Picture of the Week: Sarrayat

By | May 14, 2012

The weather has been acting up lately, all because its the season of “Sarrayat” which is equivalent to the Kuwaiti Monsoon season. This year however its raining mud! Big fat muddy rain drops that makes everything dirty, the sky is almost always tainted with yellow, and flu is attacking everyone!

Though I’m not looking forward to the summer, I hate summer, but I do truly wish this unstable weather would pass. I’ve had the flu since last Thursday and I am not getting any better for five days now even though I’m on antibiotics! At least in the summer we can hide inside the house with the AC all day long, happy and healthy…

2 Responses to “Picture of the Week: Sarrayat”

  1. Jacqui says:

    I don’t like summer too hehe but I do enjoy the time off we used to get from school! Hehehe o yalla salamat ma etshofen shar!