Blast from the Past: Road Fighter on MSX

By | April 24, 2012

Ahh my first ever car racing game! It was very primitive yet very hard to play. Check out the animated people in bathing suits above :p We used to call it “Sebaq Sayarat” athary its name is “Road Fighter”!

When the count down for the race starts, with its ding ding diiiiing, it immediately takes you back to the excitement you felt when you were 7 years old playing this game!

There was a naughty pink car that always always tried to slam into you and if it didn’t it will leave you in a daze afterwards so you can slam into the sidewalk and crash.

If you didn’t crash, then you can very easily run out of fuel unless that much needed pink heart appears for you!

In the past I never ever made it past the 2nd stage! It wasn’t easy! Now that I am grown up I did finish it, belzoor, but I did 😀

Those were good days indeed. Car racing games has evolved so much since then but this one remains my most favorite, after Mario Kart that is :)

Do you remember Sebaq elsyarat?

6 Responses to “Blast from the Past: Road Fighter on MSX”

  1. Yasin Abbas says:

    hahaha! Awesome post – I had Road Fighter back in the day – it was donated to me by my dearest Kuwaiti friend Abdullah after he got a copy of Casio’s Car Fighter (I relied on Abdullah donating all his old cartridges for most of my games as I lived in the UK!) As a driving game it was awesome – all my UK friends were envious of this relatively unheard of system.

    Please post more MSX nostalgia, I miss my old Yamaha Sakhr AX-150! My favourite games were Alpharoid, Blagger and Twin Bee. Ahh they were the days…

    btw – I always wondered what the B stood for in the hearts … after lots of deliberation between my brother and I, we both decided it was B for Banzeen, since it gave us fuel 😉 😀


    • danderma says:

      Thank you! Glad to meet a fellow MSX enthusiast!
      I doubt B stands for Bensin given that the entire world uses the word Gasoline but it might be a Japanese word or something? Must google it :p