Help: Data Recovery Service Urgently Needed in Kuwait

By | May 23, 2012

My favorite external hard drive, one that had taken many abuse from me over the past year, fell down yesterday. It was a tiny fall, nothing major, like 30 cm from the desk to the carpeted floor. But now it won’t work.

When I plugged into the PC it will whir, give out strange sounds, then the indicator light will stay on but it won’t show up on the computer. I tried it with different pc’s, over and over, but it still won’t work :(

The way I see it there are two causes: either the USB connectivity thing is busted up and just needs replacing, or the entire thing is a goner and I must extract the data using data recovery. O most likely its the first one given that it connects and shines its lights and everything.

But no one will look at it!

I’ve been calling different companies and repair men all morning long. Whenever I say “Hard desk fell and won’t work” they go “oh its ruined, sorry ma’am nothing we can do!” Bloody hell! Would someone please just check it! Open it in a workshop and then decide if it needs data extraction or not?

Then I asked around if anyone is doing “data recovery”… to go with the flow. No one would do it. Everyone is like “Send it to America!” ebkaifi oho? Only one little workshop in Fahaheel said they would do it, but it would take 20 days?! 20 days eshmalah? I highly suspect that they are going to send it to India or to the USA to extract the data, hence the duration, and that I would have to pay double when it can be only a fuse thing!

Eshda3wa? An entire country ma feha wa7ed I can trust to fix my external hard disk and then tell me truly they can extract my data? And I can trust they would extract my data in a reasonable timing, I can’t trust anyone with my data on the hard disk, they are important and confidential?

What do I have to do? Fly to Dubai? or wait till I’m back to the UK to make use of my geek squad subscribtion?

Looking for a new business… there you go… open up a data recovery center in Kuwait for apparently everything can be done except that.

Help please? This is urgent :'(

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  1. Khalid says:

    i’ll take a look at it, i’ll try to disassemble it and take out the hard drive inside and connect it directly to a machine (without its casing and connections) and see if its really ruined.

    • danderma says:

      Can you do that? I was told it must be opened in a workshop with vacum seals and what’s not!

      • Khalid says:

        thats what im about to check…

        its a 2 phase situation… get the internal hard drive out, (away from the case motherboard, and connect it directly to the machine to eliminate the malfunction of the drive itself… if that doesnt work, then the internal hard drive has a problem and we go into a much complicated phase 2, which is finding some comapany that has the vacume casing thing.. but since its not a major hit, then it could be from the case motherboard only, i had a couple of issues with the same drive couple of months ago…. just replaced the hard drive casing and it went fine.

        • danderma says:

          Exactly what I thought! How can you do that exactly? Do you think I can do it? pop it open and see? I’m itching to crack it open and see!

          • Khalid says:

            even if you got it open, you would hit a dead end, coz you would still need a connector board to the PC/Lap to make sure its workign and to extract the data.

            however, this situation is kinda to be handled delicately, you would be needing to be always static free when dealing with the drive, and thats just the tip of the iceberg as you need to be careful when you pop it out of the board as it would ruin the connector, and if that happens… its as good as a souvenir to remind you not to drop things anymore :)

          • danderma says:

            Believe me the fall wasn’t that bad at all. Just a tiny one! I have a Buffalo hard drive that I’ve been literally abusing for YEARS, its usb connecter is a bit loose, but its never broken down on me before! Eshda3wa!

          • Khalid says:

            i know.. buffalo drives have a better inner padding and insulations, as i said, i have faced this issue with few western digitals, never for buffalos. (although i have a 12TB WD drive station at home :), but thats just sitting there like a fridge) lol.

            Enshallah your case is simple enough not to involve UK and china into it. :)

          • danderma says:

            Do you think I can buy another wd hard disk, try and swap what’s inside with the faulty one, and plug in? See if it works?

          • Khalid says:

            That will just cost you unnecessary expenses, especially if you still don’t know for sure if its the board or the drive. if it’s the board, u can always get a different external case and hook up the drive to it, if its the drive, then you can always get a new drive and hook it up to the case,

            but that’s not the issue now… u need your data back. focus on the drive and its contents, don’t worry about the case.

          • danderma says:

            I just want my data back, but not for 10 KD per 1 MB!!! A single picture would cost me 150 KD and I have thousands! I’d sooner buy a mansion in NYC for that price!

