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Aurogra prescription online next day delivery By | March 18, 2012

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buy provigil online in canada I first came to know of the word “Lomography” when I was walking in Selfridges last December and I came upon a full display of colorful cameras in different designs. Small grainy pictures were scattered here and there and a red box logo with white “Lomography” written inside was present as well. I took a picture of them wanting to google later.

Then a few days afterwards I was walking in Carnaby Street when I saw a small shop dedicated entirely to those small colorful cameras. December being holidays time meant the shop was closed so I couldn’t go inside and properly ask about what the fuss is all about. I forgot all about it until I saw the picture of the shop window front today and now I am online trying to make sense of Lomography.

To be frank I still don’t get it. The picture quality is not all that, if anything its grainy, like something produced with the early models of mobile phone cameras on my old nokia. They say something about contrast and color and saturation, again I don’t get why I can’t get the same results using my Canon for example? Why do I need to go and buy a small colorful camera that looks like a camera I had in my teens to produce tiny grainy images?

Am I being closed minded or tasteless? Do I need to broaden my mind? Or is there something about it that I don’t get? I don’t know. I need someone to explain it better to me. So if you own a Lomography camera or think its worth purchasing, please enlighten me?

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  1. Just says:

    Well, I don’t fully get it myself, but recently I downloaded the latest Picasa photo editor, and there’s a Lomo effect included in the new update. So, if photo editors can give the same effect (I’m not sure it’s the same, but I’m assuming it is or at least similar), why would we need to buy a special camera to do the trick? It would be a waste of money in my opinion, wo b3dain, gala golitich, the picture quality isn’t that great at all, so why all the fuss (if indeed there’s one), I have no idea. If it’s just a trend, then perhaps I’ll give it for the style of the cameras (they’re pretty cute – some of the ones I saw), but if it’s for the image quality, then I’ll pass.

    • danderma says:

      The cameras are pretty cute indeed. You are first drawn to the little cameras and the colors. But then are they really worth it? Will they produce something I don’t have with Picasa or photoshop or even with my iphone or canon? I am not sure!

  2. ShoSho says:

    Ahhhh that’s my weakness.. Me loves Lomo! Not only Lomo but film rolls.. Well yes you can get effects with apps that have Lomo Like filters, like some of Instagrams’ but thing about those camera inna it’s a film, you shoot and can’t expect at all what you might get.. I love thins feeling! If you think ever of getting one, get the LC-A .. The Diana sucks! At least to me.. Some people work it and like it, I don’t.. However, not everyone likes Lomo effects, I know some people who discussed with me and they prefer digital and clear photos.. So really it’s about how you like to see your pictures :)

    • danderma says:

      So if you use it, what exactly is the difference other than the surprise factor?

      • Shosho says:

        Well, the light leaks, the vignetting, all the effects.. If u take the same picture with a normal film camera, it doesn’t come out same. That is the difference between a Lomo camera and a normal film camera. That is because those cameras are plastic, many with plastic lens, that’s why light leaks in for example. Also, they have films that add to the effects. You can use them for example in any film camera and they give you a nice effect. I know that of course you can do all those effects using digital apps and stuff but the idea for some people is that they love the feel of films and processing. That’s the main issue: do u like film rolls or prefer digital.
        The issue that lomographers complain about now inna it’s becoming commercial and too expensive . The Holga for example is normally between 20 to 30 but because plastic cameras are selling more they are making them more expensive which I think is not right.

        O that’s story lol :) I feel I spoke too much lol

        • danderma says:

          Hmmm so the lomo part is because of the light leaks!
          You know I’ve always wanted to learn how to develop film! I never got around to it because when I was in my late teens the digital photography had taken over and its become much easier!

          O you didn’t speak too much!!! You know I love long comments!!!

  3. Just says:

    Yeah, my thinking as well. I think it’s just a fun accessory, or a collectible item (for those who like to collect cameras), other than I don’t see any need to get them.

  4. Jacqui says:

    I am not an expert at photography or anything but from what I could understand “Lomography” is a type of pictures or something like that.. Something like how the Holga always produces images with burnt out edges kind of. The craze at the moment is understandable as everything that is old is suddenly coming back. Vintage is good! Vintage is cool!

    I wouldn’t shell out extra cash because I can get an app that gives me vintage looking photos without the hassle of trying to function with one; nor buying new film for it.

    So the effects that you got from retro cameras are all available on the iPhone and you can enjoy them without shelling out extra $$$ 😛 Try Hipstamatic it’s one of the “it” camera simulators for the iPhone!