April’s Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa

By | April 26, 2012

The list is back again for April 2012! Many new blogs to check but not many made a big impression, some did though. And the top ten is quite solid, only a minor change. However we at least have a female blogger in the top 5 bloggers of Kuwait :)

Disclaimers again. For the love of god read them!

Disclaimer One The blogs that made it to the list are blogs about Kuwait whether originating from Kuwait or not or whether they are by Kuwaiti nationals or expats living in Kuwait. That’s why I said KUWAITI blog.

Disclaimer Two I still believe the Alexa rank is way overrated, easily manipulated, and highly volatile. It is not a real measure of how a blog is popular but it doesn’t hurt to check it every once in a while as some sort of measure. Its the only semi-reliable measure I can think of. No fighting please.

Disclaimer Three DO NOT ASK ME how to calculate the Alexa rating. For the love of god go to Alexa.com and enter your blog URL. If no local rating is there then THAT’s IT!

Disclaimer Four If you know of a blog I missed or a new blog that is gliding up the top in rocket speed please let me know :)

Disclaimer Five I am Danderma, not Alexa! I do not have the power to rate you or give you a number. Therefore trying to be nice to me will mean nothing. Please remember that.

Now the ratings, enjoy and since it Thursday, celebrate 😀

1 Q8ping 58 Same Rank
2 Aboflan 69 Same Rank
3 248 AM 110 Same Rank
4 Meenakon 181 Up From
5 Hornett 189 Down From
6 Banana Q8 195 Down From 5
7 Frankom 268 Same Rank
8 ilsul6ana 277 Same Rank
9 Danderma 330 Same Rank
10 7aji Dude 436 Up From 12
11 Al Jalawi 445 Down From 10
12 965 Malls 461 Up From 15
13 Kuwaitiful 472 Up From 17
14 Cake o Bake 485 Down From 11
15 Pink Girl 535 Up From 18
16 His & Hers 640 Down From 13
17 Kuwait Music 670 Up From 20
18 Hi Kuwait 732 Down From
19 Omarker 951 Down From
20 Precaliga 992 Up From
21 Kumail Plus 1000 Up From 24
22 Kuw Go 1041 Up From 40
23 Q8 Blend 1096 Up From 39
Il Shayeb
1109 New
25 Made in Q8 1228 Down From
26 Fro Yo Nation 1240 Up From
27 Couch Avenue 1288 Up From
28 13 Cups 1296 Down From
29 Kaifan 5 1352 Down From
30 Rashedd 1431 Down From
31 Grgasha 1459 Up From
Q8 All in One
1481 Up From
33 Im Geek 1492 Up From
34 p0ach 1575 Up From
35 Ansam 518 1606 Down From
36 Q8 Path 1738 Down From
360 Dewan
1759 Down From
38 Q8 OK 1830 Down From
1884 New
40 Blogger
1917 Up From 43
41 Chapter Q8 1962 Down From
42 Grapevine Kuwait 1987 Up From
43 Enzozid 2024 Up From
44 Q8 Rain 2051 Down From
45 Abdulla Q8 2055 Down From
46 Bog Laish 2152 Down From
47 Fe9l 2157 Up From
48 Me Blogging 2163 Down From
49 LWDLIK 2171 New
50 Buzfairy 2187 Down From
51 M3 7md Qalam 2198 Up From
Twit Book
2206 New
53 Q8 Zone 2369 Up From
54 Buzberry 2417 Up From
2664 Down From 42
56 T7l6m 2686 Up From
57 Q8
2697 New
58 Q8 Black Market 2784 Up From
59 Wawya 3009 Down From
60 Kuwait 10 3042 Up From
61 Anas 84 3129 Down From
62 Trying to be Fahad 3137 Up From
63 Cup of
3141 Down From
64 Chill Nite 3230 Up From
65 Z District 3240 Down From
66 Al
3230 New
67 Wain 3254 Up From
68 Khaleejesque 3316 Back in the List
69 Habbat Q8ya 3421 Down From
70 Just Selective 3499 Up From
71 Nouf Magazine 3613 Back in the List
72 248 PM 3818 Down From
73 Trendy Girl 3898 Down From
74 Broadcasti 3932 New
75 Crazy Yet Wise 3981 Down From
76 Q8 Ryuk 4039 Down From
77 Q8 Nation 4083 New
4427 Back in the List
79 Ducati Q8i 4569 Back in the List
80 Alblogy 4785
Same Rank
Q8 Weblog
4949 New
The 2rk8
5143 New
83 Beet Alzain 5152 Up From
84 Q8 Lol 5215 Down From
85 Al-Zain 5372 Up From 95
5442 New
87 Bo Khaloodie 5670 New
88 Q8 Chit Chat 5690 Down From
89 Blog 37 5845 Same Rank
90 Expat & The City 5939 Down From
91 4th Ring Road 6107 Down From
92 B & D 6229 Down From
93 Na3emat Al-Hams 6402 New
94 Dusty Roses 6461 Down From 32
6560 New
96 Stuff
We Come Up With
6633 Back in the List
97 Um
6732 New
98 Q8 Secret 6895 New
99 Ent Ya
7214 Down From 56
100 Chraimba 7226 Down From 54

66 Responses to “April’s Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa”

  1. Caesar says:

    Good to see 965 malls doing well.. Love that Blog!

  2. Ali says:

    مدونة فوطن المركز 39 بشهر تقريباً
    شئ جميل جداً
    شكرا على النشر والمتابعه

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  4. D says:

    Woohoo! Thank you dear =*

  5. im-geek.com says:

    شكرا على المجهود ويعطيج الف عافيه

  6. Q8se says:

    توعية استثمارية

  7. al-zain says:

    hi dear

    some of the links does not work

    mine one of them :/

    was happy to c my blog
    many thanks

  8. BananaQ8 says:

    Thanks for the great efforts dear Danderma and wish you a long happy weekend.

