Fearless Encounters Premier in Cinescape

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I was invited yesterday to attend an exclusive preview of one of Kuwait’s most recent movies “Fearless Encounters”, directed by Mr. Talal Showaish-Salem. Fearless Encounters is a 55 minute documentary honoring the Kuwaiti Oil Firefighting Team.

In case you haven’t heard about the Kuwaiti Oil Fires, they were set a light when the Sadam Hussein ordered them to be burnt before the liberation during the Iraqi invation of Kuwait in 1990, resulting in one of the biggest crimes against nature and turning Kuwait’s sky black for a long time.

The footage from this film were shot 20 years ago by the Kuwaiti filmmaker, Talal Showaish-Salem, who spent 6 weeks with the team in the horrific inferno. Telling the inside untold story of the Kuwaiti oil firefighters’ heroic Fearless Encounters. A great thing to watch given that I personally can’t remember much regarding that matter. I do remember an woman engineer, Sarah Akbar, being in the papers back then, that’s all.

I was really looking forward to go, unfortunately by night fall I was feeling so ill I couldn’t get off my couch so sadly I had to stay home. However, I cannot wait to see the movie. I love documentaries, specifically local ones where people work together to do good for the country. It fills me with an amazing sense of pride and I cannot help but supress my tears. It reminds me that there is still hope, wel deniya lel7een ebkhair.

Fearless encounters will be shown in Cinescape theaters across Kuwait starting Thursday 10 May 2012. I can’t wait to go see it. I urge you to go, so you can see, you can feel, you can think, and you can teach the new generation of a past that must not be forgotten.

Thank you Talal Showaish-Salem for the invitation o qawwak Allah.

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  1. Rainy says:

    Me too i missed it :( .. but i will go during the week to watch it , inshalah