Habba Alert: Black Henna Fingertips

By | May 1, 2012

Last year it was the Henna glove (post), this year it seems to be the Henna fingertips in blackest of black.

I’ve seen several pictures online and on instagram of stylish girls sporting the black henna fingertips in black. Some keep the fingers black, others paint the nails some crazy vibrant color that will shine against the blackness of the finger tips. I couldn’t use any of those pictures since they are the people’s own y3ni so I drew my own version :p Excuse my artistic talents but I guess the idea is clear.

What do you think? Myself? Well, ever since I was a child I’ve loathed henna. I hated the smell, the way they made pouches out of your hands covered in fabric, the tint of orange, the mess. I might have been the only little girl in the 80’s who ran a mile away whenever I saw or smelt a whiff of henna. Never a fan, never will be.

As a child one of my aunts told me, in order to get me to put henna on, that heaven smelled like henna and I started screaming hysterically that I didn’t want to go to heaven. I didn’t calm down until I was told I had the option to not smell henna in heaven. God only knows how true that is.

Anyhow back to the moment. I have to say I liked the henna glove better. Black fingertips look like something had caught on fire and was burned badly. Its kinda scary unless you are going with a goth look which, for the love of god, don’t since only 0.5% of Kuwaiti girls can pull that off. I wonder how it would look on an bright orange tan though?

What do you think? Would you go for the black henna fingertips habba?

26 Responses to “Habba Alert: Black Henna Fingertips”

  1. Hafsa says:

    I love henna…but only the designs..I even know how to do the designs myself…but this is ewww…very, erm, bold…me no like!

  2. M says:

    I hate henna too!!! Especially on the fingers and finger nails…it just doesnt look good to me! Plus the smell especially in summer is awfullllll

  3. Dear Romeo says:

    I love 7enna bas mo chethi :S
    plus I wouldn’t get my hand tattooed with 7enna & walk around with it everywhere! wayed talfet ena’9ar & everyone would star ;Pp~ aste7ii

  4. Nawnaw says:

    This remind me of witches or the 3abadat el shai6an …big noooooo
    Big weeee3 , the gloves maybe but not the fingers

  5. Lulwa Al-Terkait says:

    i love it, im only concerned about the color when it fades away…would it be gray? imagine gray tips on a tanned hand?

    • danderma says:

      Or on the nails. It used to take forever for the color on the nails to go. Will they go black then grey?

  6. Rainy says:

    i might do it …
    i know its crazy but strange 😀

  7. Asmaa says:

    No the Jannan does not smell like Henna, the Prophet of Allaah S.A.W.did not like the smell of henna so his wife Ayesha R.A. wouldnt apply it on her hands either.

    Perhaps someone just said that as the words Jannah and henna rhyme!

    • danderma says:

      9ej? Didn’t know the prophet didn’t like the smell before! Ashwa the heaven smelling like henna is just a family rumor to get me to wear it then!

  8. Reem says:

    I didn’t like the black fingertips, but I might like the orange henna fingertips, especially for ramadan. Inshallah if I am back to K-town for ramadan I would definately put the orange henna around my fingers .. I want to do something traditional 😛 wila shrayich danderma ;p?

    • danderma says:

      Erm, believe it or not I think the black are better than the orange! O will take forever to go!

      • Mary mohebbi says:

        How you use black henna? since I cannot use the nail polish, I read on line that the balck hanna isnot safe, Need your advise thanks

  9. soma says:

    انا من متابعين بلوقك واستمتع بمواضيعه
    وعلى طاري هبتكم احنا في السعودية هاذا الشكل من الحنة من زمان الستات الكبار يسونه بس مو الاسود الحنة العادية مع اني ما احب الحنة لكن لما شوفت الصور واللي طالعين فيها عجبتني !!!!واحس انو الحنة هي عاداتتا وتقاليدنا اللي نفتخر فيها هذا راي

    وبالتوفيق لك

    • danderma says:

      7ya Allah ahal els3odiya :)
      Ee e7na 3yayezna ysawoon the orange tips, or kanaw ysawoonhom. Min zmaaaan ma sheft a7an in Kuwait imsawee hal habba. I personally think the orange is fine, the black is just too weird. o 7yach Allah any time my dear :)

  10. Ala2 says:

    Waaaay entay nafsiii ana ba3ad akrah el7innaa o ay wa7da t7e6 7inna automatikli t6ee7 min 3aini ;p kilish ma 7abait elhabba winshallah mashof wa7da maawyat.ha. BTW ana awal mara ad5al ur blog o 7abaitaaaa keep it up ;**

    • danderma says:

      7yach Allah my dear :) Habbaw el banat o khale9aw bs ashwa mostly orange colored which is kinda retro and less weird than the black one…