Book Review: The Two Weeks Wait by Sarah Rayner

By | May 21, 2012

The first book I read by Sarah Rayner, One Moment One Morning, was very good. It was sad but it had a certain type of story that people can identify with. The ending was good and provided a kinda happily ever after ending. You can read my review here (post).

When I was last in the UK I looked for more books by Sarah Rayner, only to find that she had written a second book, kinda like a sequel, to the first one. The second book was called “The Two Weeks Wait” and of course I grabbed it and it made the top of my books to read list, which is getting quite lengthy btw.

I came back from the UK in March. I started reading the book right away. We are near the end of May… and I still haven’t finished the book.

I give up. I tried. I usually force myself to read so and so books in hope they get better in the end, maybe a different twist? But by doing so I would be hiding from a very obvious reality: Even if the ending was good, the book is boring! BORING! I can’t read it. I cannot engage in it. It tells the story about how someone who now suddenly decides to have a baby after a uterus illness scare and she is running out of time and in the same time trying to give her eggs to another couple where the woman just got out of cancer which killed off her ovaries but her uterus is still OK.

First off, I totally cannot relate to it. The situation of sharing eggs and finding donors and what’s not is an alien world to me. Secondly, what happened to the story line from the first book? Its all but diminished. If any of the old characters do appear they are totally dull and now we have to be introduced to the other couple too. It could have been more interesting, but It wasn’t.

Therefore, I am putting it down. I give up. Two months trying to force myself to read through the pages of the same book? I began flipping through the pages in the end. That’s it. The first book wasn’t the best book of the century but it was a pretty good one, quite interesting and everyone can identify with it. The second however is meh and the best thing about it is that it had a pretty cover.

Totally not recommended and up for grabs in the next Saturday Garage Sale insah2 Allah.

6 Responses to “Book Review: The Two Weeks Wait by Sarah Rayner”

  1. Jacqui says:

    LOL well at least you tried hehe ;P

  2. Abbe says:

    Hi! I love ur blog! Amazing! <3 I read it everyday!
    I just wanna reccomend a book that you'll love and u should read it! It's called 'wicked pleasures' by Penny Vincenzi
    It's so good! It's huge, like 800 pages but once I read it I couldn't put it down!
    Thank u and please keep blogging! :)

    • danderma says:

      Thank you! and again thank you! I love it when people recommend books to me 😀
      I will be looking out for it the next time I have access to a proper book store.