Bitten by the Flowers Bug

By | April 22, 2012

When we were young we would make fun of older ladies who cooed over the sight of a pretty rose and wanted to visit gardens all the time, and they purchase everything with a floral print to wear and use around the house. They are just flowers after all, mo?

But I’ve noticed that ever since the beginning of the year 2012 I’ve been bitten by the “old lady” bug! My eyes notice flowers everywhere; I keep going back to different florists and buying more and more flowers. I must have fresh flowers around the house on daily basis.

Worst of all, whenever there is a camera nearby I just keep snapping pictures of flowers!!! Snapping and snapping until I have scores of pictures enough to make calendars and post cards of!!! Ma 9arat!

Hence why I am writing this post. What am I supposed to do with all these flower pictures? Share them of course :)

I think that I’m turning into an old lady. Either that or the flowers have finally caught up with me. I hope I don’t start wearing floral print dresses and speak with an old lady voice soon :S

6 Responses to “Bitten by the Flowers Bug”

  1. ShoSho says:

    LooooL “Start wearing floral prints” tha7akni! When I was a teen, kint amoot eb Laura Ashley prints, Remember when it was really classic, not like now? nafs nifaneef Rugayya o Sbeecha? Loved them.. I wore them up to college even, girls thought ana mo Kuwaiti because of them lol

    • danderma says:

      Ooooh shakhbary Laura Ashley! I remember the one that was in Fanar! Kan feeh wallah khosh khaam for tanjeed :p

      • ShoSho says:

        LoooL! haaaa chinna tit6anizain :/ *rolls eyes* trust me it was fashionable at that time, at least to me looool 😛

        • danderma says:

          loool laa ma at6anaz but I suppose back then other clothing were a bit boring up till 2000 maybe clothing were boring in my opinion while laura ashley had prints and colors and was quite different :)

  2. Hafsa says:

    LOVED the pics, esp the last one of the rose…beautiful..def postcard material!! mashallah…I have loved florals and flowers since I was small…so I doubt its got anything to do with age lol…:)