          • Khalid says:

            well, if u can let a mandoob drop it by ahmed tower on gulf road (next to amiri hospital and dasman diabetic center) tomorrow, i can check it out, free of charge of course. it’ll take around 15 mins… he can wait, then i can send it back with him, with the result telling u if u need a case, or take it to a company.

          • danderma says:

            Thank you! I’ll see if anyone can take it for me.

  2. shazia says:

    We got our fixed from “We FIX” in shuwaikh next to eletrozan.

    • danderma says:

      I called them first thing, they said we can’t do anything for you, not even look at it!!!

  3. anon says:

    Same thing happened to me.. only mine fell on cashee mo carpet.
    Took it to wefix, they hooked it up to a few computers and then said its permanently damaged. They said to go around in Hawally and ask for recovery – some specialists might be able to recover it bs very expensively… each mb ib 10KD

    • danderma says:

      each mb for 10 KD!? The thing is 1 tera bite big!!!!!!!!!!

      • anon says:

        I know :( WAYID expensive!
        That’s why I didn’t do anything. The problem is I don’t know or remember what important files I had there. And I’m trying to re-download whatever I could remember I had in there – ya3ni my way of consoling myself that it is being recovered

  4. Cookie Monster says:

    Same thing happened to me a few months back, and was referred to this guy called Ali 67725153, in Hawalli. And he managed to fix it and retrieve the data for me, and my fall was harder!
    I’m not sure though where in Hawalli he is located exactly but i know its somewhere off Ibn Khaldoun street.
    Hope that helps

    • danderma says:

      Thank you! I will check him out later on today! The guys I called all had a mocking tone somewhat, I hope your guy will help.

  5. Cookie Monster says:

    Oh, and my scenario was just like yours. Plug it in, whirrs but nothing showed. he took it for about 2-3 days

  6. Mark says:

    Always have a backup of your stuff. Hard drives fail always. When you buy a hard drive expect that it will stop working one day. You can use a hard drive to back up your data, just make sure that back up drive is also backed up. Yes you back up your back ups.

    If the information on it is important then you need to send it out to be recovered. Marzouq has a post about it when his drive crashed. He sent it to a US company who recovered all the data from it. Not cheap but how much is the information on the drive worth to you?

    • danderma says:

      If the information is lost, then I’m lost. That’s how important it is.
      Let me check his blog, I never had to back up my buffalo HD! It has been there with me for EVER and it had seen everything, spillage, falls, heat, extreme colds. But this stupid thing just took a tiny fall and voila! Its on a strike!

      • Mark says:

        Then you’ve been lucky. All hard drives work the same way and all will fail. So better backup your other drive from now.

        • danderma says:

          I got me a new I tera Buffalo that is supposed to be “Shock resistant” to back up the old Buffalo and whatever can be salved of the WD. I am getting another Buffalo to back up this new Buffalo, one with a “cloud” technology thing.. I wonder if its similar to Apple’s iCloud… backing up your backups. Hmph.

  7. oshkosh says:

    Unfortounatly HDD are sensative and can be damages to the slightest of touches. That’s why it is recommended to have multiple backups.

    If the data is critical I would strongly recommend taking it to an expert abroad if possible. If not, you can just put it in a freezer for 30 minutes and try copying the data as fast as possible. Believe me sometime it works.

    If you would like a consultation, there is a specialized data recovery Kuwaiti guy named Bader Al-Kanderi (I think) in Al-Walaa’a Mall upstairs in Bin Khaldon St. Hawali.

    • danderma says:

      I heard about the freezing thing, but my husband laughed at me. Told me its a hard desk, not a melting ice cream cone!
      I will try that this afternoon. The data, if lost, means my hair will turn grey!

      • لقيت الهاردسك
        و جربت طريقة سايلنت ما صار
        و جربت طريقة الفريزر و بعد ما صارت
        علينا العوض و منه العوض :p

  8. Ahmed says:

    we do data recovery services in kuwait , we did many data extraction from HDD same like your HD condition , we need to get look in your drive then we till you what next step require, call us on Mob#+965-97405352 , the whole process will be in kuwait

  9. Umair Shaikh says:

    It doesn’t matter that it was a major fall or not. Hard disk should be treated with some delicasy.

    Why don’t you go to bin-khaldoun street and over there (i don’t know the complex name) at the basement, their are some technicians who can help you (insha ALLAH). Well i have never experienced such thing with the external hard disks atleast.

