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By | March 29, 2012

A few years ago I wanted some picture of Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion of 1990. I searched the internet high and low but to dismay I barely found anything. I was really surprised no one took the initiative to archive that crucial period of Kuwait’s history. Then Mr. Adel Al-Yousifi published his a website named The Evidence (link) which documented that dark time with photographs online.

Now Mr. Adel is back with another website, the Free Kuwait website (link) which documents the events and efforts of the Free Kuwait movement and campaign in London where Mr. Adel was during the invasion. We were in London too. My father helped out by designing many logos and posters used in that time. I wrote about his designs once when they were showcased in an exhibition in the avenues without giving him any credit or mention here (post).

In the Free Kuwait website you will see memorabilia, documents, events, and most importantly pictures of the Kuwaiti in London during the invasion. If you were in London or know someone who was, take a look and browse through the endless pictures. I spent an entire day going through the pictures and checking my family  and even my classmates during the invasion.

So go ahead and take a look. The experience is epic if I may say so. If you recognize someone please email the website admin on with the picture number and name of the person so they can add the name in the caption. They need to identify as many Kuwaitis as possible.

So go on, check and remember that we will never, never, ever forget. Forgetting is not an option. Read this story on 2:48 AM’s blog and tell me if forgetting is possible (link) wan If you haven’t been around to witness or remember, then you have your chance now.

16 Responses to “The Free Kuwait Campaign in London Website”

  1. ShoSho says:

    That is your dad in the photo if I am not mistaken mo? Thanks ALOT for sharing the website :)

    • danderma says:

      Ee that’s my daddy with the stripes, shloon 3arafteeh :p

      • ShoSho says:

        ohh Istath 3abdulMohsin darrasni ishloon I don’t remember him :D..

        I haven’t seen all the photos yet but a pic of my mum as “unidentified” next to my brothers with their names made me laugh looool .. it’s a man’s world *rolls eyes* isn’t it? lol I am not letting this pass, I will tell them to put her name hahaha

        • danderma says:

          9ej? He did? You never told me that!
          Ee I saw her in NBK’s reception moo? Ana agool chood este7aw! Ako another picture with her sitting by your brother in an event in December ham tra.. email them :) Bs ur picture mani lageet.ha!

  2. shoSho says:

    waw i am looking and my family is showing up lol

  3. ketchup on rice says:

    Never forget what exactly?

    Are you implying that all Iraqi’s are responsible for the war and thus should be looked upon with hatred?

    Or are you suggesting that we never forget the first war, a traumatic experience, should never leave our minds as opposed to moving on?

    • danderma says:

      Never forget what happened to us. Never forget the invasion. Never pretend it never happened and try to hush things up and sweep them under the rug. Move on all you want but moving on does NOT mean forgetting what happened to my country.

      I also wish you don’t put words in my mouth that I haven’t said them. Your problem is imagining things and insinuating I have said them. That’s your problem not mine if you have an over active imagination and a tendency to fight over things that never been said. It is no different than saying that your nickname -which is disgusting btw- resembles the Kuwaiti blood spilled on the grains of the Kuwaiti sand and therefore it means you are happy for killing people! Fa 3n el te2elef please.

  4. Hafsa says:

    Wow…reading this and mark’s story brought back so many memories…Kuwait is my home too, I was born before the invasion in Kuwait and have a long story on how we returned to our country by car during the invasion and then moved back to Kuwait once it was over…
    May Allah always shower His blessings on this country and peace retains here always, ameen!

  5. Dear Romeo says:

    I can see an amazing effort was put together to make this website
    Thanks for sharing it with us Dandi :**
    Allah la y3oodha mn ayam