Help: Stray Cats Invaded my Doorway! By | May 17, 2012 Since before I was born Kuwait’s streets were infested with scores of stray cats. Everywhere you went, there must be a group of cats sitting around the garbage can tearing it apart to have that Zbaidi leftovers from lunch, a couple of

cats mewing in delight till the wee hours of morning during the mating season, and eventually a fat pregnant cat hiding somewhere to give birth to her baby kittens. Nothing new mo?

I’ve never really suffered from this cat infestation before, aside from the times they attacked you while you were dining out that is. Or obsessing about odd scary story of turning on your car engine and a cat would be hiding there and well, its disgusting and I truly wish I never have to encounter it. However, yesterday morning as I was trying to go to work, I peer out of the glass in the door to see the scene in the picture above and below!

A pregnant cat had given to kitten a few weeks ago. We know she was pregnant because she would always jump on us while she was carrying her babies whenever we sat outside. Apparently now that they are a bit grown up they once mewed and my husband gave them some food on the far side of the house. Bad move, they have invited themselves to my front steps and lodged themselves there.

We tried everything to get them to move away! Both of us are highly allergic to cats. Plus I am actually terrified of all animals on planet earth, including ants. I was screaming as I went to my car because when you shooed them they wouldn’t move, they would just scream and yell and run all around the door.

The mother cat is very vicious indeed and is not afraid to show it. They are also eating all the plants we have outside and dragging some leftover rubbish and bones to my new doormats and eating there happily while also rubbing against them! I also suspect they are already carrying diseases, yarab as we say in Arabic, given that they seem to scratch against the doormats alot.

We came back from work, they were there. We kept looking through the glass all day long and they were there, eating and scratching and mewing, making themselves totally at home. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they were at the other end of the walkway but not at the front door! At night we managed to truly shoo them after a 100 tries, but then my husband went out. When he came back at night they were all sleeping on the doorstep and he didn’t see them because it was dark and when he approached them they all woke up and mewed and screamed and ran in all directions, including on his!

This morning? Still there! This afternoon? They greeted Pink Girl in the afternoon with some chicken bones as she came to visit! Now? Yes, still there, not going anywhere.

This is getting out of hand! Why exactly do we have so many stray cats in Kuwait? We’ve never encountered that problem in the UK before. There would be a few cats wandering around the neighborhood but they would all be collars and very cute, never strays! Can’t we do anything about it? Without killing them that is? Can’t someone just gather them all up and put them in big huge cages where they can play and reproduce, maybe make a cat business where they sell cats for people who actually want them? Who wouldn’t want this cute curios kitty that made faces at me while I tried to shoo her?

I wanted to call one of the animal shelters but I doubt they would be able to come and pick up all these cats and give them shelter. I believe they are swamped with pets as it is with limited resources, or that’s what I was told once. Someone on Instagram suggested I give them tuna laced in rat poison and I almost cried at that cruel fate. No way! I don’t want them killed, I want them all to live happily ever after somewhere AWAY from my door step so I can live in peace!

Help? Any suggestion are welcome!

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  1. N says:

    ohhhh!! they are super cute I wish I could find that at my door step heheheh

    we do have a similar situation but since I live in an apartment not a house, it is not very convenient.

    • danderma says:

      I think because its mating season everyone is encountering them at the same time!

      How do you dodge them?

    • tina says:

      heheheh I have a buch on my dooreway , so adorable and cute . Two cats gave birth in our yard in April and now the little ones are so playfull.

      • danderma says:

        They’ve developed the ability to keep watch until I come out, then they hide from me! But they don’t hide from my husband!!!

  2. oshkosh says:

    Easy .. get a water gun

  3. D. says:

    I think the best solution is to neuter them so they would stop reproducing.

    • danderma says:

      I suppose so. But while they are at it can’t they feed them w3liya? Or provide shelter for them?

  4. sandra says:

    The most humane way would be to squirt water at them. I cringe as I say this because I am a cat lover who has cats everywhere. The reason they are staying close to the door and patio area is to benefit from any cool air (A/C) coming from under or around the frames. They hang around for food but sit close to doors and windows for this reason mainly. Its very hot out there, have pity. Do not call the shelter they will euthanise them. Do not call the municipality as they will poison them. Just buy a water gun if this is something you really cannot live with. For myself I would rather have the cats out there than mice, lizards or roaches.

    • danderma says:

      I do feel sorry for them but they can choose any other window or shaded area to settle underneath it. That’s why I think they should be taken off the streets as well, instead of having them reduced to pulp by car drivers or dying from the heat or thirst. But I am terrorized by them. I cannot explain it, I’ve tried over the years to get over my fear or all animals but I simply can’t. Plus, they are sick and I get sick from them easily.

      Won’t the water gun hurt them?