  9. swera says:

    la la la April kellesh mo shay :S

    gawach alla Danderma :*

  10. narine says:

    Would you please include me for the next month’s list? I got a new blog :)
    thanks a bunch! :)

  11. Congrats to all ,,

    Wishing you all the best :)

  12. ilShaYeb says:

    مشكــورة و ما قصرتـي على التقييـم ..
    و أخيرا رجعت إلى القائمة بعد ما ابتعدت عنها
    مبــروك لكل المدونات الموجودة و شدوا حيلكم للبقاء
    يعطيج العافيه

  13. Q8tourism says:

    الف الف مبروووووك و منها للاعلي و شكرا على المجهود الرائع و اتمنى شهر مايو نكون معاكم :)
    مدونة السياحة فى الكويت َ

    • danderma says:

      Shedaw 7ailkom o insha2 Allah if next month you have a rating you will be in the list :)

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  15. Jacqui says:

    Oh it’s that time of the month! Gosh darnit hehe ma3a ina sometime in April I saw 3 digit numbers 😛 I was higher but el7emdella it’s great that I still made it to the Top Late 20s 😛 Hehehe next month it has to be in the Top 20 or 10 even! I have to if it kills me 😛

    Gawach allah ya 7obi for this list 😛 And it’s a nice competitive way to increase your presence in the blogging world!

    • danderma says:

      Sheftay? I have a very lovely number that actually made me happy! 7asadt roo7ee elthaher :p
      I like the competitive edge it adds to the blogging world. It makes you want to post more, do more, come up with unique content, etc.

  16. الف مبروك لجميع الاخوان

    وبالتوفيق للكل ويعطيج الف عافية

    على هالشغله الموهينة صراحة وتحتاج جهد

    يعطيج الف عافية

  17. Kuwait10 says:

    Kuwait10 still fighting :)
    Congrats to all, and thanks Danderma for your efforts.

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  19. 965malls says:

    thanks again danderma for all your efforts – well done!

  20. Marzouq says:

    I don’t know how these are calculated but good job putting it together! I know how time consuming this can be! O alah esa3dich with all the questions! I don’t know how the blog and website statistics are calculated!

    • danderma says:

      Believe me it takes 5+ hours and a sore neck. Then cham masaba as a reward :p
      You are most welcome :)

  21. alblogy says:

    My blog at 80 !!
    i like the word you write “Same Rank”! :-)

    • danderma says:

      I love the word “Up To” more! I want to see it next to your blog name next month :)

  22. B says:

    thank you for the effort to put all this up Dear :)

  23. Ali Almawash says:

    Please check out my blog to be able to get a spot on Alex’s list

    • danderma says:

      Okhoy inta fahem el ta9neef mal Alexa ‘3ala6!!!! Please PLEASE read the post! Me visitng your blog or not won’t change your rating!

  24. Thank you so much once again for taking the time to do this every month, Danderma. You are so kind :)

  25. LWDLIK says:

    YAY! Thank you for the mention.

  26. Khaled Naser says:

    My New Blog I just add it to Alexa.com . It’s not really you since I started at 2010. But I didn’t get any support until last year. Hope you like it. and Am waiting to see the Rank in KW at Alexa. I don’t know how long it will take to show in the website but because I’m new at Alexa. I didn’t know it until I see this list. Thank you Danderma for that support by doing this list. And I really appreciate a push for my blog if you like it.

    • danderma says:

      Even if you register in Alexa it doesn’t mean you get a local ranking. You must work, and post, and grab people’s attention and until people start to read your blog for real you will get a local ranking. Best of luck with that.

      • Khaled Naser says:

        Actually I’m working so hard this year I got support from Cinescape, Zain, Al-watan News and many famous people like Nouf Al-Modayan, Omar Al-3thman and more. I have the rank of Kuwaiti people in Blogger which is the number of Kuwaiti Audience but because your list is according to Alexa is not fair to use this rank. Anyway I’m really thank for the answer. and Thanks again.

        • danderma says:

          Its not fair?
          Allah ybarek lik eb your support. Why are you asking me to give your blog a push then if you think you are doing so good and the list is “unfair”?
          By all means go make your own fair list, and I would appreciate it if you read the desclaimers first before commenting.

          • Khaled Naser says:

            Lol am sorry you misunderstood me … I said This list is listed according to Alexa and it will not be fair if you make an special thing for me to use the Rank in Blogger not Alexa . that will “not be fair” for the other bloggers. This is What I meant. I’m sorry if I said it in wrong why But this is literally what I meant. I’m doing good but not good as I want. If I’m doing good why I’m askin you to review my blog? And asking you to give me a push. Again I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and sorry for bothering you. And I read the Declaimers and because I know there is a lot of blogs it’s hard to catch mine. That why I asked you to review it, So I can see your advices and work on them.

  27. Khaled Naser says:

    I see you didn’t post the last comment that I make things clear to you. But Thanks again and sorry if I bother you. Bs wallah Shahed when I said not fair is about what I said in the Previous comment that you didn’t answer it. Have a good and wonderful day .

    • danderma says:

      Its ok I can tell you didn’t mean it in a bad way. Don’t worry I’ve had much worse thrown at me. Really and truly best of luck to you insha2 Allah.

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  29. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    اسعد الله صباحكم بكل خير ياليت يااخواني تضيفون مدونتي من قائمة الترتيبات لني صارلي فتره مطرش لكم مسج اضافه ولا اضفتوهاا