52 Degrees “Qraishna Embacher” Ramadan Expo

Zehlendorf By | April 18, 2012


buy prednisone dogs I was invited to attend the Ramadan Expo held by 52 Degrees. Ramadan expos mean two things for sure: Tableware and Dara3as! Given that I am still searching around for new and modern tableware and home accessories for my new apartment and to prepare for Ramadan and its graish and various ghabgas I had to check it out myself.

The first thing you notice as you walk through the door is the 3 musicians playing traditional Arabian songs. It did feel very ramadanisque indeed, reminded me of fawazeer Ramadan!

Also there were a LOT of ladies around. Some with their mothers, others with their friends or spouses. Every one was talking and kissing and dressed to the nines. It really felt like I was walking into a Ramadan reception especially given that some girls were wearing Dara3as and other models were showing the Dara3as around!

Flowers and salty nibbles were scattered around the tables and Arabian coffee with coffee sweets were presented to the shoppers. It really did feel like a reception indeed especially with the aroma of Arabian coffee.

The most dominant items in the expo was the dara3as. Rows upon rows of dararee3 of all fabrics, designs, and lengths. Lohom ne9eeb el asad as we say in Arabic.

I couldn’t take more pictures because many ladies were milling around grabbing and trying on the dararee3 and I didn’t want to bother them. The poor 52 degrees employees were overwhelmed with the amount of dararee3 they carried around for the customers. They deserve a bonus wallah :)

Of course if you buy a dara3a you might want to dress it up with accessories. Plenty of new accessories were available too.

A big collection of new perfumes are available too. I liked these box sets with miniature different fragrances. Perfect for gift giving during Ramadan.

And this is a sneak peek of a new collection of clutches that weren’t even in the exhibition. To be released soon in 52 Degrees.

Also there is a collection of prayer mat and thoub gift sets which are also a great gift for Ramadan.

Last but not least we go to the home and tableware! First the side tables. 52 Degrees have a great selection of unique side tables. I got my own from them.

A good collection of trays but not many new ones 7safa :(

The Ramadan expo is on from 17 April until 19 April. 52 Degrees is located in Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. For more information you can visit their website (link) or follow them on Twitter (@52degreeskw).

6 Responses to “52 Degrees “Qraishna Embacher” Ramadan Expo”

  1. Confashion says:

    What is the price range of the dararee3 if you don’t mind me asking?

    • danderma says:

      I am not really sure because it was too crowded and I barely had time to look at them. But I would venture a guess from 100 150 KD onwards shakelhom chithee…

  2. Jacqui says:

    Nice bs I still think that place is over priced 3al fathy okay Montaj kuwaiti bs still it doesn’t give people the right to rip us off. We aren’t all millionaires hoping to burn through our fortunes.

    • danderma says:

      You do know that the designers are the one who put up the prices? I think its a local concept in Kuwait: put up high prices so people when they buy would feel they are buying something yatres el3ain. I actually manage to find some decent priced items in 52 degrees like a lovely bracelet I got for 5 KD or the side tables. But in general the dararee3 prices in Kuwait is too high.

      • Jacqui says:

        Yeah I know it’s the designers o same thing goes to any food business in Kuwait, just because it’s Kuwaiti made they double charge you and expect you to pay for it, sorry but I won’t pay 150KD for a dara3a.. I wont pay 10KD for a tiny cake, I won’t pay your extravagant prices for something I know I can find online for half the price simply bcos it’s a “Kuwaiti” business.

        And I agree there are some decently priced items but those are rare in comparison to others. The Give Kuwait and P2BK exhibitions make you see how insanely priced things are. iPhone covers that are being bought from Thailand, Japan, China for 2$ are being sold for 10KD khair ya 6air.. or even bought from soug bo 100 and being sold for 10KD I don’t like this and will not support it no matter who is the person doing the selling.

        • danderma says:

          Yeah I know what you mean. I usually buy only things that I know are made from quality materials and has a lot of time and thought invested in them which is quite rare to be frank.