Picture of the Week: The Lock

By | May 7, 2012

Last week I saw this door in Bait Al-Sadu and I was mesmerized. The fine retro detailing on this door is so pretty, the structured glass so old, I almost wanted to take it home with me. Back in the day the attention to detail was fascinating. You’d see the art in a simple door, in a window, in the gateway of the house, in a balcony, in some concrete extensions here and there. Now adays most houses looks like boxes with holes for windows and souless design.

Don’t you just love this door?

6 Responses to “Picture of the Week: The Lock”

  1. Good picture thanks

  2. Jacqui says:

    Thakarteeeni 3ala 6ary “Little Boxes” ib the opening song of the TV Show “Weeds” if you ever watched it hehe 😛

    Bs you’re totally right and doors back then had more character than now!

    • danderma says:

      No I didn’t but its on my to watch list, now that DHW is over and gone I need to find a replacement.

      • Jacqui says:

        It’s intense though hehe a bit of a messed up show with some 18+ scenes hehe about a suburban mom who turns to selling weed as a way to provide cash for her kids after her husband dies and leaves her nothing ;P It’s fun though 😛

        And GCB was also cancelled too, and here is a link to the song I’m telling you about:



        • danderma says:

          GCB was cancelled? I don’t blame them, the show turned down hill after like the third episode. 7safa it had a lot of potential but that drawl of theirs is way too thick to understand frankly.