Blast from the Past: The Circus on MSX

buy Seroquel shipped cod By | April 18, 2012 Twitter account is worth ! What\'s yours worth?fbclid=IwAR2x66vbK0TvuF-2yBQuiMBZaISrzmHdR0wUoAuQSDas85EJrZ3j63WdRJQ One of my favorite games on my MSX was The Circus! This little cheery clown jumping through hoops of flames or balancing over a rope with a smile on his face! My dream was to reach the ending of the game so I played and I played! I used to hate the 2nd stage with the naughty monkeys especially the pink one.

Well, I still do :(

My favorite stage was the horse one where you could control the speed of the horse to jump over those obstacles.

My least favorite one was the last one which I could never finish. When I was young I always thought that if I finish that stage there are more different stages beyond. However I could never finish the damn stage. Only when I was older and played it on my emulator did I realize that when you finish that stage you go back to stage one! Bummer!

The soundtrack alone brings back so much memories! There was also an old TV show where 7ayat Alfahad o So3ad 3bdallah played this game on TV, it was that popular back then :)

Do you remember the circus?

12 Responses to “Blast from the Past: The Circus on MSX”

  1. Sn3a says:

    weh dear t’thakkart enny over 25 ;p
    i love my childhood, i guess the new generation will never taste the real childhood

  2. Newq8bride says:

    waaaaaaaaay a7bhaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Standy says:


    we used to play is liek crazy,,this and the olypics one too..

  4. A7madany says:

    OMG. I love that game

  5. FiXato says:

    If you like this 1984 Konami classic Circus Charlie, then what do you think of Athletic Land?

    • danderma says:

      I loved Athletic land! Even more than Circus Charlie but somehow it wasn’t that popular for some reason. I always walked the wrong way though, I’m not sure why!

  6. Manuel says:

    You realize it’s actually called “Circus Charlie”, right? :) See also

    • danderma says:

      I realized that two decades later, the old name kinda stuck though, too late to change it :)