10 TV Moments that instantly kick start my food cravings

By | April 10, 2012

1- Soup in the Anime or 7asa2 as they said in our cartoons! You remember how they always sat in front of big bowls of some yellow soup with bobbing bits of thingies on them? Whenever I see them drinking 7asa2 I always wanted to drink it too! I still do -maggie mushroom soup topped with fresh chopped parsley would do-.

2- Heidi’s Bread and Melted Cheese If you recall when the cartoon Heidi went to her grandfather’s cabin and he fed her fresh milk in a bowl and huge slices of bread topped with melted cheese? Oh MY GOD! I still remember salivating over these images. I think what they  were eating is Raclette but I’m not sure Sally’s Cheese

3- Cocktail ma7thootha o mabrooka Remember when they went to a fashion store in Jm3yat elTha7ya and they were presented with huge glasses of Cocktail juice? This is cocktail juice as I remember it in our childhood and it strongly reminds me of mojama3 elneqra. It is also my favorite comfort juice of all time and I am NOT a juice person. Whenever I see that part I start craving cocktailhom :)

4- Spaghetti! If anyone eats Spaghetti ANYWHERE on TV I immediately want to start eating a big fat bowl of Spaghetti pomodoro as well! I remember in particular a movie by Benecio Del Torro eating a plate of spaghetti in some dark movie and winding his spaghetti around the fork over and over and over and over again. Hmmm.

5- Joey’s Pizza Whenever Joey orders pizza on friends I get the strongest craving for a home delivery Joey style pizza. That’s when I call LoFat for their pizza is the best stay at home and watch Joey pizza :)

6- Croissants and Coffee. I think it was either in the French movie Taxi or in Transformers that at the very end they want to dig in a big fat breakfast and they go into a cafe to order croissants and coffee. When I see that plate of croissants it reminds me of Pret-a-manager and I start wanting to have croissants for breakfast for the rest of my life.

7- Gilmore Girl’s Breakfast Whenever they walk into Luke’s diner in the morning and start ordering those pancakes with lots and lots of coffee I am in trouble for I want to go to an American diner and have a staggering stack of hot fluffy pancakes next to a steaming pot of coffee for me to dig in.

8- Escalope Pane When I was a kid Egyptian movies were all about “escalope pane” in restaurants with a hot plate filled with potato chips and sauteed vegetables. Whenever I saw that as a kid I wanted to do the same: eat my meal with a fork and spoon and slather ketchup and BBQ sauce on. Its more about the action of dining rather than the taste of food. It however doesn’t get to me anymore thankfully.

9- Saher El Lail Dinner When Ali was all about cooking eggs for himself and preparing dinner in the kitchen with his cousin Maha and he takes two discs of Mata7en bread. I actually wrote a post about it back then (link). Now whenever I remember that series I remember that particular episode and want to have that dish back for dinner!

10- Sally’s Fatayer There is an episode when is raining cats and dogs in Sally, and then someone gives her some money and she passes by a bakery. With her little money she buys fateerat cheese or a cheese bun or sandwich. Anyways then she sees a poor hungry homeless girl and she splits her sandwich with her. That day I remember asking my parents for fatayer jeben. Ever since whenever I watch that episode I crave cheese fatayer, always and forever :)

18 Responses to “10 TV Moments that instantly kick start my food cravings”

  1. Tina says:

    what about kabamaro’s Shawmen ‘ chow mein noodles’ in the old Ninja cartoon.

    • danderma says:

      Oooooh that one tooooooo! 9a7 9a7! Always makes me crave chowmein! Heck it even makes me crave qoraydes maqlee!

  2. Nawnaw says:

    Tshawgny flona when she eat her mango or papay when she was in the island

    • danderma says:

      Ako 7alqa ele yezr3oon feha corn o they peel and cut it and eat it in a bowl!!! I always craved sweet corn in a bowl when I see that!

  3. Hafsa says:

    u made me craze Lofat’s pizza !!!!…already had dinner so will def order it tom hehe!:p

  4. Farah says:

    I was hoping to see Curly Sue’s pepperoni pizza on this list!


    Best maq6a3 ever and I always crave pizza after seeing this movie!

  5. ImeKuwait says:

    You forgot about the whole roasted chicken from Tom and Jerry and the big morning breakfast from Gossip girl at the vanderwoodsen house 😀

  6. Ansam says:

    what about 7asa2 alsanafir 😛 hehehehe kidding

  7. Chirp says:

    LOL I always craved pizza when joey used to eat it. And when they ate the amazing cheesecake eli they stole from one of their neighbors always made me crave cheesecake.
    Mara i was flying from LA-London and in the first 2 hours of the flight I watched Kung Fu Panda oo eshtahait noodles. When we landed in London gelt awal shay bensaweeh ra7 nakel noodles. It was my first time in London in more than 10 years so I don’t know where anything is. Ga3adna neftar 3 hours endawer wagamama and it was cold and raining, and i still had to have my noodles LOL.

    • danderma says:

      Ee EE The cheesecake! Whenever I see that episode I start craving cheesecake! I don’t even like cheesecake!
      I crave noodles whenever I see the Karate Kid! I should add that one up to the list!

      LoooooL I can understand that craving on that cold night! Once a craving is hit nothing else can do but it :)

  8. Jacqui says:

    I agree I totally agree hehe 😛 Fee one show that makes me crave burgers o one show crave pasta o another pizza 😛 Hehehe bs nesait shine 😛

  9. Fajoori says:

    Wow amazing how i have the same cravings when i see the same shows hehehehe , i dont read your blog oftenly but in a strange way you think just like me , its like you express my thoughts in ur post more than once i read and i say that is exactly me. Best of luck to you
    Ps: when is ur next book??

  10. ShoSho says:

    Hmm I like my Arrabiata but Spaghetti .. I HATE the Penne.. lol everytime in an italian restaurant when i say Arrabiata with Spaghetti, the Italian are like ” but its betterrrrr with the peeeneeeeee” lol

    • danderma says:

      ana ma a7eb el penne wayed :p Keifhom 3ad! Mako mithil a spaghetti being slurped <3