      • sandra says:

        No water wont hurt them. Most cats hate water and it may take a few days but they will move on. Just do not feed them again. It is the only safe way to move them on. I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to catch them, if they are truly feral.
        I feel sorry that you have such a fear of animals, because you are missing out on all the joy a pet can bring into your life.

        • danderma says:

          Yeah I didn’t think it was a good idea having them touched by anyone, they don’t look that healthy. I’ll try the water thing but won’t aim at them. We’ll see if they get fed up and move…

  5. Joe says:

    It’s pretty simple, just ask a friend to put them in a box and shuttle them to the other side of town then release them near a garbage can.

    • danderma says:

      We will have to find a very brave friend. Plus, I know they can find their way back if they wanted to :S

  6. Unique says:

    اذا في احد تعرفونه مايخاف من القطاوه خل اييب خيشة عيش او اي شي ثقيل يحط فيه قطعة لحم او سمج ويحطه يم بابكم و بس القطاوه يدشون بالخيشة سيده سكروها واخذو الخيشة او البوكس و ودوهم قطوهم اي مكان بمنطقه ثانيه عشان يضيعون الطريج حق بيتج و تنتهي معاناتكم
    هذا خوش حل بس يبيله شخص جريئ

    • danderma says:

      yabela shakh9 jaree2 jedan jedan! I will look around for such brave person but ele a3arfah inah they can come back!

      • Joe says:

        They’re not dogs, they won’t come back from another region (ie drop them in Hawalli if you are in Mishref).

        • danderma says:

          Trust me, they do! My grandmother had a similar problem before and her driver took them away after they ate her birds only to find them back the very next morning! Same thing happened to a friend of my husband’s who tried to take them away. How, god knows. But even if they don’t return what about the next set of cats that arrive? Its an ongoing loop!

  7. Unique says:

    مو متأكده بس ما اتوقع راح يقدرون يردون لانه مره ربيت قطوه وصارت كبيره واهلي قالو لازم نتخلص منها اخوي حطها بخيشه و وداها مكان شوي بعيد وبعدها ماردتلنا كللش
    بس اذا هالحل صعب خلاص ماكو الا مسدس الماي

  8. 7amood says:

    spray something with a strong scent on the doorway..something like detol.

    and feeding them was the biggest mistake. my dad does that, and now we have a dewanya for cats by our front door.

    stray animals is the baladays problem. then again, if the baladya had a say in it, they would feed them posion instead of sheltering them or nutering them.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly, its their problem, they should do something humane about them! Again what’s a cat’s worth? slaughter her and that’s it, why should she live? They can very well build a shelter for them and sell them for example but why bother with cats and dogs roaming the streets…

  9. Joe says:

    Also, if you can’t find any friend to do that just find a laborer who would happily do it for 1 KD, you can drive the cats away while he’s holding the box.

    Just do it fast before they get more cosy.

  10. Jacqui says:

    Aww they have actually taken over someone should make a horror movie hehe “When the Cats Take over” because in reality you know they will beat the aliens to it hehe 😛 I really do hope you found a solution to the problem!

    • danderma says:

      Just now they scared the hell out of us because they started fighting with each other and flinging each other at the door. They messed up the ENTIRE doorway! We tried to shoo them but the mother gave us this long defiant stare and then ignored us!!!!!

  11. Jadey says:

    So Sad how cruel is some of the comments like the lady who said that raised cats and then her brother “gathoum” somewhere.
    As you are a blogger so why we don’t all put our efforts in a better solutions
    Once I watched a documentry that a place in USA had a big problem of muliplying cats and all they did is what is called a “TNR” trap, neuter and release progamme. The Governemnt has to move and more thing would hlep they should ban the selling of animals in Friday Market. Only official liscened breeders should sell animals. Please have a look at the Friday Market.
    In my opinion try the water gun and try to put some food on the other side where u want them to go. Or a more simple soluition live with them and get over your fear from animal. We should all know that all creatures have the right to live on earth its not made only for so called humans.

    • danderma says:

      I cannot get over my fear of animals. Plus, they are sick and they make me sick. Plus, they are ruining my plants and furnitures. There are sprays you can use to spray the doorway and they won’t like the smell so they will go away, the food was on the other side of the house where I don’t mind them being. But they do like to fight on my doorway. They are very intelligent too! I swear to god they kept watch for me and hid from me when I went out, while they have no problem mewing at my husband when he passes by!

      You should see their late night squabble, when the lights are out. They would literally bite each other head’s off, strewing all the plants to the floor and hitting every door possible!!!

      But I agree, there should be some initiative to either find them decent homes or do something about their multiplying numbers! We find dead cats on the streets everyday! Its some citizen’s way of getting rid of cats, by hitting them with their car!!!