and incredulousity! I wonder if I should have called the police for her instead?

Have you ever encountered something similar before? What would you have done?

16 Responses to “The Creepy Woman who Knocked on my Door”

  1. Laila_fatemah says:

    I never open the door to strangers …. One rule I’ve followed since my childhood … My mother made sure I never …NEVER open the door to any strange face ….

  2. Reem says:


    First, you should never open doors to strangers! Second, go to Xcite or Eureka and they sell these bells by Panasonic that have cameras with them. They’re not very expensive, like 100 kd or something, but they’re very useful! It also comes with a portable phone, so say you’re in the bathroom or something, and someone rings your bell, you can see them through the phone and also talk to them, and decide if you want to open the door for them. Best thing ever! Good luck!

    • danderma says:

      I think I am going to go buy myself one! Hal awadem ma yste7oon! Ams a strange man ham approached me while I was out getting food from the delivery guy o khara3nee! I yelled a him!

  3. TKG says:

    Firstly a girl in her mid 20’s means if she moves into the apartment there is a chance of there being random men coming by the building at odd times of the day (just saying) whoshere *ahem*

    As for strangers, you should not answer the door and just leave it as if you heard nothing. No one can do you nothing as it is your property. If you want you could place like a door camera that lets you know who’s on the other side.

    As for her rudeness, when will these young girls ever learn to talk like decent ladies? :( of course this doesn’t apply to all!!!

  4. Asmaa says:

    Scary… and I’d keep out and away the second time, and also ask her how did she get in… People are not that considerate, we need to keep that in mind and such encounters do scare the hell out of me too when I am all alone at home… and it is never good to allow random people peak into your house like that, if she did it this time, she may do it again, or someone else might, it is a good thing that you know this so you can be extra careful

    • danderma says:

      I should have asked her how she got in and given her an interrogation myself! What was I thinking? Then again all I wanted was to close the door!!!

  5. So scary!! I would put one of those camera telephone things where you can talk to the person outside without opening the door and never open the door to strangers again!! Personally because ana asasan khawfa min ghair shay!!

    • danderma says:

      Ana usually am not that khawafa but fee ashya2 ‘3areba et9eer etkhaleech ‘3asob etkhafeen!

  6. Standy says:

    that was scary

  7. Just says:

    hahaha! You probably need to put that “Beware of Dog” sign! heehee your sense of humor kills me sometimes! xD

    But, seriously, this is a scary situation! But do not blame yourself and calling yourself stupid; you just were too shocked apparently (anyone would!), but thanks to this freakish experience you now learned your lesson well, and will deal with future encounters (may they never come!) with a wiser approach.

    Maybe you should’ve watched a horror movie later instead? heehee I’m just teasing’ ya!

    Get that camera-bell immediately!!

    • danderma says:

      I am getting that Beware of the Dog sign! I am going to ACE hardware shop and getting myself one! I’ve since been approached by two more people standing at the gate asking me about the rent!

  8. Jacqui says:

    It was a truly scary thing to go through and glad you made it all in one piece. But there should be a lock on the gate now (glad you’ll do that from now on) in today’s age no one respects boundaries; robberies are constantly heard of; attacks and God forbid rapists are always right there around the corner [this is what mother constantly drills into my head and I have accepted it for the truth] so one should always be prepared and protected.

    If you are feeling unsafe invest in better blinds/curtains; a doorbell like the one everyone is mentioning with a camera; but better yet if u notice someone strange ringing the doorbell always ask “who is it” before you open the door and if it is someone you don’t know just shoo them away from the safety of being inside the house and if they refuse to move then call for help.

    But hope you feel safer soon!

    • danderma says:

      But no one in Kuwait locks their metal gates! No one I know of that is!
      What is it with moms and rapists? Its like their number one horror story to scare their girls in this country!

      Mo I cannot say who is it if she is already at the door peeking in now can I :p
      I am going to take some extra precautions though!