The “Neighbor” Who Came Asking for Money!

where can i get cheap accutane By | April 13, 2012

Cernusco sul Naviglio

Yesterday evening we were sitting outdoors in our tiny corridor/make shift tiny garden. Drinking tea and enjoying the post rain weather when a white car pulls out in front of us in the street and the driver honks to grab our attention while he lowered his window.

He calls out “Al-Salam 3laikum, Kil 3am wentaw ebkhair, manzil embarak” and my husband replies politely. Then when he showed no sign of going and was still screaming greetings endlessly at the top of his lungs my husband got up and went to him. He said “Ana yarkom -your neighoubr- and Abeek eb kilmat raas -I want a word in private-” and “Inta min weldah -what’s ur family name-” and of course my husband tells him. He then mentions a well known man from my husbands family and says he “always tells him to quit smoking”.

Then he goes on to say “I’ve never asked this from anyone before, and you seem like a good man, I am your neighbor and I am short for cash and cannot pay my rent this month. I need 100 KD. If I don’t pay they will repossess my car too and its my source of income!’

So what does my husband, my man who works in the law field and sees these kind of people every day? He comes back to me and asks me “Do you have cash in your wallet? I don’t carry cash with me!!!!!!!!!”

I took one look at the mans new gleaming white Japanese car -Toyota if I am not mistaken-.  Another good look at his bulging frame -Think Fai9al bu’3azi and sha3boola-. At his shameless face, and it was all I could to refrain myself from calling the police. I asked my husband to go back and say we don’t have any cash and won’t be giving him anything. My level headed husband seemed crestfallen at the prospect of turning the man away!

For the love of god! If he was our neighbor, truly our neighbor, he would have brought us a house warming gift or a dish of food instead coming to ask us for money! If he couldn’t find money to pay the rent and the car loan, he could cut down on food to start! Or go ask his wife, his uncles, his cousins, his friends, beit el zakat -which he claims didn’t give him any money- and NOT come leech off a total stranger just because he moved into a new house. Way3a! Have decency left people for good all together?

At night I remembered the strange woman who once knocked on my door a few weeks before (post), and now this man, and somehow began to feel afraid. I had scenarios running in my head about him being related to that woman, of them both being a gang, and waiting for us to sleep at night to come back and break into our place to steal. Yes, I couldn’t sleep from the fright of that thought.

Who gives the man the right to come and terrorize us like that. To think he can leech off us just because we would be too shy to say no? To come and talk to us at all? To impose on our tea time to ask of us to give him a 100 KD?

I totally believe in the saying “El nass tekhaf ma tekhtesheesh” and sadly my husband is the polite one, not me. I think he should have threatened the man that he was onto him and that he will call the police for him if he showed his face again at our door step. Whose to say he isn’t watching the place, waiting for moment we are out or I am alone?

Why do we always encounter these freaks of society? WHY?

19 Responses to “The “Neighbor” Who Came Asking for Money!”

  1. abrar says:

    As you said, Freaks! Mako 7aya!

  2. Dear Romeo says:

    entaw mno da3i 3laikom?
    3lamkom mn skantaw w halashkal tet7athaf 3laikom??

  3. Randy says:

    LOL better not come around to my house … i’ll shout his head off :)

    • danderma says:

      That’s the spirit. Watch out for a really fat man in a white car roaming around your neighborhood. After all you live one street away only!

  4. farah says:

    u need to put a dog to scare the hell outta them

    • danderma says:

      I am already searching for a “Beware of the Dog” sign! I am not finding any around though!

      • Jacqui says:

        Btw I have that sign “Beware of the Dog” bs we haven’t put it up anywhere and I don’t know why we bought it aslan LOL! 😛

        • danderma says:

          Where did you get it from? I am looking for one!

          • Jacqui says:

            Not sure walla bs if u’d like I’ll check if anyone at home still wants it, if not I’ll bring it over hehehe since it’s not in use at all 😛 It’s just sitting there 😛

  5. Hafsa says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!….freaaaakkkyyy BIG time!…I don’t blame u for having scary thoughts wallah…ufff…such wierdos…and I have faced such ppl in saudi the most, esp when we go for umra, ppl come up to hubby when we r fueling our car that I need to go to dubai and my wallet is stolen or someone stole my cash and whatnot so plz give me money for fuel till dubai….or my wallet is stolen I need money for food or lodging…and my hubby also, esp since we are on a spiritual journey he gives them…I feel confused wallah that we should help the needy but I doubt the genuinity of some of these ppl at times, maybe I am wrong, I don’t know…. my question is that if the person is in need cuz he is in trouble while traveling, he should have the decency to atleast take hubby number or give his number that u have helped me but I will pay u back or something…but none of them do…hubby says he gives with the intention of sadaqa and whatever intention others have, Allah will def reward us…I guess that gives reassurance that he has done the right thing….Allah knows best…

    • danderma says:

      Religiously speaking, we are not meant to let down a person who asks for money. But then sometimes you know, just know, they are not needy for real but you can give out something out for sadaqa.

      But this man is not asking for one or two or even 10 KD to eat, he is asking for a 100!!!! How dare he? What kind of beggar is that?

  6. Jacqui says:

    I keep expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say “You’ve been punk’d” LOL ;/ Bs seriously that’s some scary shit!

  7. MALO says:

    He is the same guy who came asking me yesterday around 2:30 pm in Nuzha for Money. He also introduced himself using a well-known family name here in Kuwait.
    He also had his brother “feeh sukar” with him, and mashala they were both mit3afeen .. they asked me for 40 KD.
    Allah yfik 3oghum ..

    • danderma says:

      Ee elthaher hatha oho! Bs e7na yanna alone! Ma a3teqed they are poor a3teqed they are na9abeen bs!

  8. Just says:

    Yumma! waaay la2 shino hatha! waaaaaaain ga3deeeeennnn!!!

    la2, la2, laaaaa2!