Event: Alwan Art & Fashion Exclusive Sneak Peek

Bhitarwār By | April 29, 2012

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Another “colorful” event yesterday, another exclusive sneak peak for bloggers to roam and click away with comfort, and that was the Alwan at Dar Al Funoon.

Fashionable pieces held at an art gallery is enough to make your head spin as your eyes dart from one colorful corner to the other. No wonder it is called Alwan!

The good thing about this post is that I won’t be doing much talking for the colors and the pictures will speak for themselves. First lets start with Qumar 14 designed by Ms. Sara Al-Ateeqi. I am already a customer and love their bishts. I practically live in my own bisht now (post).

You can create your own dara3a by the way to look like the one above.

The charity section where all sale proceeds are donated to charity.

Those are also designed by Qumar 14, I forgot their name but they are like big wraps/scarves.

Colorful tassles on yummy clutches, bracelets, and necklaces.

Next to Qumar 14, who by the way is having summer bishts and I’ve got my eyes on a green one I’m going back for, next to them comes a jewelry designer from Saudi Arabia with the cutest mouthwatering display of jewelry ever.

The name is Auras Everyday Jewelry and there is one big problem in her display, it makes you look at the food and want to steal some for yourself! Ana bema ini ma aste7e 3la wayhi I almost ate one of her macaroons and I don’t even like macaroons!

The butterfly is so cute :)

Next stop: Goji Boutique!

The problem with Goji is that everything you see you want to buy!!!

The beautiful necklace is showcased here by Goji’s owner Ms. Hawazen Al-Buaijan.

Fyunka makes an appearance again for the second time in the same day masha2 Allah :)

Notice the art pieces on the wall? Its because Dar Al Funoon are hosting a contemporary Iranian art at the same time which contributed to the expo too.

Dana Nafisi Jewelry.

Ricamo, artistic pieces for the home that are amazing!

Ricamo if I am not mistaken is located in Salhiya Complex. Gorgeous collection on display indeed!

At the courtyard of Dar AlFunoon you will see Munch and 10.0h.8 catering to the visitors.

It was a lovely place to be, at Alwan’s expo! I truly enjoyed my time! Thank you Hawazen and Sara for accommodating me, I am coming back soon for some shopping 😉

Alwan’s expo is held in Dar Alfunoon, house #28 at Behbehani houses, behind the church, from Sunday April 29 until Tuesday May 1.

6 Responses to “Event: Alwan Art & Fashion Exclusive Sneak Peek”

  1. Sara says:

    Thank you for passing by, Nawarteenaa and always fun to have u :***

    Sara from Qumar14

    • danderma says:

      7yati of course I’d be there :* I’m coming back today for the lime green bisht!!!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Mashalla 3alaihom mn enzalat el ma3ashat o million expo o exhibition hehe re7moona! 😛

    So is it worth it? Better than PLT? Shall I pass by or not? 😛 That’s the real question.

    • danderma says:

      Lool ee great timing I suppose :p
      Its different than PLT, you should pass by and check them out if you see anything in the pictures that you yourself would buy. What did you get from PLT?