    Atleast you can give it a try at bin-khaldoun. I am an IT expert and i agree with the method Khalid is saying above. That’s the only way you can do, incase your computer is not able to detect the device.

    Incase of any advise, you can email me. Best Of Luck.

  10. Joe says:

    If you’re looking at a solution outside Kuwait, you might want to check Dubai before flying it to the US or China:

  11. Me says:

    That’s my nightmare. My suggestion is for you to send the hard drive abroad. Either UK or US. It happened to my hard drive before and the specialists told me that they could have recovered the date if i hadn’t taken it to lousy shops before i decided to take it to them. Because as one of the guys above mentioned, it’s very delicate and you shouldn’t give it to just anyone, they could cause further damage to it. And never ever try to figure out how to fix it by yourself.

    • danderma says:

      I wonder why don’t we have a place in Kuwait where experts would be willing to fix these up at, instead of going all around the globe or begging for help! How hard can it be?

  12. SiLeNTGRL says:

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    • danderma says:

      Bs oho mo rathi ye6l3 3ndi batatan y3ni el pc mo rathi y9eed el device… 3adi? did you try it?

      • SiLeNTGRL says:

        me 2 my pc mo ra’9ii ye9eedaa bs partition ye6al3a lech anaa amanh ma qedrt aswi steps cuz ma3ndi enough memory OO 3ayzana ashtri new external 3alshan af’9i memory oo ajreb a5af tetkarar ma2sat marrah thanyah :_(
        bs lmaa jarabt rakbthaaa usb 3ala my TV 6la3aw my pictures ya3nii el7mdellah shay zain fee amal yet9ala7 Oo my PS 5arban chan jarbt ashoofa yefta7 wallah laa ye5t9er 3aly elmaw’9oo3 oo agder aswi copy 3ala kel shy
        jarbay oo qolelenaaa she9eer ma3ash 😉 good luck wana ham badawer oo baqolch etha 7a9alt a7d aw nja7at 6areeeqtii

        • danderma says:

          It didn’t work for me but its now being checked out. Hopefully if I get an update I will post about it…

  13. 7amood says:

    I had all of my photos from my days in the U.S. on my computer. Before I formatted the computer, I had it saved on a HD.

    I formatted the computer, and the following day, my HD went bust :(

    now all my memories from the past 4-5 yrs have gone.

    inshallah you will recover what you have. and when you do, use cloud storage.

    • danderma says:

      Wee! Sh.hal bakhat! Qobra!
      This is the problem digital photography! Poof and everything is gone :(
      I hope so too :'(

  14. Q8DataRecovery says:

    I suggest you to not do experiment in your HD if you don’t know what are you doing , unplug it and send it to us we can provide you with honest advise what it can be done to recover you data, we receive hdd that it could be recovered easy if we put our hand on it first but the customer listen to advice from here & there and it been opened & do Big scratch in media that can’t be recoverable at all even outside , so my advise to you stop playing in hdd & send to us we are the solution for problem.
    you can reach us by Mob# 97405352

  15. Hafsa says:

    Oh gosh….good luck my friend!!!!
    You took me back to a dilemma I had 2 years back … when in Salalah, I made beautiful videos of various scenic spots..had them saved on a memory card…was emptying the memory card and copying onto the pc, I though I had copied but I forgot to paste and I deleted from the date I have the card sitting there, never saved any additional thing onto it…tried a gazillion recovery softwares which gave me back the videos but none of them would play:( all corrupted or something….they r still sitting in ma folder on my system, eating up lots of memory, but I have hope somewhere that someone can fix these corrupted recovered videos and bring me back those beautiful memories!!! :(:(:(…*sniff*
    I hope your solution gives me light to my dark tunnel…do let us know what happens…

    • danderma says:

      I thought you could retrieve deleted data off memories even if they were formatted?
      I will let you know what happens and see… manufacturers should allow a certain retrieval mechanism for cases like this!!!

