The Pizza Italia T-Shirt from Capital District

By | March 22, 2012

Early this morning I was browsing through the Instagram pictures when my eyes fell on the T-Shirt above from Capital District Kuwait. I was in love immediately!

Pizza Italia logo on a black t-shirt! Now that must not seem like much but to someone who lived through the prime days of Pizza Italia it just hit home! This is when fashion makes you want to dance, to sing the jingle of Pizza Italia’s ad, to go back in time. There is no need to say that I’ve placed an order right away for one pizza italia t-shirt and I’ve been singing the jingle ever since this morning! If only they didn’t have to close down 7safa 3lehom :(

7elwa mo? Etyanin! I’ve always loved Capital District’s designs and the latest designs do not disappoint. I am also a self confessed T-Shirt-holic. I cannot resist T-shirts!

If you want one you head over to Capital District’s website (link) and place an order for one. I can’t wait for mine to arrive 😀

6 Responses to “The Pizza Italia T-Shirt from Capital District”

  1. Marron Glace says:

    Ok I am always supportive with all Kuwaiti products
    but if it’s reasonable price not because its Kuwaiti
    I should agree to spend way over than what it’s worth !

    Does it have to be so expensive to show my support
    if so then unfortunately I am no longer supportive !

    No offense but even if it’s for free I won’t ware that thing lol !
    Thanks a lot

    • danderma says:

      Haw laish? Etyanin wallah wayed laha mo3jabeen :p
      I don’t know about you but I find their prices reasonable. I’ve seen Tshirts sold for 60 o 70 KD o ohom nothing but a piece of fabric!

      • Marron Glace says:

        Haw ! People taste aren’t the same sis 😉

        Right there are so many cheap items sold in high prices
        Well maybe you’re right but for me other than this shirt
        I meant to say in general …

        ( guys its local ) !!

        Why anything made by Kuwaiti’s must be
        expensive such any individual business like selling
        food for instance , You can order that same salad from
        a restaurant ( rented place with a workers that would be giving a salary)
        1.500 KD on the other hand you’ll see that same dish
        sold from a home with non rental or workers budget
        compared with a restaurant also no ads fees to be spend
        would be sold for at least double the price for
        3 KD and your order should reach 10.00 KD to deliver lol

        Like one time I have ordered a big salad from ………
        for 10KD !! She claimed it would be more than enough for 10
        persons when the salad arrives 3/4 of the bowl dish was
        mixed leaf and the remaining 1/4 was the shawarma looool

        I really don’t know why people do that for easy income !!
        It’s just pathetic I really feel sorry for these people

        Guys be more reasonable and people will keep buying
        from you , Don’t use then in order to get there money ….

        • danderma says:

          Generally speaking I think you are correct. Businesses in Kuwait tend to be ridiculously priced for something that doesn’t cost that much! Then again some businesses are solely after the profit only. What would you expect? El sharha mo 3lehom, el sharha 3la ele yeshtere 3amyani.

          • Nasser says:

            12.500 KD is very reasonable. The quality of the t shirt is excellent, and their designs are world class. Seriously, they’re not just silly designs, it shows they work hard with what they do. It’s sort of like a Kuwaiti Junk Food (the clothing brand).

          • danderma says:

            Of all the other local brands available in Kuwait I find theirs the most original. I’ve always loved their work and they keep amazing me with their new collection :)