Book Review: Q, a Love Story by Evan Mandery

can you buy Lyrica online By | March 18, 2012

Depālpur To be frank I picked up this book because I was standing at the long check out line in Waterstones and I was panicking. It was my last chance to buy book before going back home and my eyes fell on the NY Times quote printed on the cover above. Tear prone? I am very much tear prone! I cried so hard when I saw Titanic that other -crying- people in the cinema were alarmed. I cried so much in Devdas in Odeon London that during an intermission an Indian chap left his girl friend and sat next to me asking me if I was OK -his GF was NOT happy-.

So of course I picked the book up. I wanted a heartfelt sad ending where I can cry my eyes out. I didn’t even read the story description until I was about to start it, which made it even more intriguing. The book tells the story of Q, Quentina Elizabeth Deveril, the love of the narrator’s life who together are preparing for their wedding day when one day a man from the grooms future apparently appears to him, sits him down, and asks him not to marry Q.

The books is fast paced, the story about Q starts quickly and early. It is beautifully written and very philosophical. It presents you with notions that make you stop reading, think for a moment, then resume reading. It is even a novel inside a novel as the hero of the book is a writer himself and you get to read chapters of his books.

Between the pages you can also find dry humor. The kind that makes you laugh but doesn’t come off as silly or impossibly idiotic. The book has big words too, I had to google some of them so I can understand it. It is not the easiest of reads but it is a good book. Quite different if I may say myself. After all it was written by a Harvard graduate.

However, the story is not entirely about Q but ends with Q nontheless. The ending is abrupt and, well, weird. I didn’t get it. I kept reading the last page then flipping it to the acknowledgement thinking there were a missing page. There wasn’t. I closed the book in anger at NY Times. ‘That’s it?” I thought to myself! Tear prone o crying in public? Not really, not at all! And this is coming from the one of the worst basket cases you’d ever encounter.

It is the kind of book you enjoy reading once, but once you reach the ending its all ruined for you. Finito. I don’t suppose I need to keep it in my bookshelf. My copy is going to be up for grabs soon or you can buy it from Amazon (link).

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  1. Hafsa says:

    Someone posted about this book on instagram, was waiting for a genuine review…your choice of books is v similar to mine, so after reading your review, am scratching this one off my list…