  16. ذكرتيني بهاردسكي العزيز
    بس انا هاردسكي من سنة الطفحه مو ماركه
    معلق ما يشتغل و يطلع اصوات غريبه اذا ركبته عالكمبيوتر :)

    كنت بجرب طريقة SiLeNTGRL
    بس مادري وين حاطه الهاردسك لول
    اذا لقيته و جربت اقولج

  17. sniper says:

    سلامات ان شاء الله وخطاكم السوووو :)
    اشصار على الهاردسك الحين ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    على العموم في محل بـ حولي !! بالمجمع اللي فيه غايمز قبل !! بالدور الأول !! يمدحونه الشباب !! بس غالي اشوي
    وديت له هاردسك محترق … قال لي بس اشوف لك سالفته بـ 70 !!
    الحاصل دندرمه …. إذا تبين أجرب عليه خبرتي بهالردسكات ….. حاضر

    • danderma says:

      مشكور أخوي يزاك الله ألف خير. الأخ اللي حط لي كوينت بأسم داتا ريكوفوري خذاه و الله كريم, إنشاء الله أول ما أشوف حل راح أكتب عنه

      • zaher says:

        السلام عليكم اقدر اعرف شنو عملتي ترى عندي نفس مشكلتك وضوروري الداتا كتير ممكن تخبريني لو سمحتي

        • danderma says:

          في حولي شارع بن خلدون يقدرون يشوفون اذا في امل انه يتصلح و اذا ما في يا يحاولون يطلعون الداتا او يودونه المانيا

  18. Anonymous says:

    there is this guy b mojama3 el8ayrawan b 7awali. his name is Esma3eel (Hindi i guess) he is a genus and very friendly. ask for him. he used to work in a shop called PC i think. The store is closed but he is still there. It won’t hurt to ask.

    • danderma says:

      I already sent it to someone but if it doesn’t work out I will try your guy, thank you so much :)

  19. Jacqui says:

    So my question to you is did you solve this dilemma yet or not?

  20. Ram says:

    I have the same problem, i took the hdd with me to lebanon hoping someone can fix it, when shops saw it they told me it would cost around 1500$!!! I just want to ask you if your porblem had been solved and if that’s the case where
    thank you

    • danderma says:

      No, not yet :'(

    • Q8DataRecovery says:

      To Ram, we can help you with recovering your data , we do data recovery in kuwait since 2010 & we help many pepole like you to get their data back , if you want you can reach me on Mob#:+965-97405352 Email

  21. Sara says:

    Same thing also happened to me last week, and my friend told me one guys called Ali 67725153, in Hawalli. i was complete left hope for my past 10 year picture but this Person brought all.

  22. techARt says:

    I would recommend you the closest decent data recovery company with proper equipment placed in Dubai . If someone need link to their web site is
    All others, have to outsource all complicateed cases abroad.

  23. rhonda mckenzie says:

    Dear Danderma,

    Thank you for putting this out there. Your asking just helps soooo much. The responses. The help people have offered is really awesome.
    Tonight I felt NOT awesome because my 2nd HD is making some of the sounds people have mentioned in their comments aaaand isn’t doing it’s usual magic show. I just got back from a computer tech guy on Bin Kaldoun (not any that have been mentioned here) and he said absolutely NOTHING about where I could go next. I thought it was all over. He knew I was down about it and said nothing. Maybe he figured I knew. Still. Anyway!
    Years of STUFF that’s super important–gone?? After reading all of this, maybe NOT!?
    Yes I meant to back up my back up–really but I just got back into town and wanted to get out to the shops. This 2nd HD was my back up from my 1st one, so I totally know how important it is to back up your back up.
    Now I feel like there’s hope.
    I didn’t even know this was a service or was a thing for HDs. The computer tech just said ‘no’ he couldn’t fix it as if he was the last word. Somehow though, I didn’t think he was. Data can always be recovered. Well you know what I mean, Sometimes. Or there is such a thing as data recovery for these major situations. I felt like there had to be a way so I googled this and your site came up.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEZ let me/everyone know if you had help from any of the contacts. Their numbers are in my phone and I will call the one you got help from. I just know there’s hope now.
    I totally agree that it is insane to have to send stuff back to “The West” to get reliable help. This kind of thing HAS to exist here in Kw nomatter what some of our daily experiences are here.
    Long comment has finally come to an end.
    Let me know PLEEEEZ. And thanks for a cool site. This was way helpful and I feeeeel more cheered up!

    • danderma says:

      I know how you feel and its horrible, especially when you couldn’t backup your work and you keep mentally kicking yourself over and over for not doing so. I’ve had not one but two hard disks failing after I posted this, one of them was a durable buffalo HD that just stopped working on its own and it was under warranty even. There is a shop in Hawalli that will try and retrieve your data for you and if they cannot they will send your HD to Germany to get the data out, they did that and my data was back in less than a month. It is not cheap, and the data can be scrambled, but its better than nothing if its urgent you can give them a call at 22630220 and ask for directions. Best of luck!