Shino ‘3adakom elyoom?

By | March 22, 2012

Thursday is here and the weekend is about to start! The weather is gorgeous today! What are you planning for lunch? Eating in the office? Bel zwara? At home? Skipping lunch?

I’m craving a big fat gooey messy starchy cheesy pot of Macaroni & Cheese! The best Mac&Cheese I’ve ever had was in Seattle in 2001 and ever since I’ve been searching hi & lo for a recipe that can mimic it to no avail. It had a rough grainy sand-like texture.

Anyways I do an okish version of Mac & Cheese. It is however a fattening dish yet so light you can eat up an entire pot of it and not feel its enough. I wonder why Kuwaiti restaurants don’t add it to the menu? Its always pink pasta this and pink pasta that! Nabi Mac & Cheese!

So what about you? Shino ‘3adakom elyoom?

4 Responses to “Shino ‘3adakom elyoom?”

  1. newq8bride says:

    allah abee Mac & Cheese , today ghadana blzwara , yamkin chicken machboos

  2. Hafsa says:

    Me making pizza for lunch…(my son’s wish :))