The Perfect Bite of the Perfect Salad By | May 6, 2012

Olesa de Montserrat

generic Quetiapine prices Let me tell you about a culinary obsession of mine, since its lunch time and I’m starving and dreaming about food. I don’t know how long this tantalizing salad has been available in 10.0h.8, probably since its opening but somehow my radar never landed on it, until I’ve seen a picture of it recently in instagram.

Now that I have tried it, I have to say its the kind of thing, so fresh, so weird, so different, that sticks to your pallete and makes your mind wander when you are trying to think of things to eat. I love bree, I hate green apples, I don’t like spinach leaves, so and so with pistachios, and loathe honey.

However, when all these ingredients are united on a plate together with a slice of warm Brie cheese -a huge favorite of mine- and some crusty brown bread slices, all my prejudices fall away and I lose myself in assembling the perfect bite.


First, bread. Next, a leaf of baby spinach or two. Topped by a salted slice of green Apple, a hunk of honey drizzled creamy Brie cheese, and finished off with one honey coated pistachio. Now that’s what I call a perfect bite with a marriage of textures and flavors that is simply lipsmacking <3

Bread finished? No worries! Let the slice of apple be the base, followed by the rest of the ingredients accordingly, and you can even have an even healthier version of the perfect bite. You want to taste the perfect bite salad, you will find in 10.0h.8!

2 Responses to “The Perfect Bite of the Perfect Salad”

  1. That sounds really delicious :)
    Love the Brie cheese .. 3awafy