Ten Types of Drivers you Encounter on the Streets of Kuwait

By | March 29, 2012

1- The vain driver: They cannot stop looking at themselves in the mirror. A comb will come out to fix a stray hair, a kohl pen to pop the eyes even more. Then suddenly the iPhone is whipped out and click click it goes taking pictures of them pouting or posing because their beauty at that moment cannot go undocumented. People are free to do so of course but we would appreciate it if you weren’t driving on the highway while your tending to your beauty!

2- The good driver: or the ones who want to be a good driver but they don’t know how. They drive too slowly. They seem too scared to change lanes so they must flash their signals 10 minutes before they want to turn or move. For some unfathomable reason they always, always, ALWAYS drive on the fastest lane? For the love of god, WHY!

3- The kings of the road: They will use the safety lane to cut you off. They will overtake your space in a U-turn or in a traffic light demanding to pass. They will drive in the middle of two lanes as long as they want and don’t you DARE honk your horn at them. After all they own the road as far as they are concerned.

4- The Casanova: Mostly seen on 2nd ring road or Gulf road. This guy is god’s gift to women therefore we must all drive slowly and wait for him to block the road driving next to a poor girl driver trying to get away from him while he tries to convince her he loves her and wants to marry her if she would only take his number. Shakhbary! Grow up!

5- El7ajjeya: women my grandmother’s age who love to drive a Yukon chock full of kids, help, and grocery shopping. She is always hassled because of the one thousand requests that fall on her poor head. She also, sadly, doesn’t know how to drive that Yukon so if you spot her on the street, steer clear of her path!

6- Elshayeb: he would be a proud old man, well over the age of 80 with a license that expired 50 years ago, and can barely see so he leans all the way on his steering wheel and squints. Of course he walks all over the road in whatever fashion he feels like it o fekom khair honk your horn at him. El9aber zain.

7- The Jerk: ykoon la3eeeeeen. He would be driving slowly and you want to change lanes because of him, but suddenly he picks up speed so you wouldn’t go before him. Or you would signal you want to turn and suddenly he decides he wants to take his time on the road -or speed- elmohim that you don’t accomplish your goal.  Happened to me too many times lel asaf. I wonder how miserable their lives must be w3liya.

8- The labor worker: he would have a tiny run down dusty car filled to the brim with tired and sad looking fellow labor workers. There are just too many of them in the car and you can tell because the body of the car is almost scraping the pavement. Of course he must go very slowly. What is not fathomable how ever is why they insist on driving on the fastest lane? Why not on the slow lane where they can spend one hour crossing a bridge?

9- The Taxi: the ones that pick up people whenever and wherever the situation allows. They are always driving super slowly because they are browsing the streets looking for potential customers. They wouldn’t mind breaking and stopping suddenly in the middle of the highway if they thought a potential customer would come along and even if they are occupied, they would still drive super slowly and never, ever, in the slow lane. If only we could get rid of those taxis then half of the congestion in the Kuwaiti roads would clear up. Hmph.

10- Elma6yoor: He is always in a hurry, always driving 160 KM/H, and seems to have misplaced his brakes. It doesn’t matter if the road is blocked up and there is no where to go, he would still be driving too fast and expecting you to either move out of his way or keep up. He is a potential accident waiting to happen and you can see him a mile away. Keep his path clear because, god forbid you delay him, he has no trouble running you over on his quest of madness.

Do you have anymore categorizations for the drivers you see on our streets?

16 Responses to “Ten Types of Drivers you Encounter on the Streets of Kuwait”

  1. Tina says:

    I was having a bad day at work. dear Danderma you just made me laugh 😀
    I have one more to add , it acually happend to me a couple days ago .
    The time was around 7PM and ofcource the sun has already set , suddenly a Black Sports Car driving so fast passed me like a damn ghost with NO lights on at all.

  2. Hafsa says:

    LOLLL,,,…I am going to share this with hubby…he can predict by the way the car is driving as to who is driving the car lol…its hilarious sitting with him in the car and listening to him get frustrated over these drivers lol….great post!!!

  3. ImeKuwait says:

    I think you’ve covered it all D…oh snap u might have missed the douche KPTC bus drivers whoi r either drunk / sleepy / suicidal on the speed lane in front of you or in the back flashing at you in the attempt to ofcourse blind you..!

    * says to self…oooosa…ooosaa!

    • danderma says:

      lool another bus drivers complaint :p They can go under the taxi drivers category 😉

  4. baglady says:

    Thanks Danderma for making me laugh after a long rough day at work. I love reading your blogs whenever I have the time.

  5. Jacqui says:

    You forgot the Bus driver who for some stupid reason the government thought it was wise to put a Bus Stop sign in the middle of a road that’s going and suddenly brakes in front of you causing you to brake for your life or else you’ll see up his skirt :/

    Yes I hate them!

    • danderma says:

      Bs its not his fault, you said it the bus stops are the ones placed in the most peculiar places :p

  6. مقالة ممتعة..يعطيج العافية

  7. Df3t Merdy says:


    then again, they deserve a list all by themselves 😉

  8. Smee says:

    Hahaha I am totally #2, and guilty of getting into an accident with #5!!
    Jabriya’s main roads.